Monday, December 31, 2012

The Year 2012

So, its the end of the year 2012.. Remember the movie 2012? The move saying that the world is gonna end in year 2012? Now, we can turn that movie up side down and make it into a comedy show for my kids in the future! XD

There is this thing of facebook that can help you check for the highlights you have in your year 2012.. How they actually check is going thru your phone albums, see which one has the most like, or most comment or most frequently posted pictures your have in facbeook. Lifelessly enough, i click of the application and see what are my highlights for 2012.. Turns out, most of my lighthights involved the pets living in my place. Out of the 4 highlights they scanned from my year 2012, 3 of them are pictures of Pepper, Oreo and Pikachu. The only picture which doesnt involve any pets and its the highlight of my 2012 is this picture.

Until today it has up to 41 likes on facbook and I still have no idea why this picture has so many likes. Never the less, thanks to everyone who thinks the picture is nice and for liking it at the same time. X)

I've checked.. Including the ones which are pending in my blog spot draft right now, I have a total up to ONLY 41 blog posts this year. This shows how little I've blogged for the entire year 2012. With that, im going to do like any other end year blog post that i've done.. collect every single highlight that happened for the year 2012 and update it to you guys out there. (PS: I wont be going with any date order.. just random throwing stuffs here. XP)


CNY 2012 was the same as usual.. Heading back to my kampung Alor Setar and celebrating CNY with my fellow relatives. When i come back, head to some of my friend's CNY open houses parties and continue celebrating the last few days of CNY. X)

CNY at Huiee's Place (as you can see I was sleeping behind cause they are all drinking. XP)

After CNY, it was a sad moment where we have to let one of pets named "Baby" go. He was my maid's favorite as they shared lots and lots of good memories together. My maid actually spend the most time with him and more importantly, she gave the dog the name "Baby". X)

Meet Baby. XD

A kiss from Baby before saying Good Bye. X')

Right after Baby left, here comes the another pet into my family. Pepper. X)

The replacement for Baby, Pepper. X)

It was an exciting with Pepper around.. since the dog was such a pain in the ass, alot of things happen. There was a period of time where we lost him and after a couple of months later, found him again. XD

Lost him but Found him again. XD

Right before Baby left.. A new ferret joins the family. her name is Pikachu. And just like any ferrets that came into my family, I didnt get along very well with them! XD

BOOO! Meet Pikachu. X)

Ever since I was alittle child, b'days have always been exciting for me.. Its like almost every year my family will celebrate a birthday party for me. (again, that is when i was little.) You can say that Im sorta spoiled.. XP As I grew older, the b'day things are starting to get alittle less "active".. Sure things like this are bound to happen as you grow up. But my family has a tradition, we still will celebrate b'day for anyone. It will be very simple. Buy a cake before midnight, sing the birthday song, have a family picture, cut the cake, eat the cake and go to sleep. It happens to me every year.. except this year.. year 2012..

My family actually forgotten my 20th birthday.. There are no before midnight birthday cakes.. no family picture and no cake eating before midnight.. The only person that remember my birthday in the family was my sister. (totally touched when she wished me happy birthday.) It was sooooo sad to the extend that I have to buy a cake for myself the next day, sing myself a birthday song just to make the little me which is inside of me happy.

2012 was the most dullest birthday ever.. That WAS what i thought.. After my birthday, my close high school friends celebrated my birthday for me and also bought me a cool T-Shirt as my birthday presents.

The shirt totally has my name written all over it. XD

Not only that, I always private my birthday dates on my facebook because I dont like getting wall spammed on my birthday.. Besides, the ones who remembers my birthday are the ones who really cared about me right? So anyways, my university friends has NO IDEA when its my birthday.. but some of them actually took the effort to scroll through my blog spots to identify when is my birthday. With that, they surprised me with a birthday celebration in the class.

My first birthday celebration with my uni friends in the class. X)

Speaking of Uni friends, I have been hanging out with them EXTRA more in the year 2012. XP

My fellow close friends in University..

A picture of us in our very first Freshie Night. X)

A group picture of the people attend the Freshie Night. X)

Our very first trip together! Which is at Genting. X)

Birthday Celebration for Yenn Yenn.

At the same time, Birthday celebration for Mushroom/Eugune/Kam Wei! XD

Birthday Celebration for Lili. 

Birthday Celerbration for our beloved Programming teacher, Ms Siti Hawa. X)

We all organized our very own "ALL MALE MELAKE TRIP" XD

A toast for our very own, all male Melaka trip. (yes, we are all non-alcholic. XD)

Despite for far all of them live, they took the effort to fly down to ss2 and try my dad's carrot cake. X)

Our planking moments in class! XD

Ended our year with a BIG BANG by having our first camp together. X)

Of course, i didnt not just put the whole attention with my Uni friends in year 2012. I still hang out with my close high school friends, sunday school friends and even primary school friends as well! XD

Celebrated Nat's Birthday! X)

Had a gathering with my sunday school friends.

The entire sunday school Boy team group photo! XD

Celebrated Huiee's Birthday.
Attended my very first High School Class Gathering. XD

Primary School Gathering Round 1..

and Primary School Gathering Round 2! XD

Celebrated my dad's birthday!

Hanged out with Winnie/Jin Hwei/Panda/Pooh Bear/Wall-E. XD

Social Life in year 2012 was actually more "socializing" than I thought. I remember before taking Computer  subjects, my friends who are already taking it are warning me you might become an anti-social and pretty slowly turning into a nerd. (For all i know im already one.. i so guess it doesnt really make a difference. XD) and when i first joined degree, the first semester i only made a few friends which are MOST my classmates. DX I have a feeling that year 2012 should be worst.. but instead it turns out better than i thought. I made more friends than i excepted. (When i say friends, i do mean the hi bye kind, i meant the kinds that we will keep in touch. XP)

Get to know a couple of my UOW seniors and became friends~ X)

Made a couple of new friends thanks to the Business Management Class. X)

Celebrated Amanda's Birthday with a couple of new friends. X)

Magic the Gathering played a HUGE role in my social life a well. X)

2012 was the year where Skype Really became a very big part in my social life. Especially with the ones who are at overseas right now.

Skyping with Kai Shin who is in UK.

Skyping with Pei Yin who is in India.

Skyping with Xiau Wei who is in Australia.

2012 was the year where my dad, the legendary ss2 carrot cake man make and appearance on TV, TWICE. Apparently, they re-broad cast that episode with my in again. XD

My dad makes an appearance on Television! XD

Besides my dad.. Me myself also made it into the Television with my friend Tarvin. It was the day that Datuk Lee Chong Wei has inspired the whole Malaysia Nation to be united as one. Altho Datuk Lee Chong Wei has lost the game but he won all of our hearts. To be honest, it was actually my very first time watching an entire olympic game. XD

Me and Tarvin got interview at Kayu Nasi Kander after Datuk Lee Chong Wei's game.

Every year, there will a few moments that brings a couple of new "The First Times". You know, like things that you have done for the very first time in your life? Year 2012 also brought alot of first times for me!

My very first official part time job! XD

Bought my very first Magic The Gathering EDH deck! XD

It was the very first time that a group of newly known Basketball friends gave me a bball shoes for FREE! D8 8D XD

Attended my very first graduation day. Congratz to my brother for graduating! X)

Got dunked for the very first time! (FYI, the man in the picture is NOT me)

My very first competitive Dragon Nest character! (still going strong! XD)

Attended my very first Comic Fiesta with Alex! 

And get to take pictures with AWESOME looking cosplayers! 8D

My very first doing 3D modelling.. IT WAS FUN! 8D XD

Was trying to model something extremely ambitious.. XP

The End Result for my very first Modelling Assignment! 8D

And the End Result for my very first Animation Assignment! XD

What can i say about 2012? Its not as exciting than year 2012 of course (which was AWESOME). It looks exciting from this blog spot cause I made it look like it exciting. XD Towards the end of the year, I've faced lots and lots of ups & downs moments here and there. But still, nevertheless a good year. Im safe and sound. Everyone in my family is safe and sound. And everyone around me including my close friends are safe and sound. X)

Lets hope that year 2013 is another safe and sound year and hopefully there will be more and more exciting than the year 2012! XD