Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Highlights

Today is new years eve.. like freaking new years eve already!? So that means, in another couple of hours it will be the end of 2011 and a new beginning for 2012!? D8 DX

Yeah, time sure knows how to fly fast eh?

I was just flipping through all my 152 blog post on the year 2011 and I noticed that 2011 has been an awesome year. I would say, it could be the most interesting year as lots and lots of things has happened in my life. Tons of highlights and amazing memories were made in the year 2011.

Lets recall all the beautiful and amazing moment shall we? Lets start from the very beginning. XP

I started off the year 2011 with my 4th foundation semester in HELP. Taking only two subject which is Malaysian Studies and also Finite Maths.

Amazing and beautiful memories were made in when I was still in HELP. First, it was me and Gabriel's first stage performance as we are invited to perform for the January intake orientation night. We did 'Fireworks' cover and a '4 songs mash-up'.

Next, me, Gabriel and Nick made our first music video cover of 'Valentines' on valentines day. It turned out to be a huge success and everyone kinda liked it. It was definately a great experience worth experiencing. Working with everyone and the acting and all were fantastic. XD

Speaking of Valentines Days.. I celebrated my valentines with a 14 year old girl. Who is also a guitar student of mine. XD

My 2011, 14 year old valentines. XD

After that, I had my first family oversea trip to China to celebrate one of my relative's wedding. But it was no ordinary family trip.. all my fun uncle, aunties and cousin are going to the trip as well. And that made the trip a whole lot of fun. XP

Fun Cousin - Boring China Trip = FUN FUN FUN! XD

But after the long fun trip to China.. a sad tragedy happen back at home. On the date 21st Febuary 2011, my first beloved dog, Jasper passed away. DX

Goodbye Jasper. X')

After the sad tragedy.. My birthday came! And I received some pretty cool presents in year 2011. I even receive a present from my valentines date. XP

The present that I got from my guitar student/valentines date. XP

Then, there was the No Phone Zone event in HELP which was organized by a friend of mine. I think it was the biggest event ever through my whole life in HELP as the event was even up on 8TV and all. Even Yang berhormat Datuk Michelle Yeoh, the Global Ambassador for Road Safety attended for this event. Pretty cool huh?

The poster of NO PHONE ZONE. XP

After that, Me and Gabriel worked on our SECOND music video cover but this time its a mashed up song of 'Racketeer' and 'Grenade'. This time more and more students in HELP are involved. Which was pretty awesome. XD

Besides that, me and Gabriel had another stage performance but we are performing along with another girl name Mae who is an amazing singer and shes one year younger than us! We are performance and competing in a Talent Night competition. Although we didnt win but still making music with Mae and Gabriel was awesome. X)

A picture of Gabriel, Mae and Me~ X)

A picture of a Malaysian band, Rosevet.

The next interesting thing is I was selected as one of the most popular students in HELP. Something that im really really shocked but proud about. Again, I wanna thank everyone who sorta nominated and voted for me. XP

Numba 7th! Klex Yu Ming 'The Joker'. XD

Later on, I got myself Skype, made my very first vlog channel, upgrade my internet into Unifi (yeah baby!) and also got myself a new doggie, Oreo! XD

Oreo sleeping right beside of me.. X)

Then, I have a video assignment about Malaysian Right Constitution. I was teamed up with ZhenPei, Julian, Kah Yan and Ling Wei. The video assignment was a total success. It was good to the extend that people of the Malaysian Right Constitution commented about it! 8D

Before my HELP days are over, I made a slide show of me taking pictures with 100+ people whom i meet in HELP. It was not on youtube, but on facebook. XP

Heres the link:

I graduated from HELP and had a long 3 months holiday. Around that time, I met up with a very very long and old friend of mine, KaiShin. Along with two of my other friends Qi Wei and Zhen Whei. Awesome-ness. XP

A picture of me and Kaishin after not meeting for a very long time. X)

After that, another new family member came into my house. Panda the annoying, cute, naughty, badass ferret.

The cute but badass Panda entered our life. D8

Then, me and my fellow temple friends had our very first kalyana mitra's get away. A long 3 days 2 nights at Port Dickson and Melaka along with my close friends, definitely an amazing memory with is worth keeping. And of course, there are lots and lots of funny moments there. XD

A successful Kalyana Mitra's Get Away.

Later on, I was called to perform along on stage with the famous Shaun Chow and few of his other band crew, Suilun, Jerry, Ping Fuan, Neehui and Haru. It was pretty much my first formal performance and definately and awesome experience. The rehearsal and practice were a whole lot of fun. X)

The whole band team. XD

The performance was how i spent my last few days before heading on to my degree life. Not long after that, degree life begins. HELP days are over and INTI days kicks in. I meet some new friends who are amazing and wonderful people. XD

Extremely wonder people. Share lots of great memories. (kinda miss them. XP)

Later on, we had a two weeks mid sem break. So another few more event happened. First off was celebrating YanLeng's awesome birthday with a BIG BANG of surprise at 1U. XD

Shouting 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY YAN LENG' on the top floor of 1U. XD

The next event of the 13th CFCamp. I was elected as the cafeteria again for the 3rd year already. There were ups and down but everything turned out awesome. X)

A picture taken before the group photo. XD

It was also the time when i got myself my twitter account. XP

After everything, its time to head back to my uni life. Although life in uni was busy and hard but still, there are lots of things going on back there.

Celebrated Alex's 20th Birthday with a BANG surprise. XP

I get to meet JJ from at my uni.

And i get to meet Datin Sri Ellena while working on a project! 8D

A picture of everyone was were involved with the project. X)

On 9/10/2011, the moon was surprisingly amazing! It was the kind of moon that can actually turn a man into a werewolve. XD

Fuh.. Bright, round and beautiful man.. 8D

Then a new puppy, Baby came into the family. It was surprisingly adopted by my mother who was pretty against us getting another dog and all. XD

Taadaaaa~ Meet Baby~ XP

Later on, it was the amazing Janice & Sonia weekend! I spent all my friday, saturday and sunday with some Jayesslee fever! They came down to Malaysia KL for their concert. I went for both of their autograph session and get to take picture with them, TWICE. It was probably the most amaszing weekend I had thru out the whole year. Kudos to Ashwin and Eugune for the help. X)

Picture one with Janice & Sonia. 8D

Picture two with Janice & Sonia! XD

Bought a shirt with their autograph on it. WEEEE~ XD

Have a little picture of them in my wallet right now. XP

Around that time, I won my very first fnm (friday night magic) game with my first and favorite deck Tempered Steel. I did not just won at one place, but TWO places. XD

After that, it was hardcore studying for my finals exams in uni. Stress start flowing out and assignment rush occurs. After 2 long weeks of hardcore studying and assignment rushing, FREEDOM WAS HERE. Me and my uni mates are rewarded with a long 2 months+ holiday. XD

The holiday started off with the first KJCamp (Kalyana Junior Camp) which turned out pretty well as well. I was back to being a facilitator and I had one of the most obedient kids in my team. X)

The first KJCamp picture~

Then I had a family trip without my brother to Thailand's Puket and Krabi. The story about the trip will be update in the blogspot soon.. Before that, here are some pictures to tease you guys for the up coming story. XP

Me and the family sat on the amazing Star Cruise Libra. 8D

Head to the amazing beach at Puket Island.

Took pictures with the amazing dynamic duo, 'Twice as Much'.

And some funny pictures with the 'ladies' . XD

After coming back from my family trip, my final results are out and I was very satisfy with my results. And the best part is, i get to keep my scholarship! XD

Scored two destinction and two passes. Objective meet! XP

Did ninja santa for christmas and celebrated the countdown of 2011 with my high school friends at Desa Park and the Curve. Overall a pretty good way to end my year. It at least better than celebrating new years alone. XD

And that is the end of 2011. I think i meet alot of famous people in the year 2011 and I hope I can meet MORE of them in 2012. Long story short, 2011 was an amazing year and it all end well. XD

Looking forward to year 2012. And I hope MORE amazing than 2011. XD


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry X'mas Everyone

Hey everyone, I forgotten to tell you guys that im back from my family trip like 4 days ago. So yeah.. for those of you who care, you guys are probably wondering where have i been. And for those of you who dont, good for you~ XD

Its the 25th of December, so that means.. MERRY CHRISTMAS!! XD

So, anything happen on my christmas eve? Nothing really special happen. The only special and different thing that happen on that day is I busted my computer. My computer keyboard was sustained by a wooden plank which is kinda old and very shaky already. I was typing half way and i accidentally place too much pressure on the wooden plank. The whole thing fell and hit my computer. My computer hang-ed and immediately i restart my computer. Everything was still running fine except the screen is not appearing anything! PANICED! D8

I head to Tarvin's house cause his like the computer genius among all of us, so i seek him for help to fix my computer and all. Thank god, everything was okay and nothing important in the computer was damage. The computer was fixed almost immediately. XD XD

At first i wasnt planning to do any giving present and all.. but later on, me and my friends plan to do a little santa clausing.. We decided to buy a present for someone who is special, important or just someone that we wanted to meet for a long time and deliver to them right on 12am midnight. Yeap, when Christmas officially starts. XD

I called this, Ninja Santa! XD

Our Ninja Santa was sorta successful. We manage to deliver all our present to people who we wanna give it to before sunrise. Some of them even have a great result and made themselves a merry christmas. (if you now what i mean. XD) Congratz to them. X)
I got a hug from 'her' for my christmas present. And thats good enuf. X)
That night when i head home, i got an unexpected skype call from a friend of mine who is all the way from India wishing me merry christmas. It was nice to heard from her again. Will talk to some other time okay, Peiyin? XP

I hope everyone have a good Christmas eve and even Christmas itself. Happy Holidays everyone~ X)


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Family Trip

Alright guys, I wont be around telling stories for about 4 days if im not wrong. As you can read from the title of this blog post, im going for a family trip to Bali.

To be honest, Im not really excited for this family trip for some particular reason. In fact, i think it is very troublesome. Its good that we are going to sit some high class cruise and all, but we have to follow the high class rules like have to wear shirts with collar and no short pants are allow.

Im not against wearing collar shirt and no short pants.. but im just lazy i guess. The feeling of doing everything just for the cruise, its just troublesome. Weird eh? XP

Maybe because im just weird.. OVER LAZY! XD

But if I have my family and friends in trip, i would be SUPER pumped and excited about it! XD

Oh well, i guess i'll blog and update you guys this coming weekdays i guess? XP


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Keeping the Scholarship

It was an average day. I woke up, wash up, head to my computer, listen to some Taylor Swift song cause its her birthday. (and thats how the blog post for Taylor Swift exist. XD) had lunch with my family, head back to room, facebook and alittle and there it is..

A uni friend of mine, Chong Han suddenly tagged me in a facebook status. At first i thought it was gonna be some interesting video or picture that he found and he wanted to share it with us. But this time, it was different..

The status was telling me that our results are out. The moment i saw the status, i stunned. I stunned for about 2 seconds. (I not making this up.) After that, i felt terrified. I was not confident enough to look at my results at all BUT i still want to know my results cause my scholarship is at stake. DX

My objective is to get at least 65% average total score in order to maintain my scholarship. But i was not confident on whether i can get it or not. I didnt do very well for my final exams. I didnt really study hard but instead, i procrastinated alot. Im confident that I can pass everything but i wasnt confident on whether i can keep the scholarship or not.

My mom would be very dissapointed if i cannot keep my scholarship. Cause all this time, im the one who has been bugging her to let me study this course. And she was very reluctant but still she was very supportive and all.

Finally I to took the courage to check my results.. I was scared to the extent that i ALMOST forgotten what my account name and password not. (seriously, im not making any of this up.) I manage i figure it out thanks to my laptop who has been saving all my UOW informations inside. XP

And there it was, my results right infront of my eyes. The first thing I saw was two Passes. My morale dropped immediately but as I continue look down, I saw two Distinction. I was happy but alittle bit dissapointted. Cause logically, if u want 65% average, u should have all Credits or higher right? Two Ps and Two Ds are not going to make it 65%.

**Wait wait wait, for those of you who are maths genius, DONT CALL ME STUPID just yet! Continue reading on my story. I know whats wrong here. For those of you who dont know whats going on, read on~ XP

Its either now or never, I head down stairs and told my mom about my results infront of my brother who was also expecting me to get good grades. I told her the results and she wasnt mad at all. I was curious. I told her that I couldnt maintain my scholarship. And then, she was curious and so was my brother. Both of them gave me a WTF stare and ask me to check the exact score of my exams again.

When they mention that, then only i realised. I ran all the way upstairs, took out my calculator and counted. Total average score: 69.5%. Objective meet.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! (and that is exactly what i shouted all the way from upstairs.)

Yeap, i can keep my scholarship AND also proceed to my second semester in UOW. To be honest, I was really happy even know I got pass instead of credits. My main objective is to keep and maintain my scholarship, and nothing else. My mom is satisfy, my brother LOOKS like his satisfy and of course, Im satisfy. I cant wait to tell my father about my result. X)

Showing off my results like a boss! XD

I hope my other friends did okay for their exams.. Of course, I hope they did better than I am since all of them are smarter and more hardworking than I am. XP

Gonna celebrate this with my high school friends. Chaoz!! XD


PS: Thank you to EVERYONE who liked and supported me all this time. Especially my uni mates, i couldnt have done EVERYTHING without them. Thank you all x100. X)

Happy Birthday..

Some of you might already know who is this special girl from the looks of the date. XP

Your probably wont be reading this blog post cause really.. cause you probably dont know my existance. There are probably tons of other guys out there who are doing exactly the same thing like im doing right now. Posting happy birthday facebook status, tweets or blog post. XP

You are a big inspiration to my life. Your quotes and words help me get through the day some time. And your songs are sooo understanding as they pretty much talk about my current life. X)

Happy Birthday Taylor Swift.

The latest and yet another touching music video that she made, 'Ours' was really good. I totally understand the whole story behind the whole song after watching it for the first time. And whats really amazing and beautiful about this is that, the whole script was written by Taylor herself. X)

Yeap, the whole song is typically Taylor Swift style. Me gusta! XD

You probably wont be reading this, but congratulation on your 3 AMA awards. All the best in your future music career and may all your dreams come true. X)

PS: Hope you can come and perform in malaysia one day. XP

Running out of blog post.... DX

CHEERS for Taylor Swift~ X)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Meeting Her X-BF

Today while i was walking back home from the LRT station, i bumped into a guy who seems very familiar. He called me by my real name, so i guess he was someone whom i meet doing my high school years. After awhile, I finally remember, he was an x-boy friend of the girl who i used to like.

When I was in high school, I always have alittle bit feeling of hatred towards the guys that the girl who i liked is dating. They never did anything bad to me or talk back behind my back or something.. never even on bit. But I hated them because they manage to get the girl who liked. Well, I was in high school that time. I was still an immature brat (maybe I still am now? XP)

This guy remembered me because I hang around the girl whom i liked alot during high school days. So, maybe she did mention a thing or two about me to him. Or maybe not? I dunno..

Actually, I never really had a conversation with the guy before at all. Back in the days, I always avoid see both of them together. Cause you know, trying to avoid seeing something that you dont wanna see at all? Yeah, what a wuss right? XP

Then both of us had a little bit updating conversation like 'What are you doing here' , 'Where are you heading', 'Where are you studying', etc..

After having a conversation with the guy, I kinda know why the girl that i liked before choose him instead of me. After hearing what his been doing all this time, his been moving on towards his dream alot. What his been doing in his college/university is much better and much advance from what i've been doing so far. Long story short, his doing much better in life than me. XP

Soon, his bus arrived and he head home. After seeing him entered the bus and all, I said to myself 'He wasnt a bad guy at all. I guess she does have a good taste in man after all. XD' (I didnt exactly said that, I was thinking about it in my head. Get it?)

Pretty weird eh? Comparing my life with another person's life. And the person is an x-boyfriend of the girl whom I used to like! XD

Come to think of it, i really cant find the reason why did the break up and all. Well, i guess its not right to butt into these kind of things. But hey, who knows if we bump into each other again, i might ask him the question cause im kepoh. XP

FYI, this issint the first time i've experience something like this. I just didnt mention about it in my blog at all. XD


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Comic Rage

Just a random post that I wanna post to keep the blog update. XP

Have you ever read a comic book that is sustaining too long or a comic that ALWAYS potong steam? Its like the comic is at the very epic moment then something happens and totally potong steam the whole epic moment? Or the main protagonist did something very stupid that pissed you off?

Yeah, i had that all the time. I dunno why but it always happens in the comics that i read. XD

Okay, i cant really blame cause they wanna sustain the whole story and bring the story to another side/section of the story. They probably wanna drag so they can get some ideas or they wanna go to another section to clear up the story more.

And i have no right to judge what the protagonist is doing getting stunner or something cause maybe i never experience before and all..

Lesson learn, dont read unfinished comic books or love comics which has a stupid main character in it. You will get some comic rage!! DX XD

Or maybe its just me.. I dunno.. im bored.. DX

Forever Alone~ DX DX DX

CHEERS?? Maybe~

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Panda No Around Anymore

Some of you guys might have seen my facebook status and twitter post and all.. yes, the ferret at my place, Panda is not around anymore. X(

A picture of Panda, the ferret. X)

It all happen on one saturday morning, 2 days before my second exams paper. I heard alot of opening the door and closing the door and phone calls while I was still lying down on the bed. Then I woke up, head towards the laptop and wanted to start going thru my notes. The first thing i saw when i open my laptop which was on sleep mode was an internet browser which is title 'Ways to find a lost Ferret. Immediately, i know whats coming. I was alittle bit worried but I cant afford to lose my focus on study cause i havent been studying much. What I can only do is hope for the a good news to come.

After awhile my brother came back home and entered the room. I took a quick glance at my brother and i can see his body is all sweaty. It must be because he was running around searching really hard for Panda under the hot sun. Besides the sweaty body, there was also a look of sad and disappointment at his face.

Alot of question start running to my head like 'Is Panda Missing', 'Did you find him?', 'How did he went missing?', 'What time was he missing?'. Alot of questions that I wanted to ask him but in the end I didnt say anything to him because im afraid that anything that came out from my mouth wont do anything good or maybe something worst like a break down or triggering an anger.

All my brother did when he walked into the room was this, open the door, close the door, slams on the bed, covers his face with the blanket and sleep. His probably using the 'sleep it off' technique that i always use whenever im sad or something. After awhile, i heard some sniffing coming from my brother. I wasnt really sure whether his was crying or not, but I can tell that Panda really meant alot to him.

I couldnt stand looking at my brother feeling sad or something. I too am the owner of Panda, i should take some action and not look like i dont care about. Screw the exams, I close my laptop head out side and start looking around the corner for Panda. After looking for about one hour, i suddenly remember that my house is packet with CCTVs (yeah, pretty scary house eh?) Maybe we took some shots of Panda and who knows, he might be still inside the house!!

I immediately head back home, went up and turn on the CCTV television. Once I turn it on, i found out it has been looked thru before and it is most probably my brother using it before this. He probably figure it out before I did since his smarter than I am.

After going thru the videos, i finally found the video that capture Panda. At 4.30am in the morning, Panda left the house thru the open front gate. It was just a video on a television screen but it felt like I actually saw Panda left the house right infront of my eyes. At that moment, I felt a sad, I felt disappointed and I regretted for not showing love towards the little fella. (Yeah, I sorta cried a little bit. XP)

My brother didnt really eat much for a few days, my sister start posting emo IMY status on twitter and I just felt alittle bit bored.. No one was around to jump around and annony me anymore, no one was around randomly bite me cause im not paying any attention to him anymore. Its just feels very different. This shows how much influence that Panda has bring into our family even know its been just 7 months having it around.

After a few days later, my brother told me the whole story about how did Panda ran out from the house. Of course, I was wondering.. How can the little fella get all the way from the tuition room upstairs down towards the front gate of the house? It was all cause by alittle bit careless-ness and accident here and there.

Panda has 4 obstacle that he needs to cross in order get out from the house. One, is the cage door, two is the tuition room door, three is the wooden door and four is the front main gate. Heres what happened, my brother was playing with Panda for awhile before he head out for some midnight yumcha session with his friends. But he accidentally forgotten to close the cage door nicely and at the same time he didnt close the tuition door cause he THOUGHT that he close the cage door nicely already so Panda was get out from the house.

Next is the wooden front door and front main gate. Usually, when someone is still outside, we wont lock the wooden door cause only my father has the key to open the door and of course, we wouldnt want our father to know that we come home late at night, so we leave the wooden door open alittle so that we know that the door is not close yet. The same thing happened, my brother left the wooden door not completely close and coincidencely, it was enough for Panda to fit thru the door.

Finally, is the front main gate which is also the most the most biggest mistake that my brother made.. Basically, he forgotten to close the front main gate. Therefore, the our front gate was open while for the whole night and just like that Panda went out from the house..

I know I used to call that thing a badass and annonying little rat but to be honest, i dont really mean any of it. The little fella can very very cute sometimes.. But that can only be witness when both of us are alone. But still the little thing REALLY can be annoying sometimes. XD

My brother and sister said that among all the family members, Panda likes me the most. I really dunno why maybe because when he annoys me and I will fight back he thinks that im playing with him or maybe is because he think im the most bulliable among all OR maybe because I dont go snuggling with him (maybe he hate getting snuggled.)

I happy, Im happy to hear other people think that Panda likes me. I never really experience the feeling of having other people feel jealous that someone that they like, likes me. (pretty sad of me eh?) Although this is not a HOT GIRL or something, but still Im happy. X)

Its sad that Panda is not around anymore.. I really wish the little fella would be around now since im having holidays and I have nothing do. I would most probably spend sometime playing with him or something. At least is far better than staying at home reading sad love comics. (sad + nerd = sad nerd life)

But of course, I shouldnt be the one feeling sad and all, the one should be feeling sad the most is my brother as he is the one who brought back Panda and loved it the most. And I as brother should be the one supporting him instead of being sad and all. XP

Here are some pictures that we took when Panda was still around. X)

Panda was hugging some vitamin bottle and eating at the same time.

Panda was sleeping on my brother's body while he is sleeping as well. X)

Panda and the new doggie, Baby having a stare of contest. XD

Finally, the one and only picture that I took with Panda. X)

Its sad but life still has to move on. The only thing I can do right now, its stay strong and of course, stay stronger than I was before. And HOPEFULLY, its good enuf to maintain until the next bad incident is coming. X)

Owh, before I end this post. I wanna thank all the people who post all the nice and supportive messages to me. I really meant alot of me. Some of you guys even had a small fight among each other just to comfort me. Im really really really thankful. (Although its weird, the people who are fighting are guys but not girls. XD)

CHEERS? Yeah, still good enough for a cheers. XD

but still it wouldnt hurt to have some more support from 'you'. hehe, im greedy. XP

Oreo Updates (Oreo 10)

I know its been a very very very very very long time ever since I update you guys about Oreo. (thats 5 'very's there.)

Im very thankful that some of you guys actually talked to me and asked about Oreo. Is either you guys ran out of topic while talking to me or you guys are just caring. XD Either ways im very thankful.

Theres the good thing and bad thing about Oreo. Lets start from the bad thing and to the good thing alright? That way we can make the bad thing sound not that much of a big deal when i talked about the good thing. XP

The bad thing is, Oreo is sick again. But his not sick as in unable to move, or unable to pee and all. Its the parasite again. Apparently, they are still attacking Oreo but not that serious this time. But still, its a problem that cause Oreo to lose some of his again. I guess we didnt do a very good job removing the parasites from his body last time. DX

The good thing is.. His is still damm right healthy. The fella can still jump around like kangaroo, bite things like theres no tomorrow, eat like a horde of pigs and, well.. you get the idea. Just hyper. So, the parasite doesnt really affect him that much. Just his looks.

Just yesterday i bought him to the play ground behind my house and it was his FIRST time going there. I brought him there, let him poop around then unlock the leash and let him run freely. Now, I dont really know how to read dog's face reaction but im pretty damm sure that the look on his face when i set him freely to run around, priceless. I can tell that his over joy since his been chain up for a pretty long time.

Unlike my previous doggie (Jasper), Oreo is more stranger friendly. He doesnt bite or chase strangers. And Oreo is pretty well trained. When i shout and call out his name, he will come towards to me and jump on me. (gotta improve on the jump on me part) The cute part is, something his not used to the unleash thingy, he will bite the leash and bring it towards me as if his asking me to hold on to me as his walk. XD (at least thats what i think he meant)

Alright, I guess thats all for Oreo's update. XP

Hope nothing bad will happen to Oreo and I really really hope that the parasite would just leave him the hell alone!! DX


Saturday, November 26, 2011


Hey, guys!! Yeah just like what this blog post said, freedumb!! (just incase some of you dont get the joke, it actually means freedom. XP)

After the long 3 to 4 months of UOW course, i finally get to have my long holiday break. My holiday is about 2 and a half months long. So yeah, thats alot of freedumb there. XP

So, what am I going to do for this 2 and half months of holiday? Relax and Enjoy of course!! (stating the obvious here..) I've been stressing out myself and being alittle bit anti social when im in uni life, i guess its time for me to get back out that and tell stories to others. XD (not really a thing to be happy about.)

My December Schedule is alittle bit tight due to some camp here and there and some family trip that my family planned. To be really honest, im not really interested in going to any camps or family trips. Reason? Well, i really couldnt think of a proper reason to tell you guys..

But if I must give a reason, it would probably be beacuse I have some certain things that i want to do instead of going for a camp or family. Something that I wanna do for just me, myself and I.

Its like one of those days where all your friends asked you out to this and but you just wanna spend the night alone, doing something you like or something that you've been wanting to do for a very very long time? Yeah, something like that.. XP

Still... family trip is important and I already promised that i will go for camp even before my exams ends. So i guess that means byebye 'me, myself and I time'. DX DX DX

But for the time being, i'll spend my time with my close friends, playing some video games, read some comic books and finally have some day dreaming thinking time for myself. Ahhhh..

Owh, if you guys ACTUALLY wondered what did I do on the day after my final exams. Then lemme tell you guys. All I did was play loads of Magic Cards, Hang out with my High School friends till 1am in the morning. Basically thats all. XD (Yeah, what a nerdy way to spend my day)

I guess theres nothing going on for me for now.. I'll update u guys soon alrights??

For those of you out there who are having exams soon, DO YOUR BEST ALRIGHT!? XD


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Updates on ME!

Its been awhile since i post an updated post about myself. So, i guess its about time to talk alittle about myself then~ XD

Dont worry, i have come in this post with preparations. I got some pictures to make the most more interesting and not dull loking.. Ah~ XD

Yeap, thats JJ from morning crew. I took a picture with him in my uni. His there because he was organizing some event there. I think it has something to do with Digi. Im not very sure. I walked up to him, i asked him to take a picture with me and his like 'Okay, no problem'

Like any other people, when I introduce myself as 'Klex', JJ was like 'WHAT?? How do you spell it!?" Funny reaction he had there. After taking the picture, he asked me to tag him in facebook and thats the first thing I did when I went home.

Not long after I upload the photo up on facebook and tagged JJ, he commented on the photo asking me to send it to him thru his gmail. And thats what I did. After that, he post our picture on his JJ facebook page taggin me in it. Whats really cool is the album that he tagged me in is called 'Cool People I've Met' 8D

I say its was pretty cool experience having someone famous taggin me in their picture. But of course, there are another 436t8345 people taggin in that album. Still, IM ONE OF THEM!! Nyahaha! XD

Weng talked to me one day and said 'First is Janice & Sonia, then its JJ from! Whose next?? Obama!?" Well, not really but some what close to it I guess. I took pictures with a Datin. XP

I had a project presentation about a government franchise website. Yes, government website. Our job is re-design a user interface and give them ideas on how to improve the traffic rate of their website. After that, we have to present everything to the Datin who is incharge of the website. Pressure? Yes.

There are few things I need to do since I am the presentor for the team. First, i need to get my self a suit. When I thought of suit the person i thought of was Max since his suit fit me prefectly during the performance night. So, the day before the presentation I head back to HELP to grab Max's suit and at the same time meet up with all my HELP-ian friends.

It was great to meet up with all my HELP friends again. All of them are pretty surprise seeing me there as well since i didnt mention much about my visit to help. Sadly, I have to leave very early cause I have other errands to run after that. If could I stay long, I will spend more them with them.

The thing that most of mt HELP friends said to me is asking me to cut my hair. And thats what I did immediately after my meet up in HELP. Plus, that is my second to-do-thing as a presenter for my team. Having a long hair bushy person presenting to the Datin just doesnt really look and feel formal. And my hair was really really really long (probably the longest I ever had.) So, i guess its a good time to cut my hair.

A picture before my hair was cut.

A picture after my hair was cut. XP

Yeah, i went pretty all out didnt I? But my dad likes it and some of my friends liked it. So, thats all I really need. X)

The next day, I suit myself up and head to INTI for my presentation. The presentation was held in Putra Jaya. So me and my classmates took the bus all the way down to Putra Jaya.

I would say that the presentation went pretty well. Every presentation went well. Although, the Datin was a strict but very nice women overall. The comments and points that she gave all of us was very helpful. She is something like my mom but of course, my mom is better. XP

My team's presentation went pretty good. The Datin didnt really gave any bad comments about our presentation and the ideas that we gave to them. And my presentation was pretty entertaining I would say since im the kind of person who likes to joke around alot. Of course, my teammates did the most work for the programming stuffs and all. There was alot of struggling and all but still in the end we manage to pull it thru and give a pretty statisfying presentation. I proud to have a great team mates like them. Kudos to Alex, Chong Han and Theodore. X)

After the presentation we have a photo shooting session.

A picture with the one who set us up with Datin, Ms Shahida.

Everyone who are involved in the presentation, the Datin and Datin's officers.

And guess who took and one of one picture with the Datin? XP

And after that we have a another photo session of our own.

My whole classmates and my lecturer.
My typically jump shot picture. XP

And thats all for my updates. Hope you guys enjoyed the stories. X)

Now, back to my hands full of unfinish programms and assignments. Argh.. Wish me luck.