Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Keeping the Scholarship

It was an average day. I woke up, wash up, head to my computer, listen to some Taylor Swift song cause its her birthday. (and thats how the blog post for Taylor Swift exist. XD) had lunch with my family, head back to room, facebook and alittle and there it is..

A uni friend of mine, Chong Han suddenly tagged me in a facebook status. At first i thought it was gonna be some interesting video or picture that he found and he wanted to share it with us. But this time, it was different..

The status was telling me that our results are out. The moment i saw the status, i stunned. I stunned for about 2 seconds. (I not making this up.) After that, i felt terrified. I was not confident enough to look at my results at all BUT i still want to know my results cause my scholarship is at stake. DX

My objective is to get at least 65% average total score in order to maintain my scholarship. But i was not confident on whether i can get it or not. I didnt do very well for my final exams. I didnt really study hard but instead, i procrastinated alot. Im confident that I can pass everything but i wasnt confident on whether i can keep the scholarship or not.

My mom would be very dissapointed if i cannot keep my scholarship. Cause all this time, im the one who has been bugging her to let me study this course. And she was very reluctant but still she was very supportive and all.

Finally I to took the courage to check my results.. I was scared to the extent that i ALMOST forgotten what my account name and password not. (seriously, im not making any of this up.) I manage i figure it out thanks to my laptop who has been saving all my UOW informations inside. XP

And there it was, my results right infront of my eyes. The first thing I saw was two Passes. My morale dropped immediately but as I continue look down, I saw two Distinction. I was happy but alittle bit dissapointted. Cause logically, if u want 65% average, u should have all Credits or higher right? Two Ps and Two Ds are not going to make it 65%.

**Wait wait wait, for those of you who are maths genius, DONT CALL ME STUPID just yet! Continue reading on my story. I know whats wrong here. For those of you who dont know whats going on, read on~ XP

Its either now or never, I head down stairs and told my mom about my results infront of my brother who was also expecting me to get good grades. I told her the results and she wasnt mad at all. I was curious. I told her that I couldnt maintain my scholarship. And then, she was curious and so was my brother. Both of them gave me a WTF stare and ask me to check the exact score of my exams again.

When they mention that, then only i realised. I ran all the way upstairs, took out my calculator and counted. Total average score: 69.5%. Objective meet.

YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! (and that is exactly what i shouted all the way from upstairs.)

Yeap, i can keep my scholarship AND also proceed to my second semester in UOW. To be honest, I was really happy even know I got pass instead of credits. My main objective is to keep and maintain my scholarship, and nothing else. My mom is satisfy, my brother LOOKS like his satisfy and of course, Im satisfy. I cant wait to tell my father about my result. X)

Showing off my results like a boss! XD

I hope my other friends did okay for their exams.. Of course, I hope they did better than I am since all of them are smarter and more hardworking than I am. XP

Gonna celebrate this with my high school friends. Chaoz!! XD


PS: Thank you to EVERYONE who liked and supported me all this time. Especially my uni mates, i couldnt have done EVERYTHING without them. Thank you all x100. X)

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