Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oreo Updates (Oreo 10)

I know its been a very very very very very long time ever since I update you guys about Oreo. (thats 5 'very's there.)

Im very thankful that some of you guys actually talked to me and asked about Oreo. Is either you guys ran out of topic while talking to me or you guys are just caring. XD Either ways im very thankful.

Theres the good thing and bad thing about Oreo. Lets start from the bad thing and to the good thing alright? That way we can make the bad thing sound not that much of a big deal when i talked about the good thing. XP

The bad thing is, Oreo is sick again. But his not sick as in unable to move, or unable to pee and all. Its the parasite again. Apparently, they are still attacking Oreo but not that serious this time. But still, its a problem that cause Oreo to lose some of his again. I guess we didnt do a very good job removing the parasites from his body last time. DX

The good thing is.. His is still damm right healthy. The fella can still jump around like kangaroo, bite things like theres no tomorrow, eat like a horde of pigs and, well.. you get the idea. Just hyper. So, the parasite doesnt really affect him that much. Just his looks.

Just yesterday i bought him to the play ground behind my house and it was his FIRST time going there. I brought him there, let him poop around then unlock the leash and let him run freely. Now, I dont really know how to read dog's face reaction but im pretty damm sure that the look on his face when i set him freely to run around, priceless. I can tell that his over joy since his been chain up for a pretty long time.

Unlike my previous doggie (Jasper), Oreo is more stranger friendly. He doesnt bite or chase strangers. And Oreo is pretty well trained. When i shout and call out his name, he will come towards to me and jump on me. (gotta improve on the jump on me part) The cute part is, something his not used to the unleash thingy, he will bite the leash and bring it towards me as if his asking me to hold on to me as his walk. XD (at least thats what i think he meant)

Alright, I guess thats all for Oreo's update. XP

Hope nothing bad will happen to Oreo and I really really hope that the parasite would just leave him the hell alone!! DX


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