Saturday, November 26, 2011


Hey, guys!! Yeah just like what this blog post said, freedumb!! (just incase some of you dont get the joke, it actually means freedom. XP)

After the long 3 to 4 months of UOW course, i finally get to have my long holiday break. My holiday is about 2 and a half months long. So yeah, thats alot of freedumb there. XP

So, what am I going to do for this 2 and half months of holiday? Relax and Enjoy of course!! (stating the obvious here..) I've been stressing out myself and being alittle bit anti social when im in uni life, i guess its time for me to get back out that and tell stories to others. XD (not really a thing to be happy about.)

My December Schedule is alittle bit tight due to some camp here and there and some family trip that my family planned. To be really honest, im not really interested in going to any camps or family trips. Reason? Well, i really couldnt think of a proper reason to tell you guys..

But if I must give a reason, it would probably be beacuse I have some certain things that i want to do instead of going for a camp or family. Something that I wanna do for just me, myself and I.

Its like one of those days where all your friends asked you out to this and but you just wanna spend the night alone, doing something you like or something that you've been wanting to do for a very very long time? Yeah, something like that.. XP

Still... family trip is important and I already promised that i will go for camp even before my exams ends. So i guess that means byebye 'me, myself and I time'. DX DX DX

But for the time being, i'll spend my time with my close friends, playing some video games, read some comic books and finally have some day dreaming thinking time for myself. Ahhhh..

Owh, if you guys ACTUALLY wondered what did I do on the day after my final exams. Then lemme tell you guys. All I did was play loads of Magic Cards, Hang out with my High School friends till 1am in the morning. Basically thats all. XD (Yeah, what a nerdy way to spend my day)

I guess theres nothing going on for me for now.. I'll update u guys soon alrights??

For those of you out there who are having exams soon, DO YOUR BEST ALRIGHT!? XD


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