Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy?? Sad??

Im happy, thats why im posting this post. In the mean time, im a little bit sad.. thats why im posting this post.

Okay the happy part is.. I've passed Accounts!!!! Woooohooooo!!! Accounts is not really that hard but just that i didnt really put in effort in the exams.. How much did i get?? Im not gonna tell but all i can say is, I beat Tarvin and Nat!! XD

The second happy part is.. I pass Siviks as well!! Woooohooooo!! So what if Siviks is not a subject in SPM but its still a subject!! Wooohooo!!! I beat Tarvin, Nat and im draw with Megan.. both of us got the same marks.. damm..

The sad part is.. I screwed up chemistry paper 2 today.. screw up BIG TIME!! The things that i've been studying didnt came out.. thus i obtain a last minute infomation for Izzaty and Huiee that chapter 5,6,7,8,9 is coming out.. ARH!!! Dammm~~ Tomolo is Paper 3... i think im gonna screw up more...

Th another sad part is.. tomolo is Add-Maths paper 1.. I screw BIG TIME in paper 2 already.. thus paper 2 is like the most marks of all Add-Maths paper!!! D8 My mom is a Add-Maths teacher and im screwing add-maths!! No mood to study larh... due to holiday mood..

Oh oh oh!! Another happy thing abt today is.. theres another gameplay demo of Dissidia!!! Wooohooooo (again) Lets see whose fight who this time!!

Garland VS Warrior of Light

After watching this video.. i begin to understand more abt this game... But lets comment abt this video first!! I think Garland's limit break is easy to succeed Perfect mode.. all u have to do is just spam (o) button the enough already.. simple.. Warrior of Light has lots of combos.. but deal very little damage, not surpising..

What i've found out from this video is... the white thing that garland took at 0.49 is a FULL limit break bar.. how do u know where is the limit break bar?? Is on the corner of the character's HP and Guard Point. You can see a purple crystal thingy?? If you can then thats what i've been talking abt. You can get limit break bar points by hitting your oppenent. If you notice, there will be white shiny things around you after you hit the enemy. Those are limit break points. Slowly fill up the bar and then use Ex Mode. After Ex Mode use some sort of attack, if you this the oppenent with the attack the BOOOM!!! Limit Break!! Pretty simple to understand the game. X)

YuMing!!!! Survive for another whole bloody week and the holiday is yours!!!! Grrrrrr.... Gotta keep my voice nicely for appericiation night. X) Chao~

Monday, October 27, 2008

My Days

Argh!!! Exams is going to restart in like 2 days and im not been really studying!! Im screwed!!! I think i get my mind off things!! Seesh!!

I suddenly get addicted to the song "Roxas" well i manage to play it in the piano with a diffrent version. Now im trying to play "Devil May Cry". I can play the chorus part but the verse i still cant figure it out.. my next aim! Is to learn "How to Save a Life" and "Sadness and Sorrow" just for fun. X)

The song "Wind beneath my Wings" is stuck into my head!!! Well thats actually not bad news.. XD That song is really really nice if a girl sings for a guy. It might be romantic?? X)

Sad things had happend lately.. not on me but on my good friend.. sad for him.. Things went soooo well but then it end up misarable... Like what John told me, Life is not aways Rainbow and Butterflies~ X) Cheer up bro..

I get frustrated playing MHF2, is not because i got bored of the game. Is because it will cost ONE LEG just to create the weapon that i want. Hrm... but I still rock in that game. I just need some one to play it with me. Once exams is over i will fly to Tarvin's house and spam MHF2 with him! XD

I miss "you"~ X)

Grrrr... why do they even create such thing called EXAMS.. grrr... curse them!! Account, Moral and English is finished! Now other subs..


Sunday, October 26, 2008

Kingdom Hearts Trailer

Okay like i promised from the last post that i will post the videos of BBS and 358 trailers. Luck for you guys that i have been spending 30mins of my life looking for the trailers with english sub and clear video. Thankfully i founded the best quality already. Lucky guys.. Okay so lets get on with it!!!

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (Offical Trailer)

Okay this video is not blur at all cause it the offical trailer. XP Thanks to KHinsder of modifying the thing with subs. So at least you guys can understand what are they talking abt. X) Anyways, in this video you still havent get to see Xion's (14th memeber) face. Cause its not leaked and it offical.

Okay that is the only video i have which is good quality. The next two trailer is BBS and 358 leaked trailers. The video will be blur as comfirm since its leaked.. thus its hard for someone to curi-curi take video in such a huge event. its illegal.. so be thankful that you even able to see and hear it for free. XD

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (leaked)

This video is short cause it was cutted. In this video you get to see Xion's true face. Thus, Xion can hold the keyblade as well. Who is she? In only 358 days there are sooo many thing happend. Thus Axel said tht he wanted to bring Roxas back in KH2 because he doesnt want to lose another friend. Just liek what happend in 358 days, Xion wanted to leave Axel. The story is falling into pieces now.. its starting to make sense...

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep (leaked)

Birth By Sleep is definately going to be the most awesome game ever! Due to its battling system and storyline. Like what you've jsut saw, you get to use all 3 characters in the game. Thus visiting more diffrent worlds, traveling to the seven princess's world. (those KH fans should know who are they) I think that Ven, Terra and Aqua are underlings of Xehanort.. im not sure..

358/2 Days
- I think Xion looks pretty cute.. XP Reminds me of Kairi from KH1.
- Due to the graphics of the game is definately going to take more than 400MB for DS.
- The storyline should be very very simple to understand.
- From what i've observed, Roxas have very simple combos..
- Pray that you get to use Riku in the game. XP
- I think Xion is the future of Aqua since Roxas is the future of Ven.
- Xemnas's japanese voice sounds a little bit gay,,
- Riku's voice is not the orginal Riku voice from KH2.
- It sucks traveling to the same world again..
- Who the hell did Mickey saw!?
- Why are Nobody chopping heartless again??
- The 14th member's name is comfrim Xion!

Birth By Sleep
- Terra's voice rocks! Suits him!!
- I think we will be using Terra more in the game..
- Ven's Thunder abilities ROCKS!
- "Shoot lock" system is more cooler than i expected.
- Its freaky when Ven gets to use the rolling ball..
- Aqua is very pretty.. if you continue admiring it la..
- "Unbirths" are something like Nobody.. i think..
- The Combos here are a lot but i think it does very littel damage.
- Maleficent is a BITCH!!
- The release date is not comfirm.. THAT SUCKS!!

Okay to those of you who doesnt really understand the storyline let me explain it for you..

Birth By Sleep >> Kingdom Hearts 1>> Coded>> Chain of Memories>> 358/2 Days >> Kingdom Hearts 2.

Thats who the whole story goes... its pretty complicated.. but everything will fall into place sice Nomura is a genius in mixing storyline. XD

I dont really have much intrest in 358/2 Days.. but Birth By Sleep?? GAWD!! I want it desperately!! I hope that game doesnt concurs more than 3GB or im screwed!! Thus Dissidia is next in line! Arh!!! All in 2009!! SPM year!! DAMMM!!!!

Kingdom Hearsts News!!!


I went into khinsider and i found BIG BIG news abt kingdom hearts! Finally some one leaked the trailers out from a event called Tokyo Gameshow 2008!! Wooohoooo!!! Not just that, someone leaked the gameplay of BBS too!! Thus I found the translation of BBS and 358 trailers!! Big new huh!? Okay lets not waste time and get to the main point shall we??

Kingdom Hearts -358/2 Days-

I've finally know whose the 14th organization. Well at first i thought itr was Aqua. Its correct, at the female part.. but eventually its NOT Aqua.. Its a totally diffrent person who looks more like Kairi. But still who know that she might be Aqua's future!? Still the name is not identified yet. Heard that they same the girl's name is Xion. Hrm.. Okay let me just show you how she looks like la. X)

Yup this is it! Shes who they called Xion.

Oh, btw Axel, Roxas and Xion are best friend in the game.

See what i mean?? Wow.. lots of thing happended during that 358 days.

She appears in Destiny Island..

Then she bumps into Riku! D8

I believe they are talking abt something real emo.. something sad.. well thats what kingdom hearts is always about! XD

Oh ya.. the game play!! In 358 you can pick to NOT to use Roxas as yourchracter! You can even play as any member of the organization 13! I mean any!! All!! Saix, Malurxia, Larxene, bla...bla.. bla.. ALL the members!! Thus you can play in maximum 4 players in that game. Thus in the end of the mission you can see who scored the highest point. All this thing in DS!! Thats very very cool!!

Kingdom Hearts -Birth By Sleep-

Okay.. enough of 358, now is the main game that im talking abt. Theres nothing much abt BBS news. All i know is Ven, Terra and Aqua's battling ability comes according to their names. If you know that Ven=Sky, Terra=Earth and Aqua=Water then you know know their abilities then. Ven is using Thunder and Aero abilities. Terra is using Earth and Fire abilities. Aqua is using Water and Ice abilities. Means.. all their keyblade are with elements!

Another thing abt BBS, the old bold man is called Xehanort. If anyone of you remember that KH2 they mention abt this guys name quite a few time. Thus, Terra is going to be one of the bad guys in the game! Terra will do anything to obtain power, so he has taken the power of darkness with him which means bad.. But Terra need power just to seek the truth of something.. something to do with friendship they say.

A few pictures from magazine scan.

fomr here you can see how Ven abilities looked like. Well of course you have to click at the picture to see it more clearly. XP His thunder abilities are just soo cool! XD Desperate!

Nothing much abt these pictures..

Okay okay enough of the pictures.. and i believe you guys cant wait for the trailers preview right?? So lets get on with it! XD

Birth By Sleep gameplay

Okay this video is soundless.. and its very very very blur. But still you can see how they use Terra's skills and everthing! Thus, the world that Terra in now is sleepying beauty's world. If im not wrong.. Terra is not fighthing heartless anymore, his fighting what they called "unbirth". anyways.. enjoy!!

Okay due to my computer lagg-ness i shall put the trailer on the next post.. XD Till then tata! XP

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Two Pontenging Warriors

This is a creation of another so called comic from Mingz and Nat. Well.. we're just getting lame.. and bored during the PMR week.. so we decided to make some sort of drama. ENJOY!
One day.. two warrior pontenged class just to fight each other.. what happend during the fight?? How did they fight? How did the fight end!? And most importantly.. who are they..

Mingz: Hoi!!! soooo you wanna ta kao arh!?

Name: Mingz

Weapon: Broken leg Chair

Skills: High Jump, Gun Form, Counterattack

Nat: Ya la!!! What?? Scared arh??

Name: Nat

Weapon: Broken mirror + a piece of wood

Skills: Quick Block, Quick strike, Quick Dodge

Mingz: Scared what la.. come!!! *stands into position*

Nat: Owwww... yeah... *stands into postion*






Nat: Lets see are you fast enough to dodge this!? Yaaaah!!!

*Nat uses Quick Strike. *

*Mingz manage to dodge the attack.*

Mingz: Fuh.. lucky me.. X)

Mingz: Nyahahaha~ My turn!!!

*Mingz uses Gun Form. Nat uses Quick Dodge.*

Nat: Is that all you got!?

Nat: You can dodge once but you cant dodge twice!

*Nat uses Quick Strike again..*

Mingz: I cant run but i can JUMP!!!

*Mingz uses High Jump.*

Nat: SHIT!!!!

MIngz: Now your wide open!! AhhhCHAAA!!

*Mingz uses CounterAttack. Nat uses Quick Block.*

Nat: Arhhh!!! Fuh.. That was close..

The battle continued for 2 hours.. 8 hours.. 1 day.. 2 days.. 3 days.. then..

Mingz: Ha..ha...why.. is.. that.. ha.. all.. ha.. you've got? ha...

Nat: Nope.. ha.. ha.. im just.. ha.. getting.. ha.. started... ha..

Mingz: I tell you what!? Lets go have some coffee!!

Nat: Sounds good to me!! Lets go!!


A Bunny's Life (ver.2)

Okay i stole the pictures from Nat's blog.. well he too had created a story which is the main story of this so called comic. So i decided to change the storyline but still use the same pictures. Thats why this is called..
A Bunny's Life!!!!! (ver.2)

KONICHIWA!!! All handsome, sexy and pathethic rabbit out there in the world!! Watashiwa is called.. Thamanusuke Shiramonoko Budukaidene Rabbit.. okay just called me fluffy... (=.=) Watashiwa is a NINJA rabbit who is train by this evil sensei!

This handsome yet evil looking guy is my sensei! His name is YuMing senpai desu! He always bully watashiwa around and make excuses that its a training! those so called training such as.. putting a pen right into watashiwa's ass.. Watashiwa thinks that his just jealous that im more SUPREME than him!! (thats what i think..)

Watashiwa is been thinking ever single night to do revenge or not.. wait.. what is watashiwa saying!? Of course watashiwa want revenge!! Watashiwa is been thinking every night of the ways to take the revenge.

So today watashiwa has planed to take tha revenge!! Watashiwa has nothing but a weird looking sword which everyone called it PEN.

Watashiwa begin by stabing the PEN into Yuming Sensei's face!!! Waaacha!!!

But sensei is still sensei. Knows how to counter attack watashiwa's attacks!! But watashiwa havent give up!! Watashiwa found a very special weapon!!!

Watashiwa found tha thing which looked like Bazoka but people called it water bottle.. whatever it is.. it looks very very painful!! Muahahahah!! You should know how strong it is from the face of YuMing sensei's face.

Watashiwa thought that tha weapon is for watashiwa.. but watashiwa just learn something new.. tha water bottle cannot shoot one!! And yet tha water bottle is YuMing sensei's weapon.

Dateh... after training sooo long which is worthless sensei. Watashiwa of course know where is his weakness.. sooo watashiwa too what they called Pencil Box to his YuMing sensei's erhrm!!!

Okie.. i dont know whar thar fark is sensei doing.. but thats definately something very very very de bad.. Watashiwa got one last thing to say.. Rabbit can NEVER EVER win humans.. even ninja rabbit cant.. good bye..

BOOOMM!!!! *got burned*

CONCLUSION: Rabbits cant win Human.. no matter what..

I think i just spoiled the story.. X( If you wanna watch the ver.1 then go to Nat's blog. X)

Friday, October 17, 2008

My Monster Hunter

Waaassuuupp!!! My exams is.. still not over.. XP But since i've not been blogging much this month so its time to post abt game. X)


During the exams days i have been curi curi playing Monster Hunter.. (OMG.. in such time i should be studying! Not Playing!) And i Finally obtained my DREAMED armor!! Wooohooo!!
I actually have obtained it a long time ago.. but just that feel like SHOWING IT OFF today. XP

This is my old armor sets. Blango Full Set.

Well this one looks cool too huh? XP Okay now back to my dreamed armor. X)

What Amor did i get?? Hehe.. its the legendary (NOT).. Tigerx Full Set!!!

The one on the left is mine. Cause im a swordmaster so i wont be using the one on the right. Even know it looks a little bit ugly.. but the abilities for this armor is very very useful.

Well wanna know how does the orginal monster looked like?? Here it is..

This monster is called Tigerx. (You should knw that..) This thing is huge, irretaiting, annoying, fast, PAIN IN THE ASS!!! If you got some pro shit armor and Thunder element weapon then it shouldnt be a problem.. but if you have cacat armor and cacat weapon then may the force be with you. XP

Me and Tarvin tried to killed this thing. I've sucessfully killed it but Tarvin's PSP hang kei and he have to restart. So he didnt get the items from this monster. Aiya..

My next monster aim.. Kaguya-rex

Looks almost the same as Tigerx right?? Well i only can chop this monster in MHF2G which is im japanese.. DX This thing is cooler, stronger, more annoying and of course more PAIN IN THE ASS then Tigerx.

My next Armor aim.. Rajang Full Set!!

To obtain this armor is definately going to take forever.. unless i have another PSP with a pro safe file to chop Rajang for me. But that sounds impossible..

Monster Hunter is soooo FUN even Nat wants to play!! XD

Name: Nathanael

Weapon: Dual Blades- Broken Mirror and a Piece of wood

Skills: Talk crap..




ATTK: 10


FIRE RES: - 100

ICE RES: - 100


WATER RES: - 100


Long story short.. Nat is a very weak monster hunter.. XD I believe he can only chop mices, cat, dog.. XD

Mai god.. exams is not over and my mind is full of questions!! ARH!!! Accounts and Moral down..

Monday, October 13, 2008

PMR Day at School...

Today was the start of PMR day, it should be a school holiday for Form 4 and Form 5. But sadly.. my school still provide class!! D8 And the sadest part is!!! I have to go to school.. sobs..

Well eventually i have company which is Nat!! Thanks buddy. Well class is pretty darn bored cause most of the teachers are lazy to teach thus we have no mood to study even exams is like around the corner. Still i cant believe me and Nat actually did Add-Maths in class!! D8 Amazing..

Still.. things will get bored if you keep studying.. Nat brought his phone and i played Puzzle bubble in it!! His high score was like 4770 and mine was.. 4120.. aiya.. so close.. Nat's phone battery is running low.. so i stopped playing.

Me, Nat, Huiee and Izzaty pontenged class and begin sitting on the bench which is downstair of our class. The bench is actually bouncy!! 8D Then we begin to talk abt horny stuffs.. and bla bla bla.. we ran away after we saw a teacher.

Bored bored bored in class.. so Nat decided to take a few pictures!

Okay this is the proof of the amount of poeple in my class for the past few days of PMR... is definately less than 20!

YuMing: Sien wei.. wei Nat, do something with your phone la..
Okay i can explain.. is not the way it looks like.. seriously honestly!

PMR has a No Entry sign.. but our class got a No Entry sign as well!! Well its made by me.. XP The screw the world are the sign board.. its meaningless.. XP

It was day 3 of PMR and the day is boring like usual.. So me and Nat decided to go to 4A class and chat! Thank god that the teachers in there are sorta blind.. cause they cant even see two odd guys in the class! XD

I remember that XinYi and WeiGin use to ask us abt the Green Grass Room IQ test during Youth Camp. Since A class are called the best class in the school, i asked them the IQ question. This is the result..

Ahmad Daniel - 3 mins +

Jin Hwei - 9 mins +

Izzaty - 35 mins +

Huiee - 70 mins +

Riyal - GAVE UP!!

I really have the solute Ahmad Daniel.. this IQ is just brilliant!! No wonder his in A class! And for Huiee.. that time is no surpising.. XD I thought that she would go further.. XD Since A class can guessed it.. let me ask my class instead!! This is the results..

Chian Yong - 6 mins +

Zhao Yang- 12 mins +

Racheal - 17 mins +

Megan - 33 mins +

Marcus - 47 mins +

Tarvin- 65 mins +

Okay lets just say that... TARVIN YOU SUCK!! XD Tarvin almost gave up during the IQ test.. XD I thought he can answer the question faster than the other but still.. you really suck la. XD

I can explain this one as well.. erm.. long story short IM NOT GAY!!! About the other 2 beside me?? What do you think they are? XD

This is like the coolest picture of the day.. From the left..


My PMR days in school is not sucky.. its just boring! XD Oh btw, Me and Nat made some cool "comic" pictures! Next Post Next Post!!

7 Bachelors Products

My school have this Malay which called themselfs the 7 Bachelors! Very cool indeed and seriously.. i think all of them are bechelors! XD

About this 7 Bachelors gangs, they create videos.. and is not like normal video. Is a pretty cool art work video! XD For a teenage fellas like them, they can be a good actor and director one day. Their vidoes are all in Youtube. Care to go and take a look okay?

7 Bachelors doesnt take videos of themself only.. they even take video of people who are not in their gang! This shows that they are 100% not rasist! XD Tarvin, MingLong, Megan, Me, Nat and some of us are in the video as well!

These are some of the products that they made.

7 Bachelors Fighthing Fury

In this video i only like the ending part. Which they keep fighthing with like UNLIMITED life! The funny part i think is the Kitten Abuse part! Well these guys can act like i say.

7 Becholors Death Awaits

This is something special too.. its something like final fantasy. The starting is a little bit boring.. but still keep looking. The fighting is cool.. It seriously reminds me of FF8 when i fight Ultimecia. XD

Who Let the FROG Out MV

These guys can even dance and make MV!! XD If you see a part where theres a Ichigo in mask and two other fella beside him dancing the Ultraman dance.. Blog readers should know who are they.. XD

Cheesy Gunfight

This is like the coolest of the coolest video ever! I have seen this video like 5~9 times! And i think is seriously cool and funny! The main two characters are Tarvin and MingLong. If you can see the hostage is Megan.. XD Keep watching when the show ends.. theres a extra scene. Thus this video got The Price of Freedom! XD

How i wish i could be in one of the video.. X) 7 Bechelors!! Bring me in!! XD After exams very tape! XP

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Music of Month

Damm pro.. this is the 5th post of the day!! XD Okay..okay.. back to the main point! XP

Yiiipieee~ Another music of the month! And i was been looking for this for a very very long time but just because i dont know whats the song's name. But actually the song name is very short and simple. I found the song when i heard it in my brother's car.

So the song is...

Wait For You
- Elliott Yamin-

I never felt nothing in the world like this before
Now I’m missing you and
I’m wishing you would come back through my door
Why did you have to go?
You could have let me know;
so now I’m all alone

Girl you could have stayed but you wouldn’t give me a chance
With you not around it’s a little bit more than I can stand
And all my tears they keep runnin’ down my face
Why did you turn away?

So why does your pride make you run and hide
Are you that afraid of me?
But I know it’s a lie what you keep inside
This is not how you want it to be..

So baby I will wait for you
Cause I don’t know what else I can do
Don’t tell me I ran out of time
If it takes the rest of my life
Baby I will wait for you
If you think I'm fine it just ain’t true
I really need you in my life
No matter what I have to do
I’ll wait for you..

Been a long time since you called me(How could you forget about me)
You gotta be feeling crazy
How can you walk away (When)
Everything stays the same
I just can’t do it baby
What will it take to make you come back
Girl I told you what it is and it just ain’t like that
Why can’t you look at me?
You’re still in love with me
Don’t leave me crying

Baby why can’t we just start all over again
Get it back to the way it was
If you give me a chance I can love you right
But you’re telling me it won’t be enough

So baby I will wait for you
Cause I don’t know what else I can do
Don’t tell me I ran out of time
If it takes the rest of my life
Baby I will wait for you
If you think I'm fine it just ain’t true
I really need you in my life
No matter what I have to do
I’ll wait for you

So why does your pride make you run and hide
Are you that afraid of me?
But I know it’s a lie what you’re keeping inside
That is not how you want it to be

Baby I will wait for you..

Baby I will wait for you..

If it’s the last thing I do~

Baby I will wait for you
Cause I don’t know what else I can do
Don’t tell me I ran out of time
If it takes the rest of my life
Baby I will wait for you
If you think I'm fine it just ain’t true
I really need you in my life
No matter what I have to do
I’ll wait for you
I’ll be waiting …

Another songs that is emo and makes sense. X) This song is actually very old already but still the lyrics are touching.. even i can feel it.. Theres a piano for this song.. so.. Suilun!!! Help me figure it out!! I wanna play this song!! X)

Yet another music of the month.. enjoy guys~ X)

Huiee's Birthday Party


During sunday afternoon. I was sitting in my rooms studying (can u believe it!?) Then i received a phone call from Jinhwei. Usually this girl wont even sms me but this time she actually call me! o.O it must be something big then.

Jinhwei told me that tomorrow (which is monday) is Huiee's birthday. She decided to make a surpise party for our little mantis. So as she plan was to have a surpise party for her and that party will be held at her house. As the plan was told..

Next day.. right after school! Me, Nathanael, Ming Long, KayJun, Eng Siew and EeLing gathered ourself at the back gate and prepare to take off. Plan no.1 was to enter the house through the backdoor of Jinhwei's house. We though that the maid will open the door but surpisingly YeeZhian suddenly jumped out and open the door!

Looks like YeeZhian, Woon Zhien and YuJie were there first. Well Jinhwei, Izzaty and the birthday girl wasnt there yet. Plan no. 2 is the get prepared. We are suppose to hide the cake in the fridge and hide ourself. While i was finding somewhere to hide.. Suddenly Jinhwei jumped out and said "Waaa.. you all very loud lo.." I got the shock of my life. XP

As what as we know that Huiee is on her way to her house. I wasnt hiding yet so i have no choice but to hide behide the sofa. Then suddenly Izzaty pulled Huiee and drag her into the kitchen. Huiee actually pass through me without noticing! D8 Izzaty saw me so, she decided to pull her back but it was too late i change my spot which is behide the cupboard and it was more obvious to be seen. I thought that the surpise will be spoiled because but me.. but eventually.. Huiee walked pass me without noticing me again!! D8 Pretty un-observing issint she? XD

The i run back into the kitchen and i told the guys to get ready. As the candle was lighted all of us run out with the cake and.. SURPISE!!! Happy Birthday song begins. After singing the birthday song they put the cake on the table and Huiee was ready to make the wishes.

On the otherside, Nat was getting ready to play a song for Huiee but it failed due to some particular reason. Still, Nat at least played a Birthday song for her! XD After blowing the candle and everything we decided to play some game..

Ming Long: Lets play something that is fun and intresting!

Me: And that will be??

Ming Long: Chi-Ku-PA!!

*Everybody filpped*

The we decided to play a game which is one word at a time. Is like creating a story and everybody can only use one word at a time. The game start and it was a very funny start. Everybody mind was horny.. including the birthday girl! XD Then MingLong said "Why dont we make a story that is very like something to do with Satelite" Okay.. thats real random.. And this is what happend..

Me>>Huiee>>Izzaty>>MingLong>>YuJie>>Nat>> Me (we were sitting in a circle and this is how the story goes la..)

There.. was.. an.. elephant.. with.. large.. balls.. which.. is.. from.. india.. where.. Tarvinder!!!.. lives.. in.. a.. big.. SATELITE!!! XD

Super Random issint? XD I dont know but Tarvin's name just came into my mind! XD Through the whole game was full of laugher! X) But sadly Jinhwei wasnt playing with us cause she was busy taking care of thing since some spoilers is trying to spoil the fun!!! (I dont wanna say names) Sad girl..

I was chatting with Eng Siew, EeLing and Steven. Everybody joined in and we begin to ask IQ and jokes around the house. Then me and MingLong have this conversation. Its a straight forward and honesty conversation.

Ming Long: Okay Yuming, what is the first thing that you'll see when you saw a hot girl?

Me: Well her body first then the looks la.

Ming Long: Name the body part specificly..

Me: Okay.. okay.. boobs!!

Ming Long: Tsk..tsk..tsk.. You know what will i see first?

Me: Okay.. what??

Ming Long: I will looked at her eyes first?

Me: Dude, why??

Ming Long: Cause i wanna see that the girl is looking at me anot. If shes not then only i stare at her boobs!!


The birthday party was great but sadly i have a tution at 5pm so i have to leave early.. thus there are spoilers there during the party so is no point staying there. But still i get to see my good buddy, Nat doing a great job in that party. XD

Anyways... Happy Birthday Mantis!!! opps... replay..

Happy Birthday Huiee!! XD

I bet Huiee made a wish which is pray that she will grow another 4 more legs! XD

Follow my Brothers

I saw Tarvin's blog doing this and so is Nat's blog. So i decided to do this along.. FYI, Im not a wannabe, Im not GAY and this is NOT a tag!! Dont follow! XP

I want "her"
I want to have the power to turn back time.
I want the world with no EXAMS!!
I want my own computer.
I want another PSP. XP
I want the "two dogs" to be dead!
I want freedom!
I want a PS3!
I want to have SEX!
I want to lots of money.
I want more brain cells.
I want to travel the whole world.
I want to be famous.
I want kick some butts.
I want to peace in the world.
I want my friends to be happy.
I want my family to be happy.
I want "her" to be happy.
I want be a better person.
I want to another me.
I want to sing.
I want to become a superstar.
I want to punch Tarvin's balls!
I want to live longer.
I want to die in peace.
I want to stop being emo..
I want to sleep..

Good day people!! XD

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tag Along

I think its the first time i got tagged by Munwai.. XP Mayb.. but who cares!! Here goes nothing!!!

People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs and Tag 5 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse.These people must state who they were tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were tagged by continue this game by sending it to other people

1. The last person to tag you is?
- MunWai

2. What relationship of you with him/her?
- Good buddies!

3. Your first impression towards him/her?
- Smart looking guy

4. The most memorable thing that he/she has done to you?
- Joining Teens Camp! XD

5. The most memorable word that he/she has say to you?
- "YuMing" XD

6. If he/she becomes your lover, you will..
- Become gay! D8 no no NO!!!

7. If he/she becomes your enemy, you will..
- Make him GAY!! XD

8. If he/she becomes your lover, he/she has to improve on..
- Being more girlish! XD

9. If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason is..
- backstabed me?? Well that will never happend i belive. X)

10. The most ideal person you want to be is?
- Nomura!!! Square Enix here I come!!

11. For the person who cares and likes you, say something about them.
- Nice.. gentle.. pretty.. cute.. why am i saying this?? CARING!! XD

12. Ten people to tag:
1. Tarvin
2. Megan
3. Nathanael
4. Huiee
5. Suilun
6. WeiGin
7. XinYi
8. Justin
9. John
10. Suelyn

Our Performance?

Well i had this performance during monday. (which was yesterday) Well what are we performing?? We are deciding to perform Burden of Truth + Under the Appletree in it. Well.. what happend? This is how the whole story went..

Early in the morning.. Ronald. Len Ping reached school and the first thing we do was PRACTISE!!! Then Nat showed up and then Tarvin. Actually Tarvin wasnt suppose to perform but due to his skills, we really need him in the band.

Practise.. Practise.. and MORE Pratise. Since is our first time performing in on stage, i hope that we dont screw the whole thing up. Who cares if its embrassing!! As long as we tried and thats enough!

Pn.Zaini was asking for our band which we havent figure it out!! D8 Then Ronald showed me his pluck and thats his suggestion. It was called "Lucky 13" we i think 13 doesnt make sense cause we are 16. And i think taht "Lucky 16" cannot also cause that name only can use for one year.. so since there are 5 of us. So i named us.. LUCKY FIVE!!! D8

Finally its time.. staring me and Nat played and i thing it was smooth. And very good start. I have to agree! Then when it turns into Under the Appletree, the whole thing screwed up. Struming wasnt loud enough, plucking was too fast, drums soundless, out timing TONS of mistakes!! And the worst part is no one can hear it!

It was dissapointing but still at least we tried.. like i said.. WHO CARES what comments people will give at least we face it and went up stage. I believe we will never play that song again.. it wasnt as easy as we expected it to be and it sounded totally diffrent.

Still when we went back to the library, what did we do?? We JAM!!! XD In the library!! XD And surpising i manage to figure out how to play Night of Seclusion right away!! D8 I cant believe it myself!! XD I sound almost the same.. i think..

Recess we jammed again!! XD Well we have been hearing comments from other people but the most comment that we heard is abt the sound.. too soft.. hear NUTS!!! Whatever.. its a past and its a history.. X)

I believe my band has learn something new.. DONT EVER GET OVER CONFIDENT!! Just because i was confident that we cant master in song withing one week thats why such sucky results showed up..

Afterschool we went to Huiee's birthday surpise party. (next post)

FYI.. our band is NOT!!! LUCKY FIVE!!! Its just a temporailly name!! So dont spread it!! XD

Friday, October 3, 2008

Can't Find Answers..

During the holidays i finally figure it out something.. or should i say learned something new..

People cant find answers directly.. it takes time.. Think abt it! Just like doing.. erm.. Add-maths! You need to go through tons of equations just to figure out the ANSWER. If you dont do those equations you wont get the answers. Thus you cant get the answers without doing the equations..

People cant give answers right away.. it takes time. 1 year? 1 month? 1 day? Who knows!! And i've learned that during the whole holiday as i went through the whole holiday. Be patient my friends..

People out there.. if you asked for answers please be patient or you will screw up the whole thing and its not going to be good..

Short post issint it? Blabing abt something boring again.. XP

Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Holidays

Shit.. another few more days then holiday is over.. ARH!!!!! I dont want to end sooo fast!! grrr.... curse those people that create such things as EXAMS!!

Oh, my holiday?? Is pretty much abt three this only. PSP, jamming and studying. Well i've been playing PSP most of the time. Which is a very bad thing since exams is just around the corner. SHIT!!! I've havent been really studying much.

Our band is going jam for the coming monday. Pn.Zaini asked us to play a song for Pn.Fu's retirement. i dunno who the heck is that.. but still she gave us a chance to jam again and thats good enough. Thus she didnt ask any other band but only us.. well thats good. Its seems that the MPS jamming shows results. XD

To my fellow band team. Remember this saturday at Ronald's house or at my house also can. That night we can how jam also can. XD

Okay next is abt my PSP. My monster hunter just rocks! XD Just really getting into the game. Like what they say.. playing only will change experience. And that is soooo true! XD I opened a new character which is a female la. XD But still i will play on and continue rocking this game.

F*ck the studying part la.. it makes me sick! And i cant believe exams is coming!! ARH!!!! F*ck those people that recreate such things as exams!! Im cursing it for the people around me that hate exams as well. XD

Well toddles~ making a next post soon... soon...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Gaming News

Okay... im sorry that this blog was 7 days dead. But now its just came back to life! XD

Now abt gaming news.. guess what?? guess what game fans?? Dissidia's coming out date has been put earlier!! 8D Yesh!!! Its coming either end of November of early december! Wooohooo!!

Thats not all abt Dissidia, the 3rd and trailer of Dissidia is out through the square-enix event! Check it out!!

Dissidia Trailer 3

There are extra characters in Dissidia already and now we roughly know how the walking system of the game goes. Onion Knight and Cloud of Darkness in FF3 is in dissidia now!! Thus Sephiroth is finally in action, his making a move already! Wooohoooo!! I gotta get this game ASAP or should i say when it out! XD

Well you think is no big deal just looking at the trailer? Take a look at what's next then. The gameplay is offically out!!! No leak! No editted! Its pure gameplay!! Thanks to Square-Enix for the share of two gameplays! XD

Tidus VS Jecht

Onion Knight VS Cloud of Darkness

Okay, now according to what i've been looking in the trailers and gameplay, i think this should be the system is. The system is something like a chess mode and you will meet up with enemy and you will fight with them. Thus the game battling system is pretty easy to understand. You just have to keep hitting your oppenent's guard points until it break then only u can start damaging the oppenent. Sound easy but its actually though since your oppenent can move around the corner. Thus to use limit break u have to open some form which is the EX-form only you can use limit break. And the limit break is a real pain in the damage.

OMG... This year man! This year and its coming GOD DAMM soon man! Yesh!! I just can wait to have that game. But before the game comes.. hope i get some money to buy a bigger memory stick unless the game its only like 850+MB but that sounds impossible since the graphic is soooo cool. I bet it must be at least 1.9GB.

I'll be updating abt my life soon.. study people.. SERIOUS!!