Friday, October 17, 2008

My Monster Hunter

Waaassuuupp!!! My exams is.. still not over.. XP But since i've not been blogging much this month so its time to post abt game. X)


During the exams days i have been curi curi playing Monster Hunter.. (OMG.. in such time i should be studying! Not Playing!) And i Finally obtained my DREAMED armor!! Wooohooo!!
I actually have obtained it a long time ago.. but just that feel like SHOWING IT OFF today. XP

This is my old armor sets. Blango Full Set.

Well this one looks cool too huh? XP Okay now back to my dreamed armor. X)

What Amor did i get?? Hehe.. its the legendary (NOT).. Tigerx Full Set!!!

The one on the left is mine. Cause im a swordmaster so i wont be using the one on the right. Even know it looks a little bit ugly.. but the abilities for this armor is very very useful.

Well wanna know how does the orginal monster looked like?? Here it is..

This monster is called Tigerx. (You should knw that..) This thing is huge, irretaiting, annoying, fast, PAIN IN THE ASS!!! If you got some pro shit armor and Thunder element weapon then it shouldnt be a problem.. but if you have cacat armor and cacat weapon then may the force be with you. XP

Me and Tarvin tried to killed this thing. I've sucessfully killed it but Tarvin's PSP hang kei and he have to restart. So he didnt get the items from this monster. Aiya..

My next monster aim.. Kaguya-rex

Looks almost the same as Tigerx right?? Well i only can chop this monster in MHF2G which is im japanese.. DX This thing is cooler, stronger, more annoying and of course more PAIN IN THE ASS then Tigerx.

My next Armor aim.. Rajang Full Set!!

To obtain this armor is definately going to take forever.. unless i have another PSP with a pro safe file to chop Rajang for me. But that sounds impossible..

Monster Hunter is soooo FUN even Nat wants to play!! XD

Name: Nathanael

Weapon: Dual Blades- Broken Mirror and a Piece of wood

Skills: Talk crap..




ATTK: 10


FIRE RES: - 100

ICE RES: - 100


WATER RES: - 100


Long story short.. Nat is a very weak monster hunter.. XD I believe he can only chop mices, cat, dog.. XD

Mai god.. exams is not over and my mind is full of questions!! ARH!!! Accounts and Moral down..