Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy?? Sad??

Im happy, thats why im posting this post. In the mean time, im a little bit sad.. thats why im posting this post.

Okay the happy part is.. I've passed Accounts!!!! Woooohooooo!!! Accounts is not really that hard but just that i didnt really put in effort in the exams.. How much did i get?? Im not gonna tell but all i can say is, I beat Tarvin and Nat!! XD

The second happy part is.. I pass Siviks as well!! Woooohooooo!! So what if Siviks is not a subject in SPM but its still a subject!! Wooohooo!!! I beat Tarvin, Nat and im draw with Megan.. both of us got the same marks.. damm..

The sad part is.. I screwed up chemistry paper 2 today.. screw up BIG TIME!! The things that i've been studying didnt came out.. thus i obtain a last minute infomation for Izzaty and Huiee that chapter 5,6,7,8,9 is coming out.. ARH!!! Dammm~~ Tomolo is Paper 3... i think im gonna screw up more...

Th another sad part is.. tomolo is Add-Maths paper 1.. I screw BIG TIME in paper 2 already.. thus paper 2 is like the most marks of all Add-Maths paper!!! D8 My mom is a Add-Maths teacher and im screwing add-maths!! No mood to study larh... due to holiday mood..

Oh oh oh!! Another happy thing abt today is.. theres another gameplay demo of Dissidia!!! Wooohooooo (again) Lets see whose fight who this time!!

Garland VS Warrior of Light

After watching this video.. i begin to understand more abt this game... But lets comment abt this video first!! I think Garland's limit break is easy to succeed Perfect mode.. all u have to do is just spam (o) button the enough already.. simple.. Warrior of Light has lots of combos.. but deal very little damage, not surpising..

What i've found out from this video is... the white thing that garland took at 0.49 is a FULL limit break bar.. how do u know where is the limit break bar?? Is on the corner of the character's HP and Guard Point. You can see a purple crystal thingy?? If you can then thats what i've been talking abt. You can get limit break bar points by hitting your oppenent. If you notice, there will be white shiny things around you after you hit the enemy. Those are limit break points. Slowly fill up the bar and then use Ex Mode. After Ex Mode use some sort of attack, if you this the oppenent with the attack the BOOOM!!! Limit Break!! Pretty simple to understand the game. X)

YuMing!!!! Survive for another whole bloody week and the holiday is yours!!!! Grrrrrr.... Gotta keep my voice nicely for appericiation night. X) Chao~