Monday, October 13, 2008

7 Bachelors Products

My school have this Malay which called themselfs the 7 Bachelors! Very cool indeed and seriously.. i think all of them are bechelors! XD

About this 7 Bachelors gangs, they create videos.. and is not like normal video. Is a pretty cool art work video! XD For a teenage fellas like them, they can be a good actor and director one day. Their vidoes are all in Youtube. Care to go and take a look okay?

7 Bachelors doesnt take videos of themself only.. they even take video of people who are not in their gang! This shows that they are 100% not rasist! XD Tarvin, MingLong, Megan, Me, Nat and some of us are in the video as well!

These are some of the products that they made.

7 Bachelors Fighthing Fury

In this video i only like the ending part. Which they keep fighthing with like UNLIMITED life! The funny part i think is the Kitten Abuse part! Well these guys can act like i say.

7 Becholors Death Awaits

This is something special too.. its something like final fantasy. The starting is a little bit boring.. but still keep looking. The fighting is cool.. It seriously reminds me of FF8 when i fight Ultimecia. XD

Who Let the FROG Out MV

These guys can even dance and make MV!! XD If you see a part where theres a Ichigo in mask and two other fella beside him dancing the Ultraman dance.. Blog readers should know who are they.. XD

Cheesy Gunfight

This is like the coolest of the coolest video ever! I have seen this video like 5~9 times! And i think is seriously cool and funny! The main two characters are Tarvin and MingLong. If you can see the hostage is Megan.. XD Keep watching when the show ends.. theres a extra scene. Thus this video got The Price of Freedom! XD

How i wish i could be in one of the video.. X) 7 Bechelors!! Bring me in!! XD After exams very tape! XP