Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Our Performance?

Well i had this performance during monday. (which was yesterday) Well what are we performing?? We are deciding to perform Burden of Truth + Under the Appletree in it. Well.. what happend? This is how the whole story went..

Early in the morning.. Ronald. Len Ping reached school and the first thing we do was PRACTISE!!! Then Nat showed up and then Tarvin. Actually Tarvin wasnt suppose to perform but due to his skills, we really need him in the band.

Practise.. Practise.. and MORE Pratise. Since is our first time performing in on stage, i hope that we dont screw the whole thing up. Who cares if its embrassing!! As long as we tried and thats enough!

Pn.Zaini was asking for our band which we havent figure it out!! D8 Then Ronald showed me his pluck and thats his suggestion. It was called "Lucky 13" we i think 13 doesnt make sense cause we are 16. And i think taht "Lucky 16" cannot also cause that name only can use for one year.. so since there are 5 of us. So i named us.. LUCKY FIVE!!! D8

Finally its time.. staring me and Nat played and i thing it was smooth. And very good start. I have to agree! Then when it turns into Under the Appletree, the whole thing screwed up. Struming wasnt loud enough, plucking was too fast, drums soundless, out timing TONS of mistakes!! And the worst part is no one can hear it!

It was dissapointing but still at least we tried.. like i said.. WHO CARES what comments people will give at least we face it and went up stage. I believe we will never play that song again.. it wasnt as easy as we expected it to be and it sounded totally diffrent.

Still when we went back to the library, what did we do?? We JAM!!! XD In the library!! XD And surpising i manage to figure out how to play Night of Seclusion right away!! D8 I cant believe it myself!! XD I sound almost the same.. i think..

Recess we jammed again!! XD Well we have been hearing comments from other people but the most comment that we heard is abt the sound.. too soft.. hear NUTS!!! Whatever.. its a past and its a history.. X)

I believe my band has learn something new.. DONT EVER GET OVER CONFIDENT!! Just because i was confident that we cant master in song withing one week thats why such sucky results showed up..

Afterschool we went to Huiee's birthday surpise party. (next post..next post)

FYI.. our band is NOT!!! LUCKY FIVE!!! Its just a temporailly name!! So dont spread it!! XD