Monday, October 27, 2008

My Days

Argh!!! Exams is going to restart in like 2 days and im not been really studying!! Im screwed!!! I think i get my mind off things!! Seesh!!

I suddenly get addicted to the song "Roxas" well i manage to play it in the piano with a diffrent version. Now im trying to play "Devil May Cry". I can play the chorus part but the verse i still cant figure it out.. my next aim! Is to learn "How to Save a Life" and "Sadness and Sorrow" just for fun. X)

The song "Wind beneath my Wings" is stuck into my head!!! Well thats actually not bad news.. XD That song is really really nice if a girl sings for a guy. It might be romantic?? X)

Sad things had happend lately.. not on me but on my good friend.. sad for him.. Things went soooo well but then it end up misarable... Like what John told me, Life is not aways Rainbow and Butterflies~ X) Cheer up bro..

I get frustrated playing MHF2, is not because i got bored of the game. Is because it will cost ONE LEG just to create the weapon that i want. Hrm... but I still rock in that game. I just need some one to play it with me. Once exams is over i will fly to Tarvin's house and spam MHF2 with him! XD

I miss "you"~ X)

Grrrr... why do they even create such thing called EXAMS.. grrr... curse them!! Account, Moral and English is finished! Now other subs..