Saturday, February 28, 2009

Be~Belated Birthday..

Okay.. 2 days after my birthday things arent going so well.. there are somethings which really pisses me off and hurt me very much.. but seriously no big deal.. Im like the EMO king man. XD Okay screw that shit.. Things are going ups and down so far.. means theres good things and bad things..

I spend the whole saturday watching one of my most favourite disney show of all.. I didnt watch the series but the movie yes! XD I spend the whole day watching 4 diffrent kinds of.. LILO and STICH movies!! XD And serious.. no matter how many time i watch that show.. Stich is FUCKING adorable.. And theres one movie which can really make u cry.. Stich are farking died.. D8 But still it ends with a happy ending.. la~di~da~ they have to make happy endings so kids wont get nightmares.. XD

Okay didnt really spend my whole time watching walt disney show.. I did look out for my lovely YUI through youtube. XP And she is still farking adorable.. XP I watched this video.. which made me sooo desperate to go to japan now.. check it out..

YUI Play You -Live-

God dammit.. I WANNA BE IN FUKUOKA (somewhere in japan la) Its like YUI random goes to school and perform with them!! Arh!!!! I definately cannot play guitar with here.. but i will play goodbye days with her!! XD Yuming.. dream on..

I found another cool thing.. do you knw that you can speed up a song and then they will sound like chipmunks! XD I found some of them on Youtube.. and you might think it will sound bad cause its like no original YUI.. but guess what? Its awesome man.. some slow songs they turn it like a song that you feel like jumping. XD

I went to Tarvin's house and challenge im on a Dissidia fight.. and guess what?? I KICKED HIS ASS!!! I thus.. I KICKED NAT's ASS TOO!!! XD Guess im still the one and only Number ONE Dissidia player in Taman SEA. XD

Okay just freaking bored.. and guess what? I've been calling random people nowathese days.. i called Huiee!! XD I almost broke her freaking guitar!! D8 Scare that crap out of me.. But its actually no big deal.. But seriously.. i need to get myself a Guitar.. Just to make life easier. XP

Okay okay.. enought yapping.. time to get back to writing song.. XD Btw.. Im still emo..

Listening to: I'll Be

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Writing a Song

Okay composing song is easy.. especially those type of song which have NO singing at all.. yeap those kinda of songs are easier to learn and compose as well. (eg. The Price of Freedom)

BUT BUT BUT!! Making a song with a lyrics.. THAT IS ANOTHER THING!! *serious looking face* That is another thing my friend.. Its not easy.. Dammit i have been spending like 1 hours of thinking and all i got is the chorus.. cause thats the only intresting part of the song. XD

Even know my song is only a simple chords.. but thinking the song tempo is a royal pain in the brain.. Dammit!! The first thing you have to do is find a title for the song.. But i dont. XP I go straight away to the first thing that comes into my mind!! And OH BOY, that hurts.. (i meant the brain.. FYI)

Belated Birthday.. not so happy day.. infact pretty sad..

Thank you for those people who still wished me even knw its belated. XP Arigato..

Listening to: How Crazy

25 FEB #3

The last and final part of my B'day. XP

BM tuition.. typically boring.. and thanks to Megan for wishing me for the fifth time that day. XD You still owe me present arh!! XD

Chemistry and Physic tution, i chat BIG TIME with WeiSoong. Then En.Raj (my teacher) belanja me to go makan!! Damm nice.. Thus i receive some good messages with made me really happy. I was touched due to that message.. only a few people knw. XP

I reached home and then my bother gave me my present!! 8D Guess what he gave me?? Its something to do with last year one.. If those of you who remember or not la.. He gave me a basketball last year. So.. he gave me.. ANOTHER BASKETBALL this year!! D8 Still thanks la.. better than no present. Thus the basketball is BLACK!! 8D

After that we cut the cake and sang birthday song.. then i took pictures with my mom, dad and my brother.. My sister slept early that day!! D8 Hmph!!! XD

Then my brother told me that some one called me during tuition time.. guess who issit? SUILUN!!! Watashiwa brother des!! XD

Then i decided to spend my last few minutes calling someone who i didnt really talk to for a long long time already.. I called.. Jean AKA Julie!! XD

Thats the end of my birthday.. Its wasnt as good as the years back then but still.. its good enought for the last year in school. Thanks to those who are Hotlink and willing to sms to my Digi! XD Thanks for spending few cens on me. XP Thank you very much desu!!

Im offically 17 now.. X)

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

25 FEB #2

How should i put this.. the first part of this "25 FEB" post was done during midnight.. XD NOW its including the school day thingy. XP

Reached school EXTRA early today.. cause its a raining morning and i cant walk to the bust stop area.. so my father decided to fetch me to school. X) Then i reached school soooo early for what leh.. Its cause i reach there early but the class room door is lock.. Dammit..

After that i took a quick nap in LenPing's class.. ZzZzZz.. then woke up and enters back the class. X) After that i got people wishing me happy birthday.. the first one was Nat (again..) After that followed by Racheal.. After that Huiee.. then Megan.. then Vania.. lets just say theres lots of them la.. Seriously.. i wasnt expecting them to knw it was my birthday!!

Im GREEDY this year!! Soo those who greeded me in school or through sms MUST gimme present arh!! Fuh.. Fuh.. Fuh.. (You whethere im kidding or not now right? *grims*)

After that we were called to go down early cause of En.Zul (or PJK teacher) i guess PJK is still on even knw we have a freaking wet padang.. nah.. i dont think so.. it must be one of those lectures of his again. XD While walking down the stairs, Izzaty shouted "HAPPY BIRTHDAY YUMING!!!" =.=" Then Jinhwei run all the way down just to wish me as well.. Thanks.. but still PRESENTS!! XD

Then.. we went down and stand and listen to En.Zul lecture for awhile.. then the school announment says that we have to go to the dewan for some SPM ceramah. En.Zul got a little bit naughty today.. he called all of us to do Tu-Tu-Train all the way to the dewan or else we kena "piak" somewhere.. And his excuse was.. "Its EXERCISING!! Training your team work! XD"

Then during the ceramah some of my other classmates wished me. Nicholas, Zerhann, Shekar, Kaarthik and followed by KuokKen. KuokKen's wishing was the funniest one of all.. XD Heres how it goes..

Nicholas: Happy Birthday Ming. *gives me a knuck five*

Kuok Ken: Har?? YuMing your birthday arh??

Nicholas: Ya lah!! Faster wish him!!

Kuok Ken: Oh! Oh! Happy Birthday!! XD

Nicholas: Who says his birthday today??

Kuok Ken: You say his birthday today ma..

Nicholas: His birthday today meh??

Kuok Ken: So issit his birthday anot??

Nicholas: YES la!! Faster wish him!!!

Kuok Ken: Okay okay.. Happy birthday.. *smiles*

Poor Kuok Ken kena bully and have to wish me twice.. XD But still its one presnt from u only la.. not two.. XP Then some girls from my class wished me.. SceneTeng, HuiLing, ShiWei and WeiWei are their names.

The ceramah is all abt Chemistry and Add-Maths. Chemistry is just typically boring.. one is i dont have intrest.. two, the bloody ceramah guy shouts when he talks and third, his lame.. But BUT BUT!! Add-Maths is a little bit intresting!! Why? Cause we suspect that the guy who is gimme ceramah is Pn.Liew's (our add-maths teacher) SON!! XD The way he talks and jokes is 60% like Pn.Liew. XD

After that recess.. i got wish by another few more people.. then back to class.. XP In class, Karman and KimNgiam wished me. After 2 periods of maths we have to go to hall again for Physics ceramah.. Dammit.. Me, Nat and WeiSoong decided to ponteng. So we hang out in class and i took a video of WeiSoong and Nat doing an arm wrestling scene. XD And boy its damm funny!!

Then suddenly Izzaty and Huiee was pontenging as well.. so they ponteng to our class and we had fun making video of Munwai's famous 25 devide by 5 joke. (refer to his blog video for more info) Then suddenly.. we ALMOST got caught by a teacher.. what do we do next? RUN!!!

In the end we got into the hall.. and listen to the damm ceramah for 20mins. I missed my Bus cause of the damm ceramah. Arh.. and the worst part of all is.. Its the end of the school.. what does that mean?? Birthday Bash time!!

This year not much people attack me.. which is happy or sad?? I dunno la.. but the person who sprayed me the most is Vania.. dammit.. I was soak wet until "zhao kuong" XP

Then i reached home.. i got a few messages..

ZhenWei - He didnt message me.. infact he called me!! XD Thanks man..

PeiYin - She wished me during 2.25pm (she wrote the time there. XD)

Yuenhee- I thought she forgotten but anyways.. THANK YOU!! XD

Half day gone.. another half more day to go..

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

25 FEB

Walah!!! Ohhaiyo!! (good morning) its freaking 12.23am in the morning and im doing this freaking post.. just for the fun of it!! XD

Remember i said the BIG BIG EVENT in the last post.. well.. the event is.. *drum rolls*

CHEONG LYE's Birthday!!

Yeap.. this guy was in my primary school and now this in my tuition centre.. and 25FEB is his birthday.. XD

What?? I was just doing ti for my friend.. XP




Okay this post havent end la..

Its also...


And just to make me happy.. lets listen to YUI sing happy birthday.. X)

Woow... i can die happy now la.. XD Choi CHOI!!!

And the night before my birthday i composed my very first song on the GUITAR!! Yes!!! XD Its just simple chords no big deal.. next is the lyrics for the song. Gabantte!! X)

The people who greed my first is..

1, Suilun (through his blog but not the exact date)

2. Nat (sms-- but not at the exact time.. XP)

3. Tarvom (called me.. but his just making me feel like punching him during that conversation. XD)

4. Yan Leng (smsed me.. at the exact time!! XD)

5. My sister.. (through sms.. and shes like 5 feet away from my room!! I think shes just lazy to come and tell me la.. XP)

6. Vanessa (12 mins after the exact time. X) Still thank you!! XD)

7. Porlyn (Surprisingly got my number through Tarvin!! And she mention abt something to do with WET.. D8)

Thank You VERY MUCH everyone!!
Thank You x10000000000

Just being LOA here.. X)

Last 32 mins

Now.. let just break the tension and get to the point..

In another 32 mins.. something BIG is going to happend..


And Guess. what??


This guys that we are going to talk abt..


Who issit??

Just keep waiting until tomorrow then you will knw already la. XD

Woohooo!!! I knw already knw how to freaking play a song on the guitar!! Woohooo!! Guess what song issit? XP I mentioned before "I remember You", "Its Happy Line", "Taiyo No Uta" and "Rolling Star." Guess now!!! Its simple la.. its objective. XD

Its not I remember You
- This song is sasy but just that i have no time to learn.. XP

Its not Its Happy Line
- I knw how to play.. but not the full song!! Thus the bar chord part havent master. XP

Its not Rolling Star
- Cause this song got a few part which is bar chords and this song is fast.. so chang hands to the bar chords can be a pain..

Soo the answer is!!

TAIYO NO UTA by Erika Sawanjiri!!

This song is just plain simple.. is repeating the same chords over and over again.. and best of all!! NO BAR CHORDS!! XD

I shall carry on and survive until the last 32 mins for the freak huge event!! XD How to keep me awake?? GUITAR!! XD Gabantte!!!

Listening to: Happy Birthday to You You

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hows with the Guitar??

How am I with the guitar?? Well great!!! I finally can play Accoustic guitar properly already!! XD Thanks to the training with Classic Guitar. My hands are soo numb that i wont pain after press accoustic guitar strings. X)

But still.. Accoustic guitar still is a royal pain in the ass.. just sometimes.. Since Huiee's accoustic guitar is using a hard string.. playing normal chords are okay.. but when it comes to bar chords is a royal pain in the finger.. XP Friends recomanded me to play power chords but i dun want cause it wont sounds original. XP Taking the tougher path man..

I still cant play Goodbye days completely yet!! ARHH!!!!! Everything is okay one.. i think i improved my changing hands.. except for bar chords!! The sound is just stuck whenever i change my hands to bar chords! I still dunno how to position my fingers.. Dammit i hate to use the term "practise makes prefect" but oh well! XD (bar chords are evil people.. EVIL!!)

But BUt BUT!!! Doesnt mean i didnt learn how to any song all this while!! I know how to play Its Happy Line by YUI!!! 8D Woohooo!! Just mastered it today!! The song only has 1 bar chord which is great and others is just normal changing hands chords!! I can master that!! As long i keep practise. XP Ganbantte!!!

Im current learning how to play "Taiyo No Uta" by Erika Sawanjiri.. "Rolling Star" by YUI.. "I Remember You" by YUI as well.. basicly thats all la!! Dont wanna learn sooo much later got mix up!! XP

Nat asked me once.. "What abt Che.R.Ry" by YUI??" I say... NO!!!! Why?? The whole song is BAR CHORDS!! D8 Lazy to learn...

Dammit.. im talking Guitar these days.. XP

Listening to: Tokyo

The 3 Things

Okay so far... im not feeling emo anymore.. I just its just for now.. but sometimes i still do get emo but NOT AS MUCH AS LAST TIME!!! XD YuMing you did well.. *nods his head and pat himself* Getting HIGH!!!

The 3 things.. well so far i got three things which made me happy. X) Let me just list them out. XP

1. Accoustic Guitar
-To those of you who really really read my blog should knw how i get this accoustic guitar.. Its damm awesome wei!! Electro accoustic guitar!! Big ass guitar!! The shape the colours all looks excactly like YUI's one. Just that there are some extra girlish stickers and no YUI signature on it only.. XP Thanks to Huiee for the accoustic guitar. XD

2. A Handmade Note Book
- This is actually very cool.. even know its green note book but still a good colour for me. X) On the note book there are some childish drawing on it. There are 3 drawing actually.. One is a mic, Two is a face of a retarded looking guy making a peace sign and Three is a black PSP which a YUI word on the screen.

What is the meaning of this 3 pictures?? Well one is a mic which proof how much i love singing. X) Two, the retard looking face which is how retarded I looked. XD (actually thats not the real reason behide it, just make this one out for comedy. XP) Three, the PSP which YUI on it which proof how much im IN to PSP and YUI. X) This gift is from my third pet little sister, YanLeng. Thank You!! Lots of LOVE. X)

3. An Angpao
- You might think is an angpao with money inside of it. But this one is diffrent.. This one is with a Bleach keychain in it!! 8D Surpisingly.. at least i thought is was really ang pao! XD This keychain is sooo coool.. its a cross sign and a weird looking shape on it.. Thus its an original item!! JAPAN stuff!!! XD But come to think of it.. in which scene or episode in bleach got something to do with a cross sign?? o.O Any ways.. I like it cause i got my first phone keychain. XD Thanks to my brother, Suilun. X)

Why am i getting items these days?? Well.. blog readers or my good friends should knw why. Dun wanna tell out!! XP Still..

Thanks for the permanent item guys!! X) (except yours Huiee. XP)

Listening to: For Real

Friday, February 20, 2009

Tag Along

Its been awhile eve rsince i got tagged.. more like 2 months i think. XD Anyways, is the first time that Celine tag me!! XD Well lets just get on with the tag..

I think i did this tag before.. but oh well.. Lets just do it again. XD before that.. let me just tell you guys that most of the songs in my tracks are mostly YUI songs, so forgive me if the same singer comes in all the time. XP

1. Put your iTunes/Winamp/Media Player on shuffle
2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer

3. You must write down the name of the song no matter how silly it sounds!

4. Put any comments in brackets after the song name

5. Tag at least 10 friends

6. Anyone tagged has to do the same, because fun pointlessness spreads like a virus.

If someone says "Is this okay?" you say?

- What's Up People -Maximum the Hormone- (WHATS UP!! XD)

How would you describe yourself?
-Winter Hot Music -YUI- (Im a cool.. but sexy looking guy who loves music i guess? XD)

What do you like in a guy/girl?
-Pray -Tommy Heavenly6- (pray that im a girl for once so i can knw how to it feels like! XD)

How do you feel today?
-Its Happy Line -YUI- (Happy?? That is soo not true!!)

What is your life’s purpose?
-Tokyo -YUI- (visiting tokyo!! and be famous there! XD)

What is your motto?
-Taiyo no Uta -Erika Sawanjiri- (watch taiyo no uta the movie!! XD)

What do your friends think of you?

-I remember You -YUI- (they will all aways remember me! XD)

What do you think of your parents?
-Feel my Soul -YUI- (feel my soul and you will knw! XD)

What do you think about very often?
-Sekoshi De Ii kara -Tenjochiki- (A little bit of good!! XD)

What is 2 + 2?
-Che.R.Ry -YUI- (its equals to cherry!! XD)

What do you think of your best friend?
-Cosmos -Dissidia- (I think he reminds me of dissidia.. XD)

What do you think of the person you like?
-For Real -Sayuki- (Of course im treating "her" for real)

What is your life story?
-Skyline -YUI- (Its a dream of reaching to a higher place!! FLY!! XD)

What do you want to be when you grow up?
-Happy Birthday to You~You~ -YUI- (Ow Ow! A guy who organise birthday party for people! XD)

What do you think of when you see the person you like?
-The Man Who Cant be Moved -The Script- (Guees im not moving on i guess.. XP)

What will you dance to at your wedding?

-Tomorrow's Way -YUI- (Seriously!! I will dance this song!! It sounds romantic. XD)

What will they play at your funeral?

-Velonica -Aqua TimeZ- (A rocking song.. so that people wont get emo for me. XP)

What is your hobby/interest?
-Rolling Star -YUI- (I knw this one!! Be a ROCKSTAR!!! XD)

What is your biggest fear?
-The Price of Freedom -Crisis Core- (I sooo not afaird of freedom)

What is your biggest secret?
-Goodbye Days -YUI- (I love Goodbye days.. cause of YUI!)

What do you think of your friends?
- Doubt and Trust -Access- (the doubt i dunno.. but i trust them. 8D)

What will you post this as?
-Crush -David Archuletta- (Im crush.. by celine!! XD)

I tag..
1. Suilun
2. PeiYin
3. Bryan BKB
4. Nat
5. Huiee
6. Weigin
7. XinYi
8. Gloria
9. Megan
10. Julie
11. YUI!!!

Listening to: Liva la Vida

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dead Fantasy

Want for Final Fantasy entertainment, watch this for a size.. trust me you will love it!! Before i begin posting out the video, i want to thank Tarvin and Nick for introducing me this video.

And abt the video, you might think its made by sqaure-enix or something.. but its actually fan made!! D8 Shocked? Me too!! XD

This video is a battle of Final Fantasy Characters VS Death or Alive Characters.. No boys in this video!!! All the characters are GIRLS!!! Muahaha!!! Okay you may start watching now..

Dead Fantasy I

Wanna knw what happend then?? awww.. too bad la.. no more already..



No More liao!!

What the heck??

You keep hogging me, you still wont get the video..

Keep trying...

Im not listening..

You knw your just wasting your time..

Go visit other people's blog la!!

End of this post!!




Why are you still freaking here!?

No more...


Im going offline arh!!!

On the count of 3!!!




Okay fine..

Fine you caught me.. heres your part 2!! Dammit..

Dead Fantasy II

After watching part 2.. i think that Rinoa rocks.. Just in this video!! Thus Tifa rocks too.. i love her haste ability in this game.. makes things sooo cool! XD Thus i like the ninja girl in DOA. the one which can teleport here and there one. That one damm cun la.. XD

Seriously.. such graphic is sooo amazing. ITS FAN MADE!! 8D Cool man!! Thank you Monty Oum for making the video.. And.. FASTER MAKE THE PART 3!!! XD

Listening to: Taiyo No Uta

Final Fantasy XIII Trailers!!

Finally some square-enix news!! Its been awhile.. since kingdom hearts trailers came out no more other news abt it.. But finally here comes the game that everyone is waiting for!! Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII!!

Final Fantasy XIII -Trailer+ Gameplay-

Wow.. now FF is turning into an RPG system. Is starting to be like crisis core style!! Woohooo!! The good thing that i like abt FF13 is that the main character is a HOT girl.. and second of all.. She is using a Gunblade!! Woohooo!! Finally the reborn of gunblade after FF8's Squall!! XD

Okay mayb this is not cun enough la.. Mayb this can change yur mind..

Final Fantasy Versus XIII -Trailer-

Yeap.. FFV13 is always better than any final fantasy i've ever seen. But sadly no gameplays a preview so far.. but since FF13 is using such system, i believe FFV13 would do the same as well. Well what i think of FFV13 now is freaking cool.. especially the hot girl that the main character is going to fight with. Not to mention the partners around the main character, they look cool too. Long story short.. FFV13 has the best graphic that amazes me so far. XD

Okay a little bit of something which has nothing to do with 13.. but its still an Final Fantasy game.. i have no comment abt this game cause im clueless.. i dun even knw what the game is for? XD But still take a look shall we??


All i knw that its nothing to do with fighting.. and its on Wii.. dont ask me any other question.

All these final fantasy are coming out in 2009. But when?? Dammit.. if only i have a PS3.. Now i think that PSP is nothing unless we have new good games in it. But still... IM the NO.1 Dissidia player in Taman SEA!! XD (show off..)

Listening to: Velonica

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Music Addiction

Ever since i learn how to play guitar.. my addiction towards music increase.. XD

What song am I into right now?? Some really really HARDCORE MUSIC!! XD And what is the band that i respect this time?? This band called...

Maximum the Hormone!!!

They looked a little weird.. but still they make HARDCORE MUSICS!!

Their song are big time hardcore!! Thanks to Tarvin for introducing them to me.. XP Their song really will make you jump one wei!! And they songs are mostly screamos! XD Which i think im staring to like it.

Recomanding songs:
1. Zetsubuo Billy -Death Note 2nd ending song-
2. What's Up People - Death Note 2nd opening song-
3. Mega Lover -Some random song i heard form them-

And every single of their song arh.. got screaming one. Which i think is cool!! XD

So, means im in to scremos songs now la?? Not really.. i still like slow and melody songs. Well i heard one song from my friends blog and its sounds nice. And this group sing it are GIRLS.. o.O Like wise.. mostly girls have beutiful voice. XP This group is called..

So, are they pretty?? I dont really think so la.. XP Sexy?? YEAP!! XD

Okay, so far i only heard one of their songs which is called "Sukoshi De Ii Kara" which is the song from my friends blog la.. Listening to the song once.. you wont feel the "om" in that song, but after listening a few times.. its really gets kinda nice. XD I like that song. XP

Addiction towards music is increasing like mad!! Seriously!! Most of the time in school i only have music in my mind. XD Guess my band have to start making progrssions already! XP

Still YUI is the best. XP

I LOVE KURURU!!! XD Just being random..

Listening to: Crossroad

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Class Joke..

This just happend today during siviik period..

Tarvin, Nat, Karman, Kaarthik, ZhaoYang and Bryan was sended to stand out side of the class because all of them didnt bring their buku teks. So this happend..

YuMing: Eh macca, here. *hands him the buku teks*

Tarvin: What is this for la??

YuMing: Share with Nat la!! One Buck arh!! XD

Pn. Mariati: Baiklah class, apakah kamu tahu tentang perikemanusiaan?

Tarvin: Baik Hati!!

Nat: Budi Baik!!

Karman: Menjaga maruah!!

Kaarthik: Menghargai imej diri!!

ZhaoYang: Perasaan Sayang!!

Bryan: Sikap baik-baik!!

Pn.Mariati: Eh, bagaimanakah kamu tahu semua ini??

Tarvin: Teacher all from book one!! XD

Pn.Mariati: EH?? Mana datang buku??


Okay mayb is not funny.. but you should see they way the answer.. is like one by one also answer so fast instant.. thanks to the book! XD
Mayb this one would be funny..

Happend on saturday class, when Pn.Liew was teaching us Add-Maths. and all of us are in bored mood cause its like saturday class..

Pn.Liew: So class.. the answer is like that la.

The whole class lying down with their head of the table

Pn.Liew: EH! What is this!! Look up! Look up!!

Me and Tarvin put our heads up and looked at the syling.

Pn.Liew: YuMing and Tarvin, where are you looking??

YuMing: Teacher, you call us to look up ma.. so we look at the syling loh! XD

Tarvin: We're just following orders. XD

Pn.Liew: Okay, Okay.. look forward. XP

We turn our heads down and look at the white board again..

After a few minutes.. heads are on the table again..

Pn.Liew: Come on, Come on! Look UP!!!

The whole class look up to the syling.

Pn.Liew: *smacks her forehead*


FUNNY?? Okay.. mayb not.. but no more jokes already la!! LAUGH LA!! XD

School days is just getting more and more intresting.. XP

Listening to: Sukoshi Dara Ii Kara -Tenjochiki-

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines??

One of any other day la.. but why la why.. Why Vanlentines days must be on saturday!! Thats no big deal unless you have a SCHOOL DAY on saturday!! D8 Celebrating Vanlentines on saturday school is just.. arh!!! I believe everybody feels the same way as well right? right?

My Valentines?? How can i put it... DULL?? Lets just say the whole school day with Valentines is just typically boring.. its pretty much sad if u dun have a valentine partner.. i believe every single man or women felt the same as well.. (I feel your pain..)

But theres also good things happending as well.. to those of you who read my blog real closely.. remember i mention before making a bet with Huiee? Well.. wanna knw whats the bet abt?? The bet is whether her "guy" will come to school anot. And sadly.. HE CAME!!! XD So means what?? I win the accoustic guitar from her for one week!! Wooohooo!! But still i will e fair la.. i will trade you with the keyboard you want all this time la for one week as well. X) Happy?

The whole day of boring faces around.. damm i should have bring my psp to listen to some songs. Thanks to Tarvin, i got obbess with Maximum the Hormone songs.. But seriously they are such a cool band. I believe no one can really sing their song.

The whole Vanlentine thing turn upside down.. from boring to intresting after school ends.. lets just say.. something that really made me happy jumped in. Megan and Audrey should knw what happend since they are on the scene and Tarvin knws as well since i told him. What happend?? Im not gonna tell you cause that really made me happy.. XP

So ask me now.. am i happy? Yeap.. Happy!! for now.. I think.. XD

Listening to: Zetsubuo Billy

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hamper Day..

Hamper Day.. the day where poor people gets their hampers from out school.. seeing smiling faces every where they go.. WELL that didnt really happend to me today!! Cause coming to school for Hamper Day is just a waste of time. I believe everybody thinks the same way as well..

Heres the plan for not going to Hamper Day.. One, i go to school by bus then ponteng out and go Len Ping's house and lepak until 9am. Then we will meet up at Tarvin's house and we act like we are studying actually we are not until 12am. That time, fly back to school, head home and rest. Kes Close.. It turns out the plan got screwed and i was forced to go to school. Dammit..

Seriously.. emo-ness flows out from me when i reached school.. one, there are like only 9 people in the class and still teacher wanna teach. two, there are only two boys in the class which is me and Tarvin only. three, i dont have really much sleep last night.. so lets just say my face is as dull as the black sky which is going to rain heavily.. yeap.. that dull..

Still, what i really admire is.. the kids from the orphenage.. people called they retarded. YEAH RIGHT!? Look at them.. today they gave a cool performance in our school. Dancing malay dance.. and they dance pretty well!! Seriously.. even i dont dance malay dance. And they dance sooo happily! And people called them retarded.. think again!!

Hamper day is typically boring.. the whole is just boring boring boring.. its soo boring that it made me emo. (weird right?) Its not suprising.. people called me Mr. Emo. XP

Next day, saturday, Valentine day, School day! Dammit!! Soo many days ar but why that day.. thus its valentines day!! But the good part is.. those valentine couples who cant really meet each other, other than school days.. get to see each other during valantine! XD Good for you guys. *thumbs up*

I asked.. I didnt get my answer.. Guess i will have to celebrate Valentines single again this year.. and i thought its going to to be special.. but no worries.. Its just valentines. XP

So, still think im happy? Good..
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A New Song!!

Okay those who know me.. you might be thinking: "Haiz.. its another one of his favourite YUI song one la.." Lets just say.. NO!! NO!! NO!! Its diffrent!! This time is a diffrent singer!! XD

I know this song through this comedy anime show called Gintama.. its just typically funny la.. Dunno how to explain. XP The song that im talking abt is the intro for the show. Its just a nice rocking song la that i think YUI is no match for it. (just that song) The song is called..

Pray -Tommy Heavenly6-

I cant open the youtube in this com due to some virus but nvm.. I will re-edit the damm thing with my bro's com. (sheeesh have to get myself a com la..)

Abt the singer who sang this song.. let just say she has a FREAKING hot body and a beutiful voice. Looks? Not much of it.. I still think YUI is better looking. XP (seriously..) And abt the singer who is obviously this girl called Tommy.. she is one of those lala type of singer.. but im not judging abt that la..

Tommy Heavenly6 is her band name.. the 6 behide he name is not actually only six.. is to the power of six.. long story short.. Its like.. Tommy Heavenly^6. Get it?? Why they put a 6 there? I think is the amount of people in her band la.. And name is pretty obviously come through adding.. Tommy (the singer) + Heavenly6 (the band). XD

In all her song.. this is the only one of her songs which is think is nice.. Others? Still no match for YUI!! XD But lets just say this song brings my mind off emo stuffs.. IF IM HEARING THE SONG LA.. if im singing.. that wouldnt help much..

Still think im happy?? Think again..

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


After playing accoustic Guitar for like 2 days.. damm my fingers are paining!! Yeap i knw, only TWO days then finger paining already.. Guess i will have to take classic guitar as a training first.. Should have take John's advice.. XP

Didnt i tell you where did i get the guitars?? Oww... i forgotten to mention abt it.. XP

Accoustic Guitar: Jeffrey
Classic Guitar: Tarvin

Simple.. but i've returned the acoustic back to its rightful owner.. sobs.. byebye acoustic.. sobs.. But still, playing with classic guitar isint much of a pain on the finger. XP Now, the only way to let me train on acoustic is.. to get Huiee's freaking acoustic guitar!! XD Pray to lord that im the winner of the bet..

I finally manage to learn the note/chords for Goodbye Days and god dammit the chords are hard to play. Well now all i need to do is.. keep practising on my changing finger thingy, the strength of pressing.. and lastly the way and tempo of struming the song. Haiz.. but like what try said.. practise makes prefect!! XD

Seriously.. after playing Tarvin's Electro guitar.. i feel like getting one as well!! Its sooo much easier to play than acoustic and even classic!! Thus its small!!! Its easier to play wei!! But dammit its farking expensive!! 1.2k!! D8 Guess i still stick with acoustic la.. XP

Think that im happy?? Think again..

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Guitarist Road..

I highly recomanded my sunday school friends to read this.. the mayb the answer to everything that im doing these days in sunday school.. Just listen..

Thinking for awhile.. i was thinking.. what is my defination for playing guitar?? I mean.. why do i take this road?? I have a reason for taking the piano path which is playing it for someone special.. but then.. what is the meaning of playing guitar?? For fun?? I dont think soo.. but my feelings toward it is pretty strong.. Listening to the guitar songs over and over again keeps my mind with guitar.. what what for?? I dont really understand myself this much for the first time..

You can say "Haiya.. its definately for this YUI girl which he can never be with la!" Middle finger to you! Im obbess with YUI's song doesnt mean im taking the guitar path for that reason. All i can say is.. its a diffrent thing.. I listen to YUI songs is because im listening to the guitar that shes playing over and over again.

I dont really care what metters but still.. i realise something.. taking a guitar road is not easy.. first you will be training your hands until mad. Making yur hands bleed or numb for the first time.. Im thinking... does it worth it?? I mean.. if i play on like that and i be good in it, will i be a superstar or something?? Mayb.. mayb Not..

Today sunday, i realise.. that playing guitar is is making benifits on me! But not benefits of the others around me.. and eventually i didnt even care abt it that time.. i just knew abt it through a fight with my sister after sunday school..

After fighthing with my sister, right after the slam of the door.. i manage to strum the chords correctly for once.. Honestly.. I cried.. Its not tears of happiness.. but tears for sadness.. Knowing that you did something wrong for doing something that you think that it correct.. doesnt feel go at all..

My mind is just full of problems and question.. and this time not even music can help me.. what can really help me is only myself.. its time to sit down and think abt it..

What can i say.. Sorry.. What an EXCUSE im giving to you guys..

Chosing the path to make correction,
Making the reasons to end irretation..
Dripping Tears due to the my dearful friends.
Dropping the pick and and pityfully ended..
Thinking that this might be the biggest rage,
Guess its time me to get back to my thinking cage..
Nothing to say but Sorry..

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Music of the Month!!

Yeeehaaaa!!! Another music of the month!! XD Sadly.. i dun want to post anymore of YUI songs as my music of the month here.. cause u will think that im a YUI freak!! (even i am one!!) Guess is back to english, BM, chinese or mayb some jap again.. XP

This song is introduced by Tarvin. This song is sad.. but pretty much touching. Believe me, if guys sing this song in the prefect pitch to a girl. She maybe touched... just mayb.. but still i think its a sad song cause it s a breaked off song. So.. DONT LISTEN!!!.............. Im just joking.. XP

The Man Who Cant Be Moved
-The Script-

Going back to the corner
where I first saw you,
Gonna camp in my sleeping bag
not I'm not gonna move,
Got some words on cardboard
got your picture in my hand,
Saying if you see this girl
can you tell her where I am,

Some try to hand me money
they don't understand,
I'm not... broke
I'm just a broken hearted man,
I know it makes no sense,
but what else can I do,
How can I move on when
I've been in love with you...

Cos if one day you wake up
and find that your missing me,
And your heart starts to wonder
where on this earth I can be,
Thinking maybe you'd come back here
to the place that we'd meet,
And you'd see me waiting for you
on the corner of the street.
So I'm not moving...
I'm not moving.

Policeman says son you can't sit her,
I said there's someone I'm waiting for
if it's a day, a month, a year,
Gotta stand my ground
even if it rains or snows,
If she changes her mind
this is the first place she will go.

Cos if one day you wake up
and find that your missing me,
And your heart starts to wonder
where on this earth I can be,
Thinking maybe you'd come back here
to the place that we'd meet,
And you'd see me waiting for you
on the corner of the street.
So I'm not moving...
I'm not moving.
I'm not moving...
I'm not moving.

People talk about the guy
Whos waiting on a girl...
There on no hole in his shoes
But a big hole in his world...
Maybe I'll get famous
as man who can't be moved,
And maybe you won't mean to
but you'll see me on the news,
And you'll come running to the corner...
Cos you'll know it's just for you
I'm the man who can't be moved
I'm the man who can't be moved...

Cos if one day you wake up
and find that your missing me,
And your heart starts to wonder
where on this earth I can be,
Thinking maybe you'd come back here
to the place that we'd meet,
And you'd see me waiting for you
on the corner of the street.

[Repeat in backgroung]
So I'm not moving...
I'm not moving.
I'm not moving...
I'm not moving.

Going back to the corner
where I first saw you,
Gonna camp in my sleeping bag
not I'm not gonna move.

The Man Who Cant be Moved -PV-

Just sad la.. simply sad.. i dont like this song unless im bored.. XD When im bored, this song rocks.. when im emo?? This helps too!! But not as much as YUI's song. XP

I dont care!! YUI's songs still rocks!! her songs will always be my music of the day!! XD

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Beutiful Tuesday!!

This year's tuesday SUCKS!!! Tell you why.. 2x Physics, 2x Moral, 2x Sejarah and 2x Siviks!!! Means most of my time is two periods!! Boring sia.. Physic, teacher problem.. Moral, same la.. Sejarah, nothing to with the teacher but its just boring.. Siviks, one of the most noisiest teacher i've got.. Long story short.. Tuesday sucks..

But today.. the whole thing change.. WHY?? Physic, Moral and Sivik teacher ALL NOT IN!!! 8D Wooohoooo!!! Free period BIG TIME!!! Even knw its SPM year.. but still im happy!! XD

During recess.. i made a bet with Huiee. I cant tell the bet cause it secret!! *zipssss* But if i win the bet, Huiee will lend me her accoustic guitar (which cost 600+!!) for a week!! Actually.. she didnt make that up but i did!! XD So all of you who reading this my widness arh! XD

Okay.. tuesday is just beutiful.. during school days only. But what am i lucky later?? I dunno.. hope its lucky la!!!!

Im just happy la.. people around me will just know why.. its something to do with 30mins.. XP Okay tuition now!! Byebu!!
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A Math Joke..

Okay this joke was told by Nat before chinese new year. I know its a long long time story but still.. i think its funny!! XD Just to share with you guys out there. Oww, FYI you wont really understand the joke unless you havent learn the form 5 chapter 1 of maths. XP

Pn.Ting: Okay, so for base two 1+1=0. Okay??

Nat: (stones for 2 secs then..) *giggles*

YuMing: Whats so funny??

Nat: Nothing, i was thinking of something..

YuMing: Something or somebody?? XD

Nat: Very funny.. its abt the math that Pn.Ting is teaching.

YuMing: What abt it? Mind telling me?

Nat: Okay.. just imagine.. what if a form 1 student happends to pass by our class now..

*in the imagination world...*

Pn.Ting: Okay class.. now.. 1 + 1 equals to??

The whole class: ZERO!!!

Form 1 kid: Omg.. they are sooo dumb!! I dont want to come to this school anymore!!

*back to reality*

YuMing: HaHAhaHAhahAHa!! XD

Okay.. now do u get the joke?? If you dont get it means you really have to work on your maths then.. XD ENJOY!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009


I want Accoustic Guitar.. dont knw why.. mayb is cause of YUI.. but to tell u the truth its not 100% because of YUI. When i was young i always wanted to play guitar and not piano.. but that time i thought music is boring.. (I know! I know! I was an idiot last time to think abt it that way) But thanks to choir and YUI i got inspiration on music already!! XD

Now.. is not that i dont want to play piano anymore.. but i think learning another instrument is good. Since im going to take lesson from Tarvin, that shouldnt be a problem. XP Thus theres lots of song that i wanna play but its in guitar and piano is too hard to think abt it.. I only can meet Suilun once a week and who knw it could be like 20mins of teaching only or mayb less.. which means i cant learn much in one week.

I think i've talk to much.. long story short i just a accoustic guitar!! Why?? Cause is BIG.. and is good for struming and pluck (sounds better la) and most importantly.. YUI plays an accoustic!! XD Is either Angpao, Birthday or LUCK that is going to bring me a guitar. So let me just keep admiring the guitar la..

Wow! A blue one!! Not bad

Ish.. Black looks sooo much better la. XD

Yeap.. black looks better than blue.. XD

Electro!! Cool!! But i dont want.. XP
Guess the one that YUI is playing is the best one la. X) Prefect!!

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Whose Kaoru Amane??

Whose Kaoru Amane?? Well this person exist or dont exist i cant really tell but i can tell you shes the main character in Taiyo No Uta?? Why am i doing this freaking post?? Cause i just want your comments abt Kaoru Amane..

Taiyo No Uta was originally from a story book.. and then they convert into a movie.. but before the movie there is a Taiyo No Uta version in series!! o.O So it suppose to go like this.. Book>> Series>> Movie. They make the movie and series with diffrent person. Which means.. there are two diffrent person who is acting as Kaoru Amane. One of them is YUI and another one??

The second one you might have seen her in this japanese drama series called "One Litre of Tears".. Yeap.. Erika Sawajiri the main character of "One Litre of Tears" is also the main character of Taiyo No Uta series version! D8


Erika Sawanjiri

So?? Whose the better Kaoru Amane?? YUI or Erika?? Heres the video of both singer/actress singer the song in Taiyo No Uta.
Taiyo No Uta -Erika Sawajiri-
Goodbye Days -YUI-

I think that Erika is not much of a singer.. is not that she cannot sing but YUI is just better.. thats only my comment.. But Erika is a better actor than YUI since she has experience in acting this kind of drama movie. Thus Erika is HOT and PRETTY and shes actually the first Kaoru that i think she was before watching the movie (blame Nat for that.. he put the wrong singer's picture in his blog.)

Does that mean im gonna get obbess with Erika?? NO WAY!! I just like that particular song only.. obbess? Its going to YUI.. XD

Whose the better Kaoru Amane??


Erika Sawajiri??

I dont care... i just like the plot story of Taiyo No Uta.. is like the best la.. X) My first japanese drama and so far.. its still the best!!! Musical drama.. i think thats my taste. XP

Im BACK!!!

Good bye to beutiful seroundings of Alor Setar.. and HELLO.. The polluted air of KL.. Damm.. i wish chinese new year was a little bit more longer.. haiz..

Once i came back home.. instantly to the computer and open YUI's song and listen. Waaa... damm nice la.. Dont have to load like the on in youtube already. XD

After a few hours of sleeping.. wake up and head to sunday school for a short choir singing. X) I can really sing that well with my nose blocking me.. arh!!! So irretating!! When i wanna go high pitch the damm noise will stop me from breathing one!!! I cant even sing goodbye days that day!! XD

I reached home take a quick rest.. and then Tarvin called and invited me to go Nat's house. Which was freaking last minute!! Seriously.. Damm kao last minute until Nat has to cancel his cybercafe outing. XD

I went to Tarvin's house.. walking.. IN THE RAIN!!! Under the god damm umbrella!! D8 This shows how desperate of me to go his house. XD I walked pass your house.. sended you a message and yet no answers..

Once i reached Tarvin's house i asked him to teach me how to play guitar!! And in the mean time indentify how to play Goodbye Days. XP Tarvin learn the first few parts of Goodbye Days in like.. 10mins!! D8 Who knws he might have finished the song in like one whole days!! Talent farker.. XD

In the end, all i learn was the first 2 notes of the intro.. thus its not prefect yet. But i think its good enough since im a newbie.. still what im worrying is changing the notes!! Im not that quick yet!! Thus i asked Tarvin how long he takes to learn to change note and he says "erm.. one or two months i guess? XD" O...Maiii... Gloug... D8

After that off to Nat's house we go and then watch him play Left 4 Dead. Trust.. its a damm kao "cheh gek" game wei.. Zombies that you see in the movie moves slowly like a dead person.. but in this game.. the run freaking fast!!! And they attack u in a group. What do u do?? SHOOT THEM LIKE THERE WAS NO TOMORROW!! XD

Then i challenge Nat to a Dissidia battle and guess who win?? ME!!! Muahahaha!!! No loses!! All VICTORY!!! I know.. i know.. im a show off now.. But still i can beat Nat which is using Item cheat in the game!! Wow.. Im good.. XD

Now that my house has no piano keyboard anymore.. i cannot play any musics in my room anymore.. thus i cannot listen and play musics already. Damm.. Now what i need is a FREAKING ACCOUSTIC GUITAR!!! Angpao money is ready to fly!! XD

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