Thursday, January 24, 2013

Working Now~

Alright for those of you who dont know me, dont have my facebook, dont have my twitter, or dont read my facebook status or tweets, here is a BIG updates for you guys. I got a job and current working right now. Im working at a place called "Gamer's Hideout" which is at Tropicana City Mall, 2nd floor, in between and technology stall and a clothing stall. Its the game shop with a TV outside display all sort of game trailers. XP

Now, I did not just get magically employed by just going thru that one interview from Gamer's Hideout, the story is not that simple.. in fact, its actually a pretty long story.. It all begins around the early January.. Approximately one or two days before the new year, my mom has been complaining that I've been sitting infront of the computer playing video games alittle bit too long now.

Usually, the stubborn kid inside of me will ignore whatever she says.. But this time, i agree with what she said. Im starting to get alittle bit bored with my games.. Yes, i actually said that im BORED with games. I was so bored to the extend that i actually fell asleep when im in the middle of playing the game. Maybe because I was tired or the game is really really boring but MY MAIN POINT IS, i need to get out there and do something.. DX

So the next day, i head out to tropicana city mall which is the closest shopping outlet (actually ss2 mall is but that place is pretty dead..) there a couple of places that i am initially interested in already.. Like Toy'R us, Ice-Cream shop, GSC, and any basically game shop that are available there. So i head out to all those shop, asking if they are looking for any part timers and took all of their interviews. That day, i went about 4 to 5 interviews and all of them said that they will call me back.. (one of them was Gamer's Hideout.. This is important for later on in the story. XP) EXCEPT GSC, GSC was the only one that i dont have to have formal interview for anything. All i did was write down all my information, share a thing or two about myself and after the fella said that "Okay, so from now on you are one of us already la.". In other words, i was hired.. (so i thought..)

Now they didnt really give much information.. no schedule, no working time, not even the pay of the job! All that guy told me was he will ask his manager to call me back tomorrow or latest and i quote latest is the day after tomorrow (after new years) And like an idiot, i believe whatever the person said.. So i waited for the phone call.. 3 days later im starting to get alittle worried and when day 5 hits, i had it. The funny and annoying thing about this is that i went for 4 to 5 interviews and NON of them called me back or so. I was actually hoping that Toy'R us would call cause the person interviewing me said that the really need the people. Well, guess thats another false hope..

I told my friends about this and they asked me to go back to GSC and sort that things out if i really wanted the job. So i decided to head back to TCMall not just to ask GSC about my job but to head on to other job interviews if they didnt want me for the all in the sudden. A friend of mine, Huiee is also interested in looking for jobs and so she followed me to TCMall the next day to look for jobs.

First things first, we head to GSC and FIRE out my complains! (i didnt really do that..) I WANTED to went straight to them and tell them something like "HEY YOU! HIRE ME CAUSE YOU NEED ME!!" (that was initially the plan..) I went and ask whether did they have any interest in hiring me and all.. The part timers there didnt know anything about it and they asked me to fill in another information piece of paper. (meaning they have lost the previous one i gave them) and after that, I have my official interview.. The interview was not like any other walk in interview.. Hell, i was sent to the meeting table along with 2 other GSC managers interviewing me. In the end, I sorta turn down the job due to their irresponsibility and the pay is TOO low.. So i went on to other shops with Huiee for other job interviews.

Me and Huiee walked into about 3 to 5 shops that day for job interview. (FYI, Huiee did more job interviews than me.) The one that we both are really looking forward to is a game shop called "Brother Gamers". How cool issit for BOTH of us to work in a game shop? Knowing from my brother (whose first ever job is in a game shop) working in a game shop is LOTS of fun. So both of us are hoping that they REALLY call us back in for a second interview which the fella said it would be around tomorrow's time..

Lucky for me, Brothers gamers really did called me up again but they did an "on the phone" kind of interview with me. The boss only ask me a few question and after that he said "Alright we will call back later for further notice." Now, for those of you who havent done any job interviews or job seeking kind of thing before, here is a little knowledge for you guys. My brother who claims himself the master of the "art of job interviewing" taught me this little knowledge AND from the countless numbers of job interview experienced by me & Huiee, it is proven that when an employer says that "we will call you back.." Chances for you to get a call back is SLIM.. Look at me & huiee, we both when for more than 9 job interviews and NONE of them called me back. (so we thought..) It was worst for Huiee cause Brother Gamers didnt even took the effort to call her.. Poor Huiee. DX

A few days later, after I last received a call from brother gamers, there was good news for Huiee. One of the jobs that she interview in TCMall called her and she is offically hired for the job. She was kind enough to call me not only just to tell me but to also invite me for the job that she was hired. The job she got was more like teaching young little kids, play with them and taking care of them. (btw, the place that she is working in is called "Gymboree") I was starting to have a little bit of dilemma.. The pay for the job is very good and I have experience in taking care of kids through Children Fellowship camps. But I have a feeling that I will lost interest in this job after awhile.. So i told her to give me one day to decide..

Just as soon as I was are the verge or agreeing to work at Gymboree with Huiee, my cell phone rang. Remember the first time I went for TCMall looking for jobs and I told u guys to remember that one of the job interviews i went for was Gamer's Hideout? Well yes, Gamer's Hideout call me back! 8D The person on the phone (who is currently my working manger) called me and told me that their boss is ineterested in hiring me. So, they called me in for a second interview. I was excited and immediately told them i'll be there right away (in 20 minutes) and i freaking ran all the way to TCMall.

The second interview was by the same person who interviewed me the first time (aka my manager) she asked me a couple of question and after moment.. she hired me! Offically.. This time i was very sure i was hired (unlike what happen with GSC) this time i got a clarification for my schedule, pay, what am i going to do.. basically i got all the informations about my job.

So yeah, thats the story how i got hired at Gamer's Hideout. Been working for about two weeks now and I LOVING the job. Not only because the job is fun, my manager is a pretty fun person to hang out, the assignments given by my bosses are quite challenging and entertaining, and more importantly the people i meet working there (customers to be exact) are quiet entertaining. Not to mention, its a game shop, so we are allowed to play games. XD

Im glad that i got this job so that I get to burn my time talking and meeting different kind of gamers and customers and I wanna thank Gamer's Hideout for hiring me. Hope I didnt do any mistake while working there so that they wouldnt feel regret for hiring me. DX

Hope everyone who is having long semester break like me is having a great time as well. X)


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year Resolution

I flipped thru it once and flipped thru it twice and i pretty sure I was too lazy to flip thru it the third time.. but i NEVER write my new year's resolution in my blog post before.. Like NEVER!! D8 *shocked*

I guess maybe because my new year resolution is always made between me and my friends. Back when I was still active in sunday school, we will have a party at a certain someone's place, go and have our countdown, watch the fireworks.. Then after that, we will sit together in circle and share our new year's resolution.. It was pretty emotional come to think of it.

During the College days, it is about the same. Pick a location, have our new years countdown, look at the fireworks but instead of sitting in circles and sharing it with everyone who is in the circle, we share it to each other personally. If not, we will talk about it thru our skype moments about new years resolution.. It was really random sometimes. XD

This year's new years countdown was different.. Instead of going out party and mixing with my friends for countdown.. I stayed at home, look after the house while my whole family heads out for new years countdown. Its not that I was forced to stay at home or something (actually it kinda is, cause i was taking my afternoon nap and when i woke up BAM everyone is gone) I just didnt really want to go out with friends.. AND not because me and my friends had a fight or something, is just that i think they should spend their new years with their girlfriends more instead of the pathetic emotional singleton me. (im there to be a lamp post anyways.)

So instead of sitting in a circles or skyping my friends and talking about our new years resolution, I told my new years resolution to my dogs! Even to the ferret who i complete dont give a damn. Some of you guys will think that "OMG, that is soooo cute!". No really.. its not.. its really sad. Havent you all heard that lonely willow lady will get cats and talk to them because they are lonely? Well, its the same for me.. just that i have dogs and ferrets instead. XD

ANYWAYS!! My new year resolution has always been the same.. ALWAYS BEEN THE SAME. Really, for those of you who have heard my new years resolution before, well dont get bored of hearing it again cause its going to be about the same. Cause im a greedy person.. even if my resolution is achieve.. I want it to be better.. OR maybe that resolution hasnt been achieved yet. XD

Like i said im a greedy person.. I tend to wish for ALOT of things.. If i were to talk about my new years resolution right here, it will be back crack long and from a pretty small topic blog post will become the twilight series. (or maybe longer) So i've found a sentence (actually my friend did that for me but thats not the point) that can made my new years resolution short and simple.

I wish/aim for a BETTER LIFE! XD See short and simple~ XD
Also i wish to have a girlfriend who loves me as much as i love her.
Im not saying that my life currently sucks. I just want it to be better. Better than I've expect. Cause life has it own way on changing stuffs all in the sudden. And sometimes, it doesnt go the way that you want it to. So I hope that this year life would just obey me alittle bit more.. just alittle bit.. XP

So tell me guys. Whats your new years resolution?