Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year Resolution

I flipped thru it once and flipped thru it twice and i pretty sure I was too lazy to flip thru it the third time.. but i NEVER write my new year's resolution in my blog post before.. Like NEVER!! D8 *shocked*

I guess maybe because my new year resolution is always made between me and my friends. Back when I was still active in sunday school, we will have a party at a certain someone's place, go and have our countdown, watch the fireworks.. Then after that, we will sit together in circle and share our new year's resolution.. It was pretty emotional come to think of it.

During the College days, it is about the same. Pick a location, have our new years countdown, look at the fireworks but instead of sitting in circles and sharing it with everyone who is in the circle, we share it to each other personally. If not, we will talk about it thru our skype moments about new years resolution.. It was really random sometimes. XD

This year's new years countdown was different.. Instead of going out party and mixing with my friends for countdown.. I stayed at home, look after the house while my whole family heads out for new years countdown. Its not that I was forced to stay at home or something (actually it kinda is, cause i was taking my afternoon nap and when i woke up BAM everyone is gone) I just didnt really want to go out with friends.. AND not because me and my friends had a fight or something, is just that i think they should spend their new years with their girlfriends more instead of the pathetic emotional singleton me. (im there to be a lamp post anyways.)

So instead of sitting in a circles or skyping my friends and talking about our new years resolution, I told my new years resolution to my dogs! Even to the ferret who i complete dont give a damn. Some of you guys will think that "OMG, that is soooo cute!". No really.. its not.. its really sad. Havent you all heard that lonely willow lady will get cats and talk to them because they are lonely? Well, its the same for me.. just that i have dogs and ferrets instead. XD

ANYWAYS!! My new year resolution has always been the same.. ALWAYS BEEN THE SAME. Really, for those of you who have heard my new years resolution before, well dont get bored of hearing it again cause its going to be about the same. Cause im a greedy person.. even if my resolution is achieve.. I want it to be better.. OR maybe that resolution hasnt been achieved yet. XD

Like i said im a greedy person.. I tend to wish for ALOT of things.. If i were to talk about my new years resolution right here, it will be back crack long and from a pretty small topic blog post will become the twilight series. (or maybe longer) So i've found a sentence (actually my friend did that for me but thats not the point) that can made my new years resolution short and simple.

I wish/aim for a BETTER LIFE! XD See short and simple~ XD
Also i wish to have a girlfriend who loves me as much as i love her.
Im not saying that my life currently sucks. I just want it to be better. Better than I've expect. Cause life has it own way on changing stuffs all in the sudden. And sometimes, it doesnt go the way that you want it to. So I hope that this year life would just obey me alittle bit more.. just alittle bit.. XP

So tell me guys. Whats your new years resolution?


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