Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Petronas 3 on 3 Grand Finals (part 1)

This story happend on sunday, the sunday on the 27th Jan. Well this is the reason why i didnt go to sunday school! XP Whats Petronas 3 on 3 Grand Finals?? Let me give you a hint, is something to do with my favourite sport! ........ cant guess?? Okay heres the answer. It a 3 on 3 basketball competition. Heres hows the story go...

Sunday early in the morning, i woke up around 6.30am. Aaa... its doesnt make a diffrence if i got go sunday school or not, i still have to wake up that early.. XP My mom teman me to the basketball court which is behide our house. Dang.. my mom still treats me like a 6 years old boy! X( The Jonathan came out from his house. (his house was SUPER near to the basketball court!) The CheeKay came out as well. (the same thing, SUPER near!) Okay 3 out of 4 are here. Who and where is the last one?? Our last player was Allen (someone i didnt mention before in here) Well is okay if he doesnt come cos we already have 3 players. But what is not okay is our driver, Jimmy (another person that i didnt mention before) is not here! D8

We are suppose to be at KL before 8.ooam. Well its already 7.20am and Allen and our Driver are still not here! D8 The after a few minute Allen arrived. Its good that his here already but still if Jimmy is not here it doesnt make a diffrence at all! 7.30am Jimmy finally arrived! 4 of us ZOOM into the car and off we go!

Inside Jimmy's car, we have a little bit of conversation. Jon (short form of Jonathan) noticed that Jimmy's car speed spoiled adi! D8 We have been sitting inside the car for the past 5 minutes and we didnt even knw how fast we go! D8 All of us started laughing and chatting. After that Jimmy's car been sounded like its boosting.

Me: How fast are going now!?

Jimmy: I think 110km/h gua.. X)

CK (short form of CK): Shoot! His is gear 4 already!

Jon: I think gear 5 is coming! D8

*Jimmy changes the gear to gear 5*

Me: Oppss his in gear 5 now!!! D8

CK: You scared ar YuMing? XP

Jon: Grab something to hug then! XD

Me: I am hugging something! *hugging the bag tightly*

*Everybody started laughing~*

Jon: Now how fast are we?

Jimmy: Hrm.. around 140km/h now.. X)

CK: OMG! Hold on to something YuMing! D8

Me: Ow.. nows hus the one scared! XD

Jimmy: Dun worry my car cannot go any higher any more! XD

*Everybody laughing again~*

Seriosuly Jimmy's driving is nuts!! But still im kinda used to it cos my brother used to speed like him but not anymore. X) Me made it to KL on time and manage to go to the hall. (i forget where adi.. XP) We see lots and lots of pro players there! Tall one, Large one, Musclic one, Skills one, Handsome one, etc.. and some of them are like noobs. XP But still we shouldnt understimate everyone of them. Anyone of them could be our oppenent! Xd

Its kinda useless reaching there early cos the event still have started! X( Suddenly voices from the hall begin to call us to go in. The hall was super big and there are 15 half courts inside there! 80 The ring is something like my school's basketball ring that tall but just that the board is smaller only. Its means is harder to enter the board if your a board user! Wait.. I am a board user!! D8

Then here was this very very CUTE MC guide us. I have her photo but i have to wait of Jon to send me! X( Her name was Amanda. Jon and I said that she was cute!! XD But CK and Allen dont care cos they have GFs already.. XP She introduce herself and explain the rules to us. Then she invited this basketball player from USA to guide us in the warm up session. Well the warm up was hilarious! XD I cant really explain it now.. XP

After every thing.. the game begins..

To be Continue

Friday, January 25, 2008

24th's Thursday..

Another thursday! XD But just that this thursday im going to join them for duty.. but still we have to started fromt he school day to the duty time and then continue with our story. You get what i mean right? right?

Happend on school that day? Nothing really happend much.. is just that something happend when its BM period. Like usual all of our class dont really like BM period cos of our teacher which is En.Alim AKA my KRS teacher! D8 But that day he wasnt as sucky as he use to be. He told us abt the BM drama competition in our school and he let us to dicuss abt it! We have a quick 30mins of studying and then another 30mins for the discussion. There is no Theme and we can plan our own story! Unlike the last few year they have to pick a story from the Komsas book. Well we have plan that Tarvin and Rainee to be our director and scrip writter! Yeay!! XD Congrats both of them. X) ZerHann and I have plan a little story and Tarvin modify it! And it became a super hilarious story. XD I cant tell it out now cos its a competition. So sorry peeps.. XP

After school is duty time. But this week im not going into the library to talk with my friends. I planned to play a little bit of basketball and besides its my house practice today. XP I entered the basketball court and have a little game with the form 3zz. Well KimNgiam came along and join. I have to say KImNgiam's basketball skill is sucky.. i mean very sucky. I enter a 1 on 1 game of 3 points to victory game. I let him score 2 points just to see his skills. It took him a while to score 2 points even if i let him go.. then the score was 2-0 and its my turn to counter attack. very quick i beat him up! XD Then with the form 3's game its kinda messy but still im trash them. I knw im a big bully now. XD

Then i go and change up for the house practice. I was wishing to have a high jump but then it end out becoming running. I hate running so i walk back to the basketball court (skip house practice) But the basketball court has been used by the volleyball team. But i wasnt disspainted abt it cos the teacher was kind enough to let me join them even knw im not a volleyball player. Thus i saw JinHwei!! XD JinHwei joined the volleyball team. I play and play and play with every one of them including JinHwei. I finally notice that JinHwei doesnt even knw how to surf a ball!! XD Well cant blame her shes too gentle to surf a ball. XD She cant even surf over the net! XD (dang im insulting her. XP) If its is GloriaChan i can bet that she can hit over the court! XD I told JinHwei to hit ppl more like Gloria did! (Now im insulting Gloria. XP)

After that we walked home together. Its not just the two of us. YTL came in and joined us. Suddenly i saw a kakak walking behide her. I thought it was a kakak walking on her own. Then JinHwei when and talk to her. I asked JinHwei that does she knw that kakak. She answer "Of course la! Shes my maid ma! XD" Oww... STYE!! D8 I didnt even notice it!! Dang im losing my six sense.. XP

After sending her home i when home and decided to play my PSP. But my brother dun even let me to play with it! And he say that his not going to let me play my PSP forever! Thats where "that" story comes in.. and then the story continues..

I want a PSP!! Please..

Like i said in the last blog, i want a PSP desperatly!! I knw its kinda childish to want this kind of useless machine just to take revenge. Well its just a dream anyways.. and what i really want its just too BIG for you guys to buy.. so forget abt it..

A PSP.. of course i want not so nice one la.. Just a normal colour PSP will do adi.. XP Arh!!! Why am i still dream!!! X(
My b'day aim!! A PSP or tons of money to buy a PSP!! Wait.. Chinese new year is coming!!! So i will use the angpau and the money that i have been saving to buy one!! Yess!!! Arh.. im still dreaming.. forgive me.. XP

ByeBye PSP...

When you get something from your cousin that you really like, for example a teddy bear. Of course you will started playing with it right? Then you will started falling in love with it and dun wanna let it go already. Suddenly your parents or your family member stoped you from playing it cos of it you dun really focus on your studies. Is okay.. but still they BANNED you from playing with the precious teddybear forever! And even worst your other family member gets to play it! In the end the day that your family member dun even let you touch or play with the teddy bear and yet you need to sit aside and look at them playing with it.. And then it just gone cos you need to return it to your cousin..

What happend above happended to me.. But its just not a teddy bear, its the PSP that im talking abt. And the family member that im talking abt it my brother. My brother has been taking the PSP away from me. Thus playing it infront of me! Every time looking at him always makes me jealous.. and it isint easy to control the feeling when you start liking the PSP. I knw its my cousin one i dun mind at all even if we have to return him one day, but still can i just play it for even saturday and sunday!? Life is just so unfair.. Thus letting my brother bully me is also another thing.. Im starting to hate my brother lately.. he dont even have the feeling to let me touch or play the PSP! I thougth that he was nice before, not anymore..

One day.. if i only i have money.. I will buy myself something that i'll ever going to have it on my own! I'll never let my brother touch it already!! Even if is a computer, PS3, handphone or even better a PSP! I'll never going let him touch it already thus im going to play infront of him and make him jealous! That should make him understand how i feel! I knw what im doing is bad and evil but one day i will stop everything and let him play.. and never be and example like him.. Thus this thing could only happend if i have large amount of money, if i started saving money from now it will take me more than 7 months to just obtain a PSP..

What i really wish to have for my b'day this year is either money or a PSP. A PSP from 10friends which together share obtain money or whatever la.. But i just think is only a big fat dream.. My revenge is a totally fat dream.. Like what Tarvin say, it SUCKS to be me..

I knw its just a small little matter to be emo or angry of.. well like i said im a very sensetive person. So forget abt it la..

Im Not EMO!!

Let me tell you guys.. even kwn im a sensetive person with super duper weak heart and easy to get bully but.. im not EMO now!!! i do admit i do looked like im EMO and true im kinda (highlight the kinda) emo but im not EMO!! X( I think its just my face problem ba.. XP So dun worry abt me k? If you really wanna knw why im kinda emo lately.. read the next blog. X)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Dissidia Trailer!! 8O

You dunno whats Dissidia right? We let me explain to according to what i found out. Dissidia is a battling combat game created by Square-Enix company. Well is not just any combat games. Its a 3D battling combat game! you control a chracter like how you control Sora in Kingdom Hearts! Thus what makes it most intresting is, you will be using FinalFantasy Characters from 1~12!! (according to Tarvin's infos) Issint that cool!! Thus the game is in PSP!! Yeay!! XD Okay lets just head to the Trailer.

-Dissidia Trailer-

Cool issint it! Worrior of Light from FFI and Garland from FFI final boss are battling each other in 3D mode!! Thus ZidaneTribal from FF9 fighthing this weird guy called Kuja a black mage. Looks like every single one of them have finishing limit moves. Very intresting.. In the end, look who game Worrior of Light a fight. Sephiroth from FFVII final boss! D8

FFVII Crisis Core was Square-Enix's 10th Aniversary creation. But Dissidia is Square enix's 20th Aniversary!! Congratulations to Square-Enix to succesfully entered the 20th birth day!! XD

I cant wait for the game to be sell in stores! Till then, see ya!! XD

Music of the Month!!

Last month i have post out a Music of a Month already. So this is the second time im posting this title. Remeber i will be posting this title every once in a month. Last month i wrote "Mungkin Nanti" relics. So this time it will be a diffrent song. So here goes nothing!!

#-Great Escape-#
#Boys Like Girls#
Paper bags and plastic hearts
All our belongings in shopping carts
It's goodbye~
But we got one more night
Let's get drunk and ride around
And make peace with an empty town
We can make it right..
Throw it away!!
Forget yesterday!!
We'll make the great~ escape~
We won't hear a word they say!
They don't know us anyway~
Watch it burn..
Let it die..
Cause we are finally free tonight..
Tonight will change our lives
It's so good to be by your side
But we'll cry
We won't give up the fight
We'll scream loud at the top of our lungs
And they'll think it's just cause were young
And we'll feel so alive
Throw it away!!
Forget yesterday!!
We'll make the great~ escape~
We won't hear a word they say!
They don't know us anyway~
Watch it burn..
Let it die..
Cause we are finally free tonight..
All of the wasted time
Hours that were left behind
Answers that we'll never find
They don't mean a thing tonight..
-Final Chorus-
Throw it away..
Forget yesterday..
We'll make the great escape..
We won't hear a word they say..
They don't know us anyway..
Throw it away!!
Forget yesterday!!
We'll make the great~ escape~
We won't hear a word they say!
They don't know us anyway~
Throw it away!!
Forget yesterday!!
We'll make the great~ escape~
We won't hear a word they say!
They don't know us anyway~
Watch it burn..
Let it die..
Cause we are finally free tonight..

Thats all for now!! Wait till next month for another Music of the Month ba!! I wont be long anyways its only a few weeks left! XD Till then ByeBye!!

Tag Along: Valentine Tag

This is the first and only tag that i have been receiving from PeiYin. XD Come to think of it Valentine is coming soon! D8 So i must be prepare.. XP So here goes nothing!!

Valentine Tag

Is valentine's day important to you?
Valentine day always important for boys which are in love! XD

Do you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend?
Of course got boy punya friend and girl punya friend! XD Okay.. i dun have a true and original girlfriend nor boyfriend.. Im not been LOA here! XP

How long have you been in a relationship with him/her?
I dun even have one lo.. refer to question 2 please! XD

Do you have a crush?
many times.. XD

What do you think of him/her?
Cute!! XP

What is the best Valentine's Day Celebration have you ever had?
When my first X gimme a present a i give a present and its a Tiger!! XD No wait.. thats b'day present.. what was it again?? hrm... ~.O

What type of guy/girl you like?
A girl that really understands me and of course a girl that love me.

What is your perfect Valentine's day?
A present from the person that i like?? A hug? A kiss!? A PREPOSE for her!!?? aiya.. i'll keep on dreaming la..

What do you want for your valentine's day?
Valentine Chocolate! Cookies! Present!! Dang im greedy. XD

Who do you wish to see on that day?
Kai Shin again.. X)

Do you believe in TRUE LOVE?
I dun believe it for sometime..

Tag 6 person to answer this questions..
1. Justin
2. Sui Lun
3. Gloria Chan
4. Wei Gin
5. Kelly
6. You, You, YOU!! XD

Gaming Results

Before i start anything, i wanted to say thank you to Tarvinder, my buddy that help me in my PSP!! Let me tell you all a story.. My PSP is actually a very sucky one, cos it cannot play any downloaded game! Dun ask me im not even sure why! But Tarvin asked me to visit this shop in Digital Mail (somewhere near Jaya la..) That place could help me repair the shitty PSP and it worked!! XD So this time's gaming results is all abt the games that i've been playing in PSP.

FinalFantasy VII -Crisis Core-

You got that right! A FF(FinalFantasy) game in PSP!! Crisis core is a story before FFVII (Cloud's story) The story is abt this fella called Zack and his live in Shinra Co-operation. I've just started playing not long ago so im not really sure most of the story is abt. This game was originally in Japanese, i mean FULL Japanese. But this privated game i got is in Chinese!! XD (Luckily i still knw how to read some chinese. XP) Sad for Tarvin, he wanted this game but he cannot play.. but still the english version is coming out at March! XD The battling system of the game is nice! Is something like KH (KingdomHearts) But just that you dun get to use combo ppl that much but al least is not like other FF that you need to be like Pokemon. XD One thing intresting abt this battling system is, it has a system called the Mobulus Phase. In battle while yur slashing a Mobulus Phase will suddenly appear (in the middle of a battle) Mobulus Phase will be something like a slot machine. But just that it has numbers and pictures. If you get the same picture, a finish move/limit break will be casted. If you get a same number, you can upgrade yur materials. If you get same pic and same number you will level up instantly! Cool!! XD Crisis Core is my fav and best game i ever play in PSP. X)

The First boss that you will be fighthing.
Finishing move/Limit move

I told you the graphic was nice! XD
Oh ya you can block in the game! XD

Modulus Phase.

Figthing Bahumut.

Monster Hunter -Freedom 2-

This game was recomanded by Tarvin. He said this game is nice, good graphic, great battle system but its VERY HARD! D8 I have to admit it after playing the game. This is no ordinary game, so dun let your kids play if they are not pro enough! XD This game is all abt hunting/killing monsters for money. There was this monster that push you down of the cliff. You wanted revenge so you need to hunt it down! Thats all i knw abt the game cos i just started it as well but not as long as Crisis Core. This game can be a multiplayer game if you link to other PSP players with this game. So it will make yur mission double the easy and fun! XD

The monster are BIG man..
Mulitplayer!! Yeeeeaaaaa!!!
You even get to hold gun in this game! XP
Fuuu.. this one is large!!! o.O

Bleach -Heat The Soul 4-

Another game recomanded by Tarvin. I dun really watch Bleach but my brother does. So he called Tarvin to send this awesome Bleach game to him. He seems to like it! And i like watching him playing the game. My brother spend the hole time playing the PSP (he lets me play other games when his not playing.) He unlocked everysingle chracter already!! D8 withhin 2~3days plus only! Pretty good huh? BHTS4 (Bleach Heat the Soul 4) is a very cool battling game. With good graphic and the lastest chracters in the animation Bleach in the game. Even knw im not the one playing this game but still its a game as well right?/

Thats all for this time's gaming results! I have other games but their just boring and not my type. Who knws mayb i will be posting it out next time!? XD Till the see ya!! Oh, wheres my PSP?? o.O

OMG!!! D8

OMG!! My blog is soooooo dead!!Its going to be as dead as MunWai's one!! (just joking..) D8 But i have my reasons for not posting!! X)

But still lets leave those reasons aside and lets keep on posting stuffs. XP (Im just trying to escape from being angry by u guys.. XP) Hey, hey ,hey!! Why are you staring at me like that! Im not trying escape from you guys!! Like i said i have me reason! And my reason is... aiya just read the next post ba.. XP

Friday, January 18, 2008

A Thursday in School.(part 2)

1,2,3,4,5,6.. And it goes on. Im sure that you knw how to come right? right? right? Okay the this is part (2). So if you dun wanna miss anything please refer to part (1). Okay?? Part 1 is before Part 2 okay?? Okay now lets just continue from where i stopped.

I entered the library and everyone was there. The everyone is Gloria, KhaiSern, KayJun, JinHwei and ShuNing. I was kinda happy to see them even knw i can see them in the school. But is a diffrent thing cos they will be sticking with school stuff and other kinds of things that makes them busy. But when is duty time, it is the only time where we get to hang out with each other for the past 3hours.. Yeepeee!! XD

Okay i saw everyone but then they were kinda busy with this and that. You knw library stuff.. I dun wanna bother then from their busyness and soo to keep myself away from them i decided to do my homework while waiting. See one stone hit 2 birds. XD While i was doing homework, i was fully concrentrate on the work i didnt even notice that everyone was gone! D8 I heard that they went for lunch in the cantin. Well i dun have a penny so i cant join them that time. XP So i stayed in the library and continue copying my darn note..

After doing the work for the past 40minutes+ everyone started to come back into the library. Then one by one, everyone gather at the same table that i did. Sobs.. so touched even knw they dumped me behide.. sobs.. X) After that we begin to talk like usual.

Our subject is about Cartoon. On that day i finally knw, in everyone of us who watched the most cartoon adi. I knw im childish but i finally found some one watch cartoon even more than i am. Fighthing cartoon, kids cartoon, tadika cartoon, all of it that person knws. Its not Gloria, its not JinHwei but its the one and only rareness.. ShuNing!! D8 All i knw abt ShuNing is she studies hard. But i didnt knw that she is a kind of person that is very IN to cartoon. Pretty hard to belive.. XD Me, KhaiSern, JinHwei and ShuNing keep talking on and on.. but our friend Gloria was kinda left out. It seems that Gloria dont really watch cartoon. Its kinda like a swap you knw, i thought that Gloria suppose to be the one watching cartoon and ShuNing is not. Hrm.. well cant blame anyway, diffrent ppl have diffrent personallity right?? right?? XD

Lame jokes here and lame jokes there like usual. I played the 1,2,3 trick that Justin teached me to them. (you knw what i mean right Justin??) Well its kinda simple but tricky. I called everyone of us to do but Gloria doesnt want to. Mayb she has knw the trick adi. Everyone got trick except ShuNing. I told ShuNing has the brains.. XD JinHwei was fully fooled by the trick (even knw i forced her to play it. XP) and also the others there. Samuel go like "Oww.. SHIT!!" MingYap was like "Huh!? Oww ya hor!" KhaiSern was like " I knew it has something to do with his tricks!" and JinHwei goes like. "hehehehehehe..." lets just say she keeps laughing all the way.. =.=

Okay okay i knw i knw.. i have big hands and big legs doesnt mean im monster!! Who called me that?? JinHwei!! XD Just because my hands bigger doesnt mean im a monster what.. JinHwei keep asking me why my hands soo big de.. i cant really answer it even if is you, you cant it also right? Then she just called me Monster out of no reason.. Grrr... DX I told her that YTL's hands is bigger than mine. After we measure then the results was, YTL's hands are bigger than mine!! Yipeee! XD Then i asked her "Does that mean im not a monster anymore!?" she gave the look and say "Yes.." I felt curious and ask her why. She said "YTL hands is bigger so his SUPER monster and you are still monster cos yur hands are bigger then mine. X)" Grr... I have to admit it.. JinHwei IS weird.. =.=

The time was around 4 o'clock and did i mention that i was suppose to stay back and help with my KRS thingy?? The time is now then... The same thing like part 1 (read part 1 and yur understand one la..) but just that i dun get to take the board and walk around the school adi.. Yipeee! XD Im incharge of writing the name and infomation of the student in afternoon session. After decorating everysingle thing the student are begin rushing in. Jenny, QiaoXin and YTL are helping out in it. Suddenly i spotted my cousin JiaEn joining KRS too!! XD And then all of a sudden Pn.Wong (the bitch) walked in and shouted. "Why are you all doing!? Those writing things dun need already!! Just take their slips and go only!! You should knw! It is your job!!" Eh hello aunt, we need the student infomation la.. Curse you Pn.Wong!!!X( All our decoration for nothing.. its only for the few 10~12minutes of registration and then BOM!! go blow up by Pn.Wong..

After everything we keep out stuff and all of us head home. Like i said i always like Thursday! There are just sooo manythings always happend on that day! XD

A Thursday in School.(part 1)

Thursday.. thursday is always a good day for me ever since last year. Cos thursday i will have PJK, rumah Biru, duty time and also my science tuition. Even knw is tiring but still i do enjoy it. X) But there is a little bit changes in this year's thursday.. I dun have PJK on that day and i dun have my cool and fav science teacher tuition! How sad.. sobs.. But there is duty time and also rumah blue! So still acceptable la..

Today there is a special event in my school. Today is the day we get to pick which club and badan beruniform we will be joining for the hole year. The event starts when its after recess, so it a hole 2 hours studying time till recess. Fuh!! Is Physic really that intresting cos i dun really understand it at all!! All i knw is somthing like maths and add-maths only.. aihs.. i think this thing will take time to understand..

The recess ball ring and every one go and eat their stuff..bla..bla..bla.. Done! After recess the everyone has to choose their club first. At first i was still kinda lost cos i dun really knw what club to pick.. im not free at wednessday, thursday and friday. Well you knw.. sub science class has extra subjects to take, so i will be having extra tuition. Aihs.. X( So the only days that im left free is monday and tuesday. I remember JinHwei telling me that Arts Club is falling on monday. Since thats some of my friends is also joining that club, i mind as well try it out! For now, all i kwn is JinHwei joining and HuiEe joining.. well is normal for them but there is some abnormal person joining Arts Club as well!! I dun wanna say names...

After that is the badan beruniform. Im a KRS means Kadet Remaja Sekolah so i will be comfirm that im joining KRS again! XD Im kinda in charge of some other business in KRS, so i run all the way down to my KRS spot where ppl register and asked for my duty. I thought its going to be something like sitting down and write ppl's name only but it a lot worst than that.. I was suppose to take the sign board of KRS and go around the school asking ppl to join KRS! D8 I think i did my job pretty well even knw its huminating. After that i kinda take a little quick break and look or Gloria Chan.

Gloria is a Scouts member so i when and have a little visit there but i wasnt kinda invited there.. Cos im a KRS and their are a Scouts, you knw.. But still Scouts ppl are kind so they allow me to talk to my friends there. Gloria wasnt the only one Scouts, KhaiSern and JinHwei is also a part of it. Their are there, but there are not doing anything! XD So this means that i get to chat with them! XP Well i felt kinda left out even knw they are there, cos they are talking abt scouts and things that i dun knw abt them.. ARH!! Nvm..

After everything we pack our stuffs and go to our houses. No no no.. not going home! There is still part 2 its impossible that im going off so soon! XD What i meant we are going to our sport houses. Im in rumah Biru. But of course im not the only one, NicholasChin, ZerHann, HongWei, Abby, Alex, Darren and lots of friends there! X) We are actually suppose to vote whose the president, whose in charge of the basketball group, bola baling, bla..bla..bla.. It suppose to be very intresting but it end up not intresting.. Cos the teacher helped us to pick the comittes adi. Hrm.. Everybody became not intrested already..

After the hole yapping and jabbing, time flies very quick. Its after school adi!! But still im not going home that early cos im also incharge of the KRS registration in afternoon session. Just to waste sometime, i decided to pay a visit to my friends who are duting in library.

I entered the library and..

To Be Continue..

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Gaming Results

Time for another gaming results! I have not been updating any new games lately, ever since Angela took back her PS2 im kinda lost and also bored.. But now my cousin has lended me his PSP and i have found other games to play! So here goes nothing!

Ape Escape : On the Loose -PSP-

Yup Ape Escape, you got that right. This is the one and only PSP game that i have been playing lately! Well, cos its the only game i have.. XP Ape Escape is all abt catching Smart Monkeys! Yup, MONKEYS!! The story is abt this guy called Spike loves to visit the professor's lab to check out this gadgets. One day, there are tons of Monkey attacked the professor's lab and accidentally click on to professor's new gadget, the time machine. The Monkey have been control by this circus monkey with super strong mind called Specter. Spike has been transport back into time, the only way to bring him back is to catch monkey with professor's gadgets. And most importantly capture Specter! Thats all!! This game need skills as well! The monkeys are kinda smart.. In the game i have seen monkeys using Machine Guns, Bombs, Missle launcher and even Robots to protect them self! D8 Even knw its a weird game, but still i enjoy playing it! XP

Medabots Metabee/Rokusho version -GBA-

Ya ya, i knw GBA is kinda out. Well im not playing this GBA in a GBA or GBSP. Im playing it in the computer! XD Have to heard before the show called Medabots?? If you dont is best that you go watch it now! XP Medabots are robots that uses medaparts to battle among themself AKA Ro-battle. Who ever wins will obtain a Medapart for the oppenent. Leg, R.hand, L.hand, and Head parts. Medabots live are what they called a Medal, a gold diamond shape piece of medal. If a Medabot is function creased (knock out) the medal will pop out from behide of his body. But too bad the winner cant take Medal from their oppenent. Medabot have strong finshing moves which is what they called the Medaforce. But this finishing move are only available in rare medals. Its something like pokemon but its a little bit better than that. XP Even knw this is an old game, but still old game are nice you knw. X)

My favourite Medabot is of course Rokusho!! Rokusho has strong attacks which can function crease (knock out) a medabot quickly. Thus Rokusho has quick agilty making him avoid most of the attacks. But strong Medabots must also has a weakness as well.. Rokusho has weak defense medaparts even knw they are strong. One hit toward it will problely knock it out quickly as well. But if you change Rokusho's medaparts it shouldnt be a problem. XP Here are some picture of the game.
Rokusho's Medaforce

Metabee's Medaforce

Well thats all for now.. I will be posting other stuff later. When is later?? I dun really know as well. XP Till then.. Bye Bye!! XD

A late posts..

Soooo sorry peoples!!! X( I have not been updating any post for the past 4~5 days!! Well i was kinda busy with studies thus im lazy.. And I have been playing my PSP!! Not to say mine, im not really that rich! XP Its my cousin's one, he understands how bored am i at home, so he was kind enough to lend it to me! Thank You x100!!

Since im back im going post out some game results and of course what really happend lately to me. So, dont go away the game results is coming! XD

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tag Along: 12 Parts of Questions

Wow!! For all this while i have been receiving tags from Justin, John, and lots of other people! But this tag is tagged by my sister!! Kelly!! The rareness.. o.O Well thats doesnt really make a tag diffrent anyways! So lets get on to it!

12 Parts of Questions

Part 1: On The Outside
Name: Tan Yu Ming
Date of Birth: 25th FEB 1992
Current Status: Single. TuT
Eye Colour: Dark brown
Hair Colour: Got black, got white, got brown
Righty or Lefty: righty
Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Part 2: On The Inside
Your Heritage: chinese
Your Fear: Ghost, doll/dummies. my mom..
Your Weakness: having a weak heart, tickling??
Your Perfect Pizza: BBQ chicken of course!! XD

Part 3: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
Your thoughts first waking up: What time issit??
Your bedtime: After 10.30pm
Your most missed memory: Too many.. cant name it out!

Part 4: Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke: Can it pick both??
McD's or Burger King: Can pick both again??
Single or Group Dates: Of course Single!!
Adidas or Nike: Again can pick both arh??
Lipton Tea or Nestea: Lipton Tea.. emmm..
Chocolate or Vanilla: You can mix the flavour one right? o.O
Cappucino or Coffee: Neither one..

Part 5: Do You...

Curse: Aiya.. its like always la.. XD
Drink: You will die if you dont drink right??

Part 6: In the Past Month
Drank alcohol: Nah.. I think..
Gone to the mall: Yup
Been on Stage: Nope.. is been a while adi..
Eaten sushi: Yup! Not long ago only! XD
Dyed your hair: I've never dye before! X)

Part 7: Have You Ever?
Played a stripping game: One.. Two.. Jus! Strip! XD
Change who you were to fit in: Never think abt it..

Part 8: Age
You're hoping to be married: I dunno.. when the time is right?? Aiya i need to find a girlfriend first den only start talking la.. XD

Part 9: In A Guy/Girl
Best Eye Colour: like normal human eys la!
Hair Colour: As longs as they dun dye until very lala.
Short or Long Hair: Hair doesnt really matter la..

Part 10: What Were You Doing?
1 minute ago: I was still doing this tag
1 hour ago: Bloggin other titles
1 month ago: YOUTH camp!! XD
1 year ago: Can you even remember it arh??

Part 11: Finish The Sentences
I love: Me! My family! Jasper! My Friends! etc...
I feel: Tired.. ZzZzZz..
I miss: Everyone one of my friends!! XD
I need: A handphone please!!! XP

Part 12: Tag 5 People
One: Gloria Chan
Two: Justin Lee
Three: Sui Lun
Four: John Wong
Five: YOU!! XD

101th Post!!! XD

After 4 months plus of bloggin i finally manage to reach my 101th post!!! YESSSSS!! XD All my hard working effort of bloggin are begin to put into use!!! XD

I want to say a very BIG Thank You too all fo you all out there! Thank you for wasting yur precious time to visit my blog and thank you for all your supports!! I sincerly Thank you all very much!! Hope you guys will continue visiting my blog! I will continue updating lame, boring, tags, stoires, news, intersting posts!

Thats all for my 101th post!! Come to think of it.. 101 post issint that much... compare to Gloria's blog, im still pretty far away!! XP Gotta keep on going!! TaTa!! XD

New Member of the Class!?

Whats 4 Ixora?? What in the world is 4 Ixora?? Issit a name?? Or issit something to eat?? NOOO!! Is my class you Bufoons!! XD Some of you might not even know 4 Ixora is my class, unless you have been sticking to my blog lately. Then GOOD FOR YOU!! XD

Today is the day that those people that dont like their class go to the class they like! Or not.. Lets just say is the day that peopel change their class to the class that they want la! Of course my class is a Super Duper AWESOME class! XD There must be some people wanted to come in! Thus 4 Ixora is a Sub Science, that makes things even clearer then!

Nicholas Chin from 4 Cempaka wanted to come into our class! His one of my good buddies in school! Well his gladly welcome cos his those kind of super entertaining person! XD And also what they call Lamoooos!! Plus, lots of people in my class know him, including me! And today, thankfully he manage to enter our class!!! Wooooohooo!! XD

But there is also another Nicholas in our class (before Nicholas Chin enter) Well he was desperately to enter a Pure Science class. Sooo he leaves our class and Nicholas Chin comes in. Well there cant be TWO Nicholas in the class right!? XD Thus have either one in our class doesnt make a diffrence at all! XD

There must be some people that we want to come in to our class. But there is also people that we dont want come into our class. Who we wishing not to come in is KimNyam.. But sadly that bastard manage to enter our class! Lucky asshole.. Well we cant him to go back anyways, so leave it that way la..

Losing one Nicholas and having another Nicholas in our class is enough to cover up KimNyam attitudes. So..

Im yur number one fan!! XD

Monday, January 7, 2008

Back in BISDS!! (part 3)

This is part 3.. you know THREE!!! If you missed the first or second one, go visit the first one to get started. I suggest that you do so, cos you wont be missing any part of this story. Thus this the final part of the story! Soooo.. READ IT NOW!! If you have read both parts, scratch away all the words that i've say and start reading this one. XD

Geetha appoarch us and talked to us for a moment. That day we have a CFC reunion. But it kinda end up not being a CFC reunion due to amount of people going. It end up being a YOUTH party! Arh.. that doesnt make any difference anyways. We're still gonna start talking and eat as well. XD

We enter the class room and there are foods around! KFC, Dominos and not to forget some soft drinks! Like what party should always had. XP We started to grab some plates and get started with it. There were LOTS of pizza and Chickens but there seems to be some extra food there..

Me and John spotted two plates of Chessy Wedges!! Emmmm...Emmm... My favourite!! XD Both of us started to take a few of it and leave. (A few means one to two pieces arh!) Suddenly in the middle of our eating, Vanessa started to appoarch our gang and shouted. "Who took away my Chessy Wedges!?" Everybody started to stare at me and John.. That time i was still chewing a pizza in my mouth. Sooo i cant really reply..

John started shouting. "Ya la! Who took Vanessa's Chessy Wedges?? She needs them la!" John was very obvious trying to act innocent and trying to escape as well. Vanessa replied back. "Both of are sooo dead!!" Oww... crap i think we just made the hungry tigeress hungrier!!! D8

After all the food we sorta have a little discuss abt how we gonna face the teacher of our class next week. Our plan was to do... Nothing at all!! I heard from some infomation abt our class teacher from the other teachers. They said that Sis May was a good teacher! So we sorta trusted what ever they say.. Thus i do believe that me and the other are a little bit too noisy adi.. X(

After eating and all the joking around its time to go home. They asked me when am i going home. I answer when the time that my sister wanna go home. Then i asked my sister what time are we going home. My sister answer when the time that Sumitra is going home. (Means Sumitra is sending us home.) Then my sister asked Sumitra what time is she going home. Sumitra answered.. When the time that everybody is going home. =.="

Fuh.. finally going home already.. Everything that happend that day shall be erase, except the Youth gathering thingy la. XD I get back home jump to my bed and sleep. ZzZzZzZz..


Back in BISDS!! (part 2)

This is part 2.. you know TWO!! Is best that you read the part ONE only you read TWO! Scroll down your mouse and check out the first part of this then only come back here. Arh!! Screw it! Just read it!! XD

After the hole Puja thingy, i started to feel pissed!! Dang! I miss Bro.Ronnie! I feel like changing back into Tissa class again! I dun mind serious.. Unless they change the teacher in our class teacher! Then bye bye.. XP

All of us head down to Asoka hall and started talking abt our teachers. John keeps saying how unlucky am I on that. True.. i have to admit, that day was a Bad day.. Today is kinda special cos Justin and John bringing big BIG present around with them. For what?? They say it was the girl's christmas present. Justin give to SienDee and John give to SueLyn. The other guys including me do nothing but just watch.. It seems that they like present. (bear bear, who wouldnt want a bear bear??) Good for you peeps!

All of us head to mamak. I heard that are favourite spot after Puja, Grace Corner is coming back! They just keep everything cos they sorta rebuild the road or something. I really hope Grace Corner comes back so we wont be walking the hole road just for mamak! X) I went to this mamak which as pretty far away from BISDS. Yes.. we walked there! XP Charmaine was very RICH that day. She belanja us on that. Well cos we kinda force her! XP (Sorry Charmaine. XP)

Back to school we entered Asoka hall and started sitting down and staring at the dancing groups. Vanessa, the head of the dancing group have a little conversation with us.

Vanessa: I want you, you and you to be in my dancing class. *Pointing towards me, Justin and John*

Three of Us: Owww NO!!!

Me: Wait how about Suilun?? *pointing towards SuiLun"

Vanessa: Oh ya! You too!

SuiLun: NOoooooo...

Its been almost 4 years i've stop dancing class. I just dun feel like dancing again! Since my hole body is sooo kaku adi. XP Why us!? I think i'll pass that la.. I think we will stick with the Backistterz la..

Suddenly Geetha approach us and..

To be Continue again..

(I have to make this a continous blog, cos im kinda busy with the school stuff and the others. So forgive me.. XP)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Back in BISDS! (part 1)

Early in the morning, i woke up pretty early around 7.30am like that. Mayb i was used the morning waking up already. XP It makes me think back abt going to sunday school again. But my mom told me that i should stay at home and study. That was before PMR result came out.. Today my mom ALLOWED me to go!! o.O I was sooo freaking happy! Whats wrong with my mom today!? Did she hit herself in the head in the morning!? XD

The hitting herself in the head idea was all wrong. She was still nagging all the way to sunday school. As always.. But i dun mind today cos she allowed me to go sunday school! XD Heard from my sis that the class teacher is kinda a very very boring teacher. I thought entertaint the class back since im there. XD But the hole idea was soooo wrong..

I entered the class later then my sis. (FYI we're in the same class!) But when i entered all my friends was there! John, Justin, SuiLun, SueSan, PeiYin, SienDee, XinYi, Kelvin, KahYenn, etc.. almost everyone there! And they we're also wondering why am i there as well. (I think..) From the looks the teacher was Aey.. Oooo.. Kay.. Her name was Sister May. I thought i could entertaint the class. But i was wrong..

I got kinda screwed by the teacher a fews times today.. Well i could be quieter if i was sitting with my friends! But sitting alone makes me wanna talk. Screw this teacher la! Bro Ronnie is 10 times, No.. 100 times better than this one. I think this teacher cant even stand a joke! Gimme me break man.. i wasnt the only was thinking like that, my other friends were thinking the same thing as well! Boring..

Usually, i wasnt really happy when class is over. But this year, I was so freaking glad that i can get out that jail teacher! DX After the class is time to head to puja. Glad that im sitting my friends this time! Puja wasnt as well as i thought as well.. We kinda joke and laugh while chanting.. So the same thing happend again.. Got screwed by another teacher!

Looks like going back to sunday school wasnt a good choice i think.. Dang! Will this screwing up by teacher thingy going to end!?

To be Continue..

Special note for:
Pei Yin, sorry i steped on yur leg today. XP Sorry x 100

Friday, January 4, 2008

Kingdom Hearts News!

Yeay! Another Kingdom Hearts News! Another new pictures and infomation abt the latest Kingdom Hearts games. If you know nothing abt the lastest Kingdom Hearts games, go to my older blogs you will get to know more. Right now im just going straight forwards. XP

Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep has a new battling system! In Kingdom Hearts 2 there is an extra bar called the drive bar. But in KHBBS (Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep for short) there is no more Drive Bar. There is this new bar called the Focus Bar. It charges up and unleash Super Strong finishing moves!

Ven casting Thunder. I love the graphics! XD

Terra charges..

and he slams!!

Thus there are more new world to visit. According to the infomation that i have obtain, they only found out there are 2 new worlds to visit. The Cinderella world and the Sleeping Beauty world. Also another thing, you not just get to control Terra but Ven as well! XD

(A little mistake here, The one who looked like Roxas is not Terra but Ven. And the guy with the dark brownish hair is not Ven but Terra. A little bit mix up. Sorry..)

I finally got the Kingdom Hearts 358/2days battling system photos! The graphic are NDS graphics. So it could be a little cacated.. XP You can play this game as a multiplayer game! You get to play with other of your friends which have NDS and the game with them! Control Roxas, Axel, Saix and Xegbar fight through their ways! Thus there is a new battling system in it. Look at the yellow and orange colour bar which is stated LM. (the one above the blue colour bar) I still havent discover what issit. So pardon me..

1p- Roxas, 2p- Axel, 3p- Xegbar, 4p- Saix
Finally a Kingdom Hearts Multiplayer game!

Roxas's Air combo. Not bad eh the graphics!

I dun wanna post anything abt Kingdom Hearts Coded, cos its just another story of Kingdom Hearts 1 again. Boring.. Heard that KH Coded and KH358/2days will become out earlier and KHBBS will be the last to come out. Why must the good ones end up last? Sobs.. Nvm!! KH358/2days is also nice! XD

Thats all abt the New Kingdom Hearts news that i get. I hope the game came out this year, so i can put my hands on those game! XD But first i have to get myself a NDS!! D8 Till then, Bye Bye!!

Tag Along: (This Tag has No Name)

Like i said, this tag doesnt even have a name! Dun blame me! Blame Michelle for posting out a tag which doesnt even have a name! XD I was kinda bored right here so i create this boring tag created by boring Michelle! XD Well tag must always have some rules.. so here goes..

- Answer all this questions and..
- Add a questions of wat u wanna noe about others(choose smth u usually cant ask directly)

I have to say the rules are very.. Simple. This is the only place where i must thank Michelle. *lied* Other than that this tag is actually very short.. I mean very SHORT!! So i add some questions just to make it longer. (Hope you dun mind Michelle) There is an "add" word behide, this tag means is the one i added it myself. So here goes the tag..

If you had 3 wishes what would you wish for?
- To have the power to turn back time! (I wish..)
- This world is in harmony! (Means, no bad keses in this world)
- Have a SUPER cute girlfriend?? (Dang, Im prevert..)

What is love to you?
- Love is something you need to find it out yourself.. Im dont really even knw whats love.. not even now.. Guess i'll keep finding for answer myself.

What is something you cant live without?
- Family, Friends, Money, things that help you in your life.

What is something you wanna change about yourself that you did last year?
- Try not to be TOO emo and also understand people more.

Do you wish that you have a boyfriend/girlfriend? (skip this one if you already have one)
- Yup, but not too desperately!

Do you run away from something that your afaird to face? (add)
- It depends la. If is Ghost i will definety run! If is propose to someone i like, i think i will face it gua.. If is someone i really hate, bring it on!

If someone actually touches you, do you have weird feeling/perasan feeling towards that person? (add)
- Yup, when some one suddenly just hold my hands and drag me around, theres this feeling run out from my heart. What issit? I dun really knw..

What is the most happiest thing that ever happend to you recently? (add)
- Getting into a Sub Science class, with lots and lots of FUN! XD

How fast can you fall in love with someone? (add)
- Some times within a day or two. Or even better, loves first sight!

Do you ever admit that you like someone? (add)
- Sometimes, No. I like to hide my feelings. XP

Okay at last im done with it! Who i wanna tag? Anyone that feels like doing this tag! XD Well if you wanna tag you can pick to just to the questions, or add in the questions that i have made, OR you can create them yurself. (Be proud Michelle, you questions are still in there) Thats all. So long peeps! XD

New Year Eve Gathering

Okay new year eve was like how many day ago?? Yup its only 5 days go, according to the date today which is 4th JAN. There was this new year eve gathering organized by.. Justin.. AGAIN. (=.=) Of course everysingle activty must have something happend. (duh..) So heres how the story goes..

Justin called everyone of us to go at 8pm. Before that i told him that i will be going kinda early a few days go. Like.. around 6pm?? But since i have obtain my Brave Fencer Musashi that day, Screw it then! XD I heard that lots of people are going.. But still i believe those were just lame rumors.

Like i suspected, there ARENT many people going. I hate to say this now but still.. Why in the world do people always Fong Fei Kei!!?? Aihs.. The people there are still the same old faces. Faces from the Teens Camp and also from Justin's gathering. Aihs.. But still we have FUN!! In your face people that FFK!! The people there are Justin (duh..), John (double duh..), Me (Im talking crap here), Sui Lun, Mun Wai, Chee Wei, Charmaine and Yan Leng.

The food were YUMMY! Who prepare it?? I guess is either Justin's kind mom or either Justin's maids.. (I think problely is the maids la..) Take a look at it!

Fish Balls Yummy!

I dunno what are these but still they do taste good!

Chickens! What party wouldnt have these?

The the Fantastic foods, we started to play Twister. To tell you all the truth i never played Twister before! o.O Well i didnt play that day as well. Cos you knw, I have the BackPain incident. (Watch December 2007 blogs, the title called BackPain to knw more.) John wasnt playing cos.. for no reason! XD So means Justin, SuiLun, MunWai, CheeWei, Charmaine, YanLeng and Justin's dunno who called herself "Cili" playing the hole game.

I have to say Twister is FUNNY! By just looking at them you will Laugh and Laugh and Laugh! XD As you knw Me and John are not playing so we will be spining the board thingy. Well we kinda cheated a little. making them tangle up on themselfs. XD Were not the only ones.. Even YanLeng and Justin joined us cheating! XD Watching them tangle up, legs here legs there, etc.. makes me laugh the hole time. XD Check these photo out and you will get what i mean.

Look at them playing! XD

Mun Wai! Ready.. Steady.. Go!

Charmaine! Ready.. Steady.. Go!

Sui Lun looked like he was break dancing here.

Looks like Yan Leng is also break dancing! XD

Jump Foggie! Jump! Come one just Jump Charmaine!

Chee Wei! What in the world are you doing!?

Yan Leng!! You too!! D8

After the hole Twister thingy, we entered the house and played these game called the Opposite Talk (John named the game i think..) The game was kinda.. easy (Lazy to write here, ill teach you guys next time la) just that the punishments were very unfair! Justin, John YanLeng and Cili are not playing! Thus there are the ones will me making the move and all those. (except YanLeng, she have some particular reasons) Lefting the others which is us have no choice but to accept the punishments. What are the punishments??

The punishment is just eating. But not the any ordinary food that were eating. Were eating spicy food and weird taste food! (Im not kinda sure cos i wasnt punished!) Thus there is this so called weird water we have to drink it as well. Its sounded pretty awkward.. Of course everyone of us are afaird to drink it! Like i said that this game is very unfair, after a few rounds all of us dun feel like playing more. So the game ended boring-ly. (Dun blame us, blame them!) But Gladly Ai Ling Came! Another new person joins us again! XD

Which dish do you pick? A, B or C??

What in the world is in the water!?

These are the ingredience for the water. Cheh..

After that, i heard that Justin has a PS1. So since im here, i mind as well paid a visit to his room and his PS1! XD I thought that my PS1 was sucky, but Justin one was suckier! Me and MunWai have a little game of Digimon Rumble Arena. The game wasnt really exciting but Funny! (I want a re-match MunWai!) Suddenly while were playing half road, Justin called just to go down. But for what??

Here goes the moment of truth again.. Another pillow talk! But just that we dun have anything this time but a dirty floor to sit on. Crap... There are lots of Thank you, Sorry, I like, I wish and I hate. (You havent thank me yet YanLeng! XD) The talk was aint half bad.. cos we kinda talk a lot abt who we hate. (We knw who.. We knw..)

Pillow Talk?? or Floor Talk??

After that, Suddenly fireworks flying the sky! Yes, i was New Year already. We talked so much we didnt even look at the time! XD Then everyone started taking out sprays from no where! and start spraying each other. The spray was kinda low quality.. (Get a better one next time Justin! XD)
After the hole spraying thing, my mom came.. So its time to go home for me. Dang, i have to leave them again. (FYI Im not going to see them anymore. Except Justin! XD) There the end of the New Year Eve gathering..

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Best Class Ever!!

New year must always have new classes. But when we reach to form 4 to 5, we will keep staying at the same class, same people, and same teacher (I think.. Gloria told me that! XD) So if your lucky, you will get into a class with same classmates and good teachers. (not too fierce and not too blur of course)

School has start again.. Im not nervous of anything except the class that im going in this year. Im wish to go in Sub Science! X) And of course im worrying abt the friends that im going to be staying for the next 2 years. I wish to go into the same class as, Justin Lee, Wei Soong, Nicholas, anyone!! That im familiar with! Those smart friends sounded kinda impossible cos they will enter those canggih canggih class one.

So we entered the hall and wait and wait and wait. The teachers started to call names to each classes. Congrats to those who have entered the Canggih classes!! After that i was praying super hard, i mean SUPER HARD!! I was so darn depesrate to enter a Sub Science class! Congrats JinHwei for entering Angsana Class.
Names by Names has been called out one by one.. And then it was the second and final sub science adi! Again, names by names and been called out. Then Suddenly... Tan Yu Ming! YES!!!! I started claping my hands and shaking hands with Justin and Darren. I was sooo proud or my self and feel like shouting.

I heard that most of my friends are in the same class like mine. Well not to say my classmates but my EX classmates from form 1. Zer Hann, Wei Soong and Tarvinder. Thus i meet some cool friends too like Celine, Lisa, ChianYong, Aaron so many of them! Thank Lord Buddha!! XD Lots of my friends wanted to change into my class! Cool! XD

Gloria, JinHwei, KhaiSern and others should change into my class! XD Im going to have FUN FUN FUN!!! I pitty the people which are in those weak classes, seriously. I also pitty the people who entered the TOO canggih class, cos they will have to stay with geeks. X(

Im so darn going to enjoy this new school days! With these friends, im going to soo enjoy the class man. Even knw im not the same as my other friends, but still we are in the same school! What can stop from meeting each other!? XD So thats all for now, form 4 here i come!! XD