Thursday, September 29, 2011

I got Twitter~

I know its alittle late and all but guys, i got myself twitter.

I got myself a twitter for various reason. ..

One, is cause alot of people are asking me to get one. Since, i like to post alot of status in facebook before, getting twitter can allow me to post craps there as well. XD

Two, since it takes me a long time to make a blogpost just to update about myself, twitter can help me to update about myself to you guys out there. Shouldnt take long to make one short twitter post right? XD

Three, alot of my friends are use twitter more than facebook status update post. So, i would like to know whats going in their life and stalk alittle bit out of them. (At least iim honest. XD)

Four, its well of course the celebrities there la. XD

So, yeah basically i got myself twitter. So if anyone of you guys out there want to follow me or something, feel free to do so. And if i know who you guys are, i promise you guys that i will follow you guys back. XP

Twitter Name: KlexMIngz


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ted Mosby

"Im done being single. Im not good at it. Look, obviously you cant tell a women that you just met you love her. But.. it sucks that you cant. I'll tell you something. If a women, not you, just a hypothetical women would bear with me through all of THIS. I think i make a damm good boy friend. Cause thats the stuff i'll be good at. Stuffs like making her laugh, and being a good boy friend, and staying by her all the time."

Guess who said this? Ted Mosby from 'How I Met Your Mother'. XP

*If you have no idea what im talking about? Then please watch 'How I Met Your Mother'

As a matter of fact, he turn out to be a great husband and have an amazing wife in the end. (he should be having one la.. cause thats what the whole show is about. XD)

I some how feel like his something like me but of course his much more cooler and his more charming. XD

Im going to say this to myself.. Im going to find an amazing girl friend in a future cause im awesome. And of course, shes going be as awesome as I am too. XD

Like what Ted Mosby said, "And you know what? She is not very far away." XP

Just alittle something to boost my morale.. since now im suppose to be independent or something like that. I have no one to rely on.. I guess posting about how awesome I am is the only way to boost my morale or something. XD

I wonder how you guys out there are doing? Hope you guys are not doing as bad and weird as I am. Cause that would be very very funny. XD


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Not Rubbish, but Memories

One day, i found a new wallet in my room. The wallet looks good and is usable, unlike the current wallet that im using which has holes almost every part of the wallet. So, i decided to change it.

I first remove all the stuffs that is inside my wallet. Everything that i've removed from my wallet was piled up like a whole stack of junk. Since i've got nothing to do, instead of throwing away all the pile of junk that was inside my wallet, i decided to go thru it. See if there is still anything valuable or not.

First, I found a yellow card that has malay words on it. After reading it only i remember that the yellow card was a good luck card given by my favorite malay tuition teacher before i went for my SPM. I had another which is for PMR as well. That card really get me going for all my subjects. It was quite meaningful to me. X)

The next thing i found was a bunch for cinema movie tickets. I have been to lots of movies with my friends. I usually dont really keep movie tickets but for some reasons i kept some of it inside my wallet.

First, there was a ticket for the movie "Valentines Day" (the one that Taylor Swift was acting in it.) and the date was 24/2/2010. After looking at the movie and the date i remember why did i kept that ticket already. It was the day that my good college friend, Nick Tan had his birthday ALONG with mine. That day was also the last day of our first semester mid-term exams. And that day is also the day that me and my college friends bonded and hanged out for the first time. We went out for almost 12 hours. Amazing day. X)

Next, it was a ticket for the movie "Scream 4" on the date 29/4/2011. I remember that it was the day that i re-met with Kai Shin, Zhen Whei and Qi Wei. It was also the first movie that i've catch with Kai Shin if im not wrong. XD

Lastly, was a ticket for the move "Tranformer 3: Rise of the Dark Moon" on the date 27/7/2011. The day when my brother forced and asked me to watch a midnight movie with him. i didnt want to go at first but when i heard it was transformers, i was like fark yeah!! Totally worth it. XD

I have tons of guitar pick in my wallet and all of them are usable, except one. It was an old purple guitar pick that to tape together in the middle cause it was cracking already. I was wondering for a moment, why am i keep such an old guitar pick? And then it came back to me..

It was the first pick that I used to play guitar and it was given by a good old friend of mine named John. Back in the days when I was still a newbie, he was the one that teaches me how to play guitar and sing (singing part didnt turn out that well.) And that was the pick that I used for ever single practice I had with him. It was his favorite pick too but he gave it to me cause he thinks I need it more than he does.

I used it sooo much that one day the pick started to break. I have other picks but since the pick was so important to me, I tape it so that the pick can still be used. Thats why I kept the pick for sooo long. X)

Next, i found an IC like picture of me when i was in high school, primary school and some age younger. All of those pictures are in one small packet and when i open up, i found Tarvin, Nathanael and LenPing pictures inside as well. I was thinking, why in the world their faces are inside!?

Again, flashback, i remember one day me, lenping and nat are in Tarvin's place chilling and all. Then tarvin found nathanael's picture in his packet. He went "WHY the FARK is ur picture inside my wallet!?" then Nat reply "Its a trend!!! We shall put our pictures in each other's packet to show our brother hood!!!" (Okay, i dont remember all the details but it when something like that.. XP) And thats the reason why their faces are in my freaking packet. And guess what? We are still close friends after 7 years. And with Nat, its 12 years of long friendship, still on going. XP

A snowman birthday card that was given by PeiYin when I was form 4. I remember that time i told her i want an awesome laptop or an electronic guitar. I didnt get any of those but this card really meant alot to me. Getting a birthday card by a girl is more than an electronic guitar or a laptop. (yeah.. right..) Plus, she wrote some wonderful stuffs inside that card, i guess thats why i've been keeping it for so long. X)

After looking through all the stuffs i have, i found out what i've been keeping in my wallet all these time are not junks or rubbish, but memories which i cherish alot. That is why I kept it along with me all the time. X)

Looking through the stuffs makes miss alot of you guys..

And you guys know what? This is just my wallet, imagine me talking about what I have in my closet. That would be funny. XD


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Me? Hard Working??

As you all know that i seldom blog nowathese days. And for those of you who dont know, Im busy with uni life's homework and assignments.

So, just in case, IF and only IF some of you are thinking that. "Damm Klex is hard working.." or "Damm Klex is smart.." or even "Damm Klex is starting to be a nerd.."

Me being hardworking will be the lasting that im good at in my "things that im good at" list. Especially hard working in terms of study wise. XD

And smart.. i would say definitely not in study wise stuffs. Smart in game and life experience those kind of things, MAYBE~ XD

I would say i did pretty good for my subject grades so far but in exchange i lost all my socializing, carefree, and going gaming life. To some of you guys think that is a good exchange but to me, i rather have a my carefree and socializing life back. DX

Life at my side is dull.. like plain dull.. nothing really exciting is happening in my life right now. The only interesting and most wonderful news that I can get now is either "Due date for assignment has been delay!!" or "I have farking finish my assignments!! F*CK YEAH!!".

Im not saying that i've choose the wrong course and im starting to feel regret and all, im just saying~ XP (get the tiny little joke here?)


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Its NOT Dead

Just to let you guys know, that this blog is not dead yet. Im still bloggin but just that i couldnt complete my blog posts.

I have 3 blog stories on the way for you guys but just that uni is doing a very good job keeping me busy and all so i dont really have the time to complete my blog post. The assignments are literally killing me. DX

A little prove that theres 3 blog post on the way. XP

But I wanna take a moment here to thank those people who come to my facebook wall or texted me to talk to me, ask how am i doing and even comfort me from all the assignment stress and shyts. Thank you all really much!! XD

Yeah, no kidding.. I missed you guys too. And i wish you guys are not crazily busy and stressed out as i am.

I'll find some time to complete anyone of my blog post ASAP. Lets just hope that work doesnt concur my time again. SO, be sure to scroll down once in awhile to check whether and see any new blog post is updated. XP


Monday, September 5, 2011

Holidays NOT so Holiday

Hey guys, did you guys know that there was a long one week holiday cause of Raya? I didnt know anything about it. I know there is but i just dont feel like i remember there is a holiday for me at all.

It was a total of 10 days of holiday including the friday before the holiday week starts and the weekend before holidays ends. I really really need that 10 days of holidays cause I didnt get enough rest ever since i entered my degree life. I have extremely lots of works to do till the extend that i use my spare free gaming time as my sleeping/nap time. So, I thought that these 10 days of holidays would give me some extra days to relax and have fun.

No... i was all wrong. Before the holiday even started, my lecturers gave us a whole lot of assignments to do. Like seriously a whole lots of assignment shyts to do. And the worst thing about this is, unlike my usually cheap little assignments, these assignments worth alot of marks. Add up all of them together they actually worth about 15% of my total score!!! D8

But you guys know that im a procrastinating dumbass right? I was like chew~ 3 works only mah, all I have to do is finish one withing 3 days and after that one more day, i check everything and walah work done. Work hard play hard. I was wrong.. I was very very wrong.

I totally forgotten that I've made soooo many holiday plans with my friends before the holiday starts. And the best part is, when i remember that i have lots of plans during the holiday I didnt bother to think of a plan B. Like plan to do assignments few days ahead or faster finish up before the holiday ends. NO!! Instead, I add MORE holiday plans instead of work plans. XD

The first 5 days of my holidays I was in camp. You guys remember Children Fellowship Camp? The one that I will go every single year to help out? Yeah, that was what i did for my first 5 days of holidays. It was fun but still gotl work to do. So its kinda like half work and half fun. Next thing i know, BOOOM 5 days of holidays gone, 5 more holidays to go and no work started. (i'll blog about it soon as i have the time to blog again.)

The remaining 5 days was a living hell, I know I have tons of work to do but im still in procrastinating mode and i was still tired out from the camp. So what did i do? I remain doing nothing. Like what i always do, I will spend most of my holiday time procrastinating and relaxing and trying ignore the fact that my assignment due date is coming soon.

When it was around the last 3 days of holidays, then only it start hitting me. I only start to freak out about my assignment due date. I didnt really touch much on the assignments and im struggling fighting against time. It was one of those times that i wish that time will move slower or there are actually 27 hours in a day.

In the end, i manage to pull it off. All thanks to the help from my university friends, my IT lecturers and also some help from my other IT friends to assist me and guide me through my assignments. I manage to finish it all up and pass it all up on time. Fuh.. *swipes sweats away*

Like i said earlier, my holiday doesnt really feel like a holiday.. I struggled and have many sleepless nights during the holidays and im just freaking exhausted. Even thou I did spend sometime relaxing, most of the time i spend to either sleep or play MTG.

I guess thats just hope university life works. I think its save to say that, when your in uni life and you have holidays coming up, dont expect to have holidays cause i believe there are TONS of assignments on the way for you. UNLESS, its a semester break holiday. XD

All the best to all my friends who are doing uni right now. And for those of you who are not in uni yet, enjoy your high school and college life as much as you can. Cause when you go uni, your gonna be just like me. (depends on what course ur taking also.) Finally, for those of you who have been thru the hell that im going thru, respect +1. XD