Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ted Mosby

"Im done being single. Im not good at it. Look, obviously you cant tell a women that you just met you love her. But.. it sucks that you cant. I'll tell you something. If a women, not you, just a hypothetical women would bear with me through all of THIS. I think i make a damm good boy friend. Cause thats the stuff i'll be good at. Stuffs like making her laugh, and being a good boy friend, and staying by her all the time."

Guess who said this? Ted Mosby from 'How I Met Your Mother'. XP

*If you have no idea what im talking about? Then please watch 'How I Met Your Mother'

As a matter of fact, he turn out to be a great husband and have an amazing wife in the end. (he should be having one la.. cause thats what the whole show is about. XD)

I some how feel like his something like me but of course his much more cooler and his more charming. XD

Im going to say this to myself.. Im going to find an amazing girl friend in a future cause im awesome. And of course, shes going be as awesome as I am too. XD

Like what Ted Mosby said, "And you know what? She is not very far away." XP

Just alittle something to boost my morale.. since now im suppose to be independent or something like that. I have no one to rely on.. I guess posting about how awesome I am is the only way to boost my morale or something. XD

I wonder how you guys out there are doing? Hope you guys are not doing as bad and weird as I am. Cause that would be very very funny. XD


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