Saturday, September 10, 2011

Its NOT Dead

Just to let you guys know, that this blog is not dead yet. Im still bloggin but just that i couldnt complete my blog posts.

I have 3 blog stories on the way for you guys but just that uni is doing a very good job keeping me busy and all so i dont really have the time to complete my blog post. The assignments are literally killing me. DX

A little prove that theres 3 blog post on the way. XP

But I wanna take a moment here to thank those people who come to my facebook wall or texted me to talk to me, ask how am i doing and even comfort me from all the assignment stress and shyts. Thank you all really much!! XD

Yeah, no kidding.. I missed you guys too. And i wish you guys are not crazily busy and stressed out as i am.

I'll find some time to complete anyone of my blog post ASAP. Lets just hope that work doesnt concur my time again. SO, be sure to scroll down once in awhile to check whether and see any new blog post is updated. XP


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