Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year~

Im here to wish all my fellow blog fans out there before I take off to my hometown..



Some of you might not know, Im a Kedah-ian. To be more specific, Im a Alor Setar-ian. XP

Its going to be one long 5 hour journey back to Alor Setar again to meet up with my other relatives. Well 5 hour hours shouldnt be a problem.. I have two game consoles to help me through the boring car rides. So yeah.. I can live with that. XD

To my other non-Chinese friends.. Im here to wish you all..


Enjoy your holidays while you can. XP

Dont worry, I'll still be bloggin if im free in Alor Setar. Yeah, im living in a kampung area where chickens and cows are my best friends. But my kampung is no ordinary kampung anyways. Technologies > Woods. XD

I'll be heading to Alor Setar tomorrow morning (monday).


I want to say 'I miss you alot alot alot' before i leave.. but im having second thoughts..

Friday, January 28, 2011

Me with Janice & Sonia!?

Dont get your hopes to high up. Im not doing a cover with Janice and Sonia or something.. I wish that could happen but come on people. Back to reality. XD

Heres the story that just happened in about 30minutes ago. No kidding. Its a story between me and my funny dad. Heres what happened.

I was infront of the computer on a friday afternoon doing nothing. Suddenly. i missed Janice and Sonia's voice. So i open a new tab and search for Janice and Sonia on youtube just to listen to their voice. (Yeah, im a huge fan of theirs.)

*Just incase some of you dont know whose Janice & Sonia. Go to youtube and search for them. It should be the first video in the whole list. XP Their voice are angelic! XD

All in the sudden, my dad comes in a talk to me for a little while. The he saw Janice and Sonia and he went.

Dad: You know them?

Me: Sorta.. (They are my youtube friend)

Dad: They sound great! And they are beautiful!

Me: I know.. *smiles*

Dad: That one is better looking.. *points at Sonia*

Me: Yeah, I like her too. XP

Dad: Have you sing with them before?

Me: Cannot.

Dad: What do you mean cannot?

Me: Cannot la.

Dad: Why leh? Issit cause your not good enough for them?

Me: Thats one. And its also cause they are from Australia?

Dad: CHEH!!!!! No hope la like that!!


Well.. Thats dad... XP

But if i have a chance to see them or better, sing with them, it would be like a dream come true. They are like Taylor Swift or Victoria Justice with me. XP Well Yu Ming.. dream on..

Janice is the right, Sonia is the left. XP

The Dynamic Duo! XD

Owh, btw. This is my 800th blog post!! YAY!!! Come to think of im, i am pretty lifeless. DX

Thursday, January 27, 2011

You're smilin' & it's something' i like
on your face, yeah it suits you. X)

I don't know why I'm drawn to you.
Could you be the other one so we'd equal two?
And this is all based on a lucky chance
that you would rather add then subtract?

Hey. How've you been?
I know that it's been awhile.
Are you tired cause you've been on my mind
runnin' thousand & thousands of miles.
Sorry, I know that line's outta style. XP

By Chance (You & I) by JRA

Just some lyrics that really HITTED me when im listening to his song. XP But yeah, thats what im thinking the whole time. X)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

WHY Animal Cruelty!?

Some people in the world are practically brain dead or should i say heart dead.

I dont get it. Why must people do animal cruelty!? And when i say animal i meant ALL THE ANIMALS that exist in this world. All zillions species of them! Yeah, even the fierce and harmful ones.

Why can those people just find something else to do, like go get a girl friend or learn how to play guitar or just something that doesnt involve violence! But WHY!? WHY put it on the Animals!?

If you think killing or hitting animal is fun why dont just go get kill a human!? Killing an animal doesnt make any difference from killing a human at all?

These animal abusers like to pick on small animals. For example dogs.. especially those little puppies. Puppies are cute. Right? But what do these people do to them?? They practically treat them like punching bags, fish hooks, ping pong bags and even chairs!!!


Karma.. please.. if your out here.. and i believe your out there.. HIT THESE PEOPLE WILL KARMA HARD!!!

Turn them into the animal that they killed in their previous life and let them suffer the same way that they did to the animals that they abuse. Make them die and reborn again to the exact same animal and get abuse over and over again!

Well, if thats really happen.. then animal abuse will not stop. The recycle will just go over and over again. X(

Justice, karma or whatever religions stuffs.. please STRIKE these people hard..

For the love of all human and animal kind..

If you dont feel how I feel now, then go Google 'Animal Abuse' or 'Animal Cruelty' and read up. There are pictures there which you can see it for your self.

Yeah, im pissed and sad and emotional now.. X(

I promise that i will love animals..

Saturday, January 22, 2011

MPPJ Strikes!!

Waking up early in the morning or getting disturb by an afternoon nap just to go to the market, sometimes, it can feel like a pain in the neck.

Sometimes while your working, things can get very very bored..

BUT sometimes while your working, things can get really really interesting. XP

You can tell when is the most interesting part of the working is when the illegal sellers start packing their stuffs and started hesitating to run away. Then, the other hawkers stands will start shout "Come already! Come already!" (direct translate from hokkien)

Yeap, the one and only MPPJ strike! XD

It always amazes me that how my dad knows when the MPPJs are coming. While his cooking the carrot cake half way, he will suddenly shout and warn the others. Then the message will pass on to the next hawker stand and to the next all the way to the end of the market. 8D

Things can get interesting when the illegal sellers packed their stuffs and look around route to escape from being caught. Besides that, its also interesting when the illegal sellers have too many things to pack up and they all start hesitating.

Usually all the illegal workers will not get caught.. RARELY you get to see them getting caught. They must have been train to do some running before they start their illegal business. Probably some kind of qualification I guess. XD

What will make things more interesting is when the MPPJs spotted and caught the illegal sellers and confiscate their items. Illegal workers sometimes look or assists. They will hide their stuffs in another hawker's stall or they will practically hide in a restaurant's rest room. No kidding, well that what my dad told me la. XD

When the MPPJs spotted the illegal sellers, actions will happen. One will be running around with a huge bag of stuffs in his/her bag and another two more will be behide shouting "berhenti! berhenti!". Its like they are actually playing hide and seek! XD

There is sooo many action going on.. and you know whats the farked up part? People will actually just stand there and watch whats going on. XD Yeah, me and my dad are one of those people.

Then then then, whats the most interesting part is.. when the illegal sellers get angry and fight with the MPPJs. Now thats a scene to watch. XP

My dad call those people who fight back with the MPPJs brave but DUMB. XD If those illegal sellers try to bribe the MPPJs, my dad calls them DUMBASS! XD (direct translate from chinese)

Well, until today, i havent really see a fight between an illegal sellers and the MPPJs. But if one day that happen right infront of me.. then that will make my working time in the market very entertaining. XD

There are actually alot of things that can entertain me during my working time in the morning/night markets. MPPJ strikes is just one of them. XP

Friday, January 21, 2011

Performing for January Orientation

Sup guys. Hows everybody doing? XP

Let me get straight to the point then.

Since there are new intakes in my campus, that means there will be orientation night for the new takes. And in orientation night, there are games, food and performance.

I was asked by 3 person to perform for orientation night. it felt pretty damn amazing for some particular reason. XD I gladly agreed to perform.

Ms.Renee (the person incharge) said that i can bring a guests along to perform with me as well. So, i decided to bring Nicole along and join me on stage again. XP I wanted to bring more people up to the stage and sing along as well. People who i know can sing. So this time, i added another new friend to perform with us as well. Gabriel.

Some of you guys dont or wont know him cause he NEVER made a cover with me before. But both of us wanted to do a cover with each other la. XD So, i invited him along and sing with me on stage cause i know how skilled he is in harmonizing.

Another thing about this time performance. Its not like a band kind of thing. its like a group kind of thing. No drums, no piano, no base guitar. Just one acoustic guitar, tambourine and singers. Yeah, i added tambourine as a musical instrument to make things sounds interesting.

So, me, Nicole and Gabriel will be performing for the HMC January Intake students orientation night. The event is in HELP Damansara Heights on the 27th January 2011.

I will be performing with Melissa AKA SaSa-J that night. X)

I hope to see you guys there. X)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My brother Said to Me

*after taking a sneak peak at my previous blog post*

Brother: So, you went out shisha with your friends but you didnt shisha. =.=

Me: Yeah. Owh, u read my blog? 8D

Brother: Yeah, yeah.=.= So, you dont drink alcohols as well.

Me: Yeah. X)

Brother: Why didnt you just try it?

Me: I dunno. I just dont want. Why did you ask? o.O

Brother: Nothing.. *whispers* pussy.

Yeah, i dont drink, i dont smoke, i dont shisha. Why? Refer back to top of this blog post.

Dont like it? Well, BITE ME! XD

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nohting to Talk About

For onces.. i got nothing to talk about. XP

Its not like lately nothing happen.. its just that.. i dont really find anything interesting to talk about here. If you want me to talk, i will talk about games which is probably the things that i do the most lately. Okay, i lied, i do that everyday. But if i talk about that, that will just make myself sound lifeless. DX

This blog is too public for me to speak somethings about life. Plus, its not for me to judge sometimes. Im not god, im no hero, im no superman. XP

I would say that the most entertaining thing that happened to me lately was yesterday. Going out with my friends and WATCH them shisha. Apparently, EVERYONE and i meant EVERYONE there shisha EXCEPT me. XP

Ordered a fried chicken set there and it took them about 30mins to make two fried chicken!! Its like they actually went through the whole process of getting a chicken!! Like step 1, catching a chicken, step 2 unfeather the chicken or wtv you guys call it la!! When the chicken comes, i found out that the chicken was not cooked!! Blood leaking from the chicken itself! D8 Then i waited for another 30mins for another pair of fried chicken. DX

Kudos to Justin for fetching home, there and home again. XD The ride back home was nice..roll down the window and feel the wind and singing 'Like a G6' at the same time in the middle of the night. Totally Crazy. You try that. XD

Wow.. guess i did find something to blog about. XD Lets just hope some AWESOME thing turns out for me to blog about. XP

Owh, some of my friends ask me to vlog AKA video blogging. Maybe is because i like to talk crap here and there. XD But i will have to say no. For many different reasons. The two main one is because i dont have a good camera and i dont look good in a camera. DX XD

Alrights.. everyone STAY ALIVE!! XD Tatas~

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Offically Back to College

Sup ya'll!!! Im back to college!! Not for degree but still in foundation. Not moving any where further yet. XP

From what I heard from my friends. Degree is crap.. boring.. sucks. Thats the things that they told me when i ask them about degree. Its only day 3 and they said it sucks already.

Now i felt a little bit lucky that i didnt move to degree early. XD

I already started my first college class. Finite Maths. I was first in group K. But most of my friends are in group A. So, I spam and run around trying to get myself into group A. Finally, I entered group A. XP But guess what? All of my friends suddenly turn to group K cause the time table is way better. In the end, im back to group K again. XD

My lecturer is Mr.Fikree. He gave me a good impression in class. Funny malay dude. He started teaching chapter 1 already on the first day of class itself. I guess the reason is probably because he dont want to lose to the speed that the other lectures are teaching. XD I said i think.. so im most probably wrong. XP

Max, Justin, Katherine and Alex are in my class. I spotted one of my younger high school mate in that class. but i guess she couldnt really recognize me due to my different looks and hair style. (Or maybe shes just plain ignoring me.)

Im starting to blend in with the new january intakes. Not just with them, the other old intakers too. Starting to hang out and talk to them more often.

More friends more merrier.

Unless i did something sooo bad that pissed them off. Then more friends more screw up. XD I will try my best not to screw anything up and stay as happy as possible in college. X)

Alrights.. I have no class tomorrow. Guess I'll just Kingdom Hearts all day~ XP

Monday, January 10, 2011

Facebook Status

Facebook has been on like GODLY these days. I remember last time when facebook just started, I thought facebook was crap. Coincidencely, when i stopped facebooking, everyone started facebooking. After a period of time, im back to facebook.. and im back with more crazy-ness on facebook. XD

I've actually counted how many status post that i made last year. I made about 328 facebook status post in the year 2010. So that means, i will at least make a facebook status once a day. DX Scary eh?

Facebook status post are always about how the person is feeling right now. I tend to do that ALL the time. Or should I say.. Most of the time. Lately/Recently, I started to post facebook status that sounds like im in trouble or emotional or something.

To tell you guys the truth. Im doing fine. No Shyts happening to me. XP

Then why do i most facebook status that are so emotional?

Simple explanation. Cause im KEPO. XD I've hearing alot of stories going on from my left and right ears. Sad, Emotional, Depressing stories. But i have no guts, or ball, or strength to help them out. Even if i do help them out, they most probably wont listen. (Lets all admit that we tend to do that most of the time.)

So what can i do? Im still a KEPO-chi after all. So, i post facebook status like a message to them. Well its like indirectly to them la. And hope they can understand or have a second thought about what they are about to do. People tend to think more when they are alone. Who knows they are sitting down alone at home reading the facebook status that i wrote on my wall? XP

At the same time, its also teaches me a thing or two. Its hard to explain what did i thought me, but what i can say is that, the inspirational quotes boost my knowledge about LIFE. Well, thats what i think la. X)

I just hope those inspirational quotes that i wrote will reach people around me la. X)

Yeah, some people tend to use facebook status for a wrong reason. Well, lets not judge them cause we are not in their shoes and we probably dont know how they feel. That is why i dont really like to make it as my blog topic. XP

Thinking of inspirational quotes now.. Maybe i shall just goggle it next time. XD

Friday, January 7, 2011

Another Dream about 'Her'

Guess what? Its new year and im already having dreams about 'her' AGAIN. DX For those of you who've been keeping track on my blog posts, you guys should know who.

Every single dream that i dreamt about 'her' is always amazing. Although in reality, we all know that what happens in the dream is not going to happen. But it still felt so real, its like 'shes' actually there beside me, talking to me, comforting me! D8

In my dreams, i dreamt about her being kinda sad and not very satisfy with her life. I try many ways to make her happy but its still not enough to make her happy. Its just not enough.

In the dream, shes has another side of hobby which totally surprises me. I dreamt that she LOVES to play video games. As in LOVES!!! Capital letters!! So in my dream, shes like gamer! As in a pro-gamer! Even better than me!! D8 Which i find it very very attractive.. XD

The dream ended in a very very movie like way.. The dream ended when i send her back home and then me driving myself home. (yeah, can you believe me driving a girl home?? XD) The next thing i know.. i heard a loud voice saying "GENOCIDE". When I woke up, i found my brother playing HON already.

The thing about these dreams is that.. everytime i woke up. Its always ends with disappointment.. Whatever that I was holding in the dreams all dont exist.. whatever that i've obtain in the dream, vanishes. Which i find extremely sad!! DX DX DX

Alrights, enough tension. I bet you guys are wondering and wanted to know who the hell is 'she'. XP Some of you might have known already and some of you might been taking a wild guess right now. XP Well, then let me break it to you guys.

'Her' = Taylor Swift.

Im starting to think im like a freak always having these dreams about her. DX Im worried.. No kidding.. Im scared..

Theory proven.. dreams never exist..

Okay maybe half of it is real.. who knows? XP

Monday, January 3, 2011

Funny Dad.

Did i tell you guys how awesome and funny my dad is? He can be very very cute as well. Not look in the looks kinda cute, his already handsome. XD Cute as in those stupid stupid kind of cute. No my dad is not stupid.

Yeah, funny and stupid. sounds alittle bit resemble to me right? Guess that where i got my jokes and stupid actions around. Sadly, I wasnt the one with gifted with his looks. My brother got it. DX

Heres what happened a few days ago...

My dad fell tremedously sick. Like 38.4 degrees. Tell me thats serious. My mom wanted to pull him to the hospital to stay there. (Not clinic, but hospital) My dad refuses due to some apparent reason. He choose to stay at home and chillax.

Its sad to see a father suffering from tremedous high fever. So, I wanted to make him happy. I crack my '1+1' joke to him one day. XP While he was walking up the stairs, I went..

Me: "Hey dad, whats 1+1 ? XP"

He then turn around, gave me some cock stares and then he said.

Dad: "What did you do this time.."

He actually suspects that i've done something bad or wrong and trying to make a joke just to cover it up. XD There goes my plan for making him happy..Yeap, thats my dad.

Thats story one, heres story two. This just happened yesterday.

I was in the shopping mall with my family. ('Giant', the one in Kelana Jaya.) My mom and sister went to do their groceries shopping around giant while me and dad are walking around with the trolley.

I was not really focus on the road cause I thought I saw someone that I know. So, I accidentally hit on one of the stands/racks/stall. It was not serious. It was just a small bang. Then heres what my daddy said to me.

Dad: "Wow, Your driving skills sucks.."

Dad, that is a trolley.. not a freaking car. They both are two DIFFERENT THING!! XD

My dad is not just funny.. his actually awesome. Remember the high fever that i told you guys? He cured within 3 days and it was RIGHT at 31th of December. Where did he went after that? He went all the way to Genting with my mom and had countdown there!! D8

Can you believe that!? If thats not awesome, I dont know what is that called anymore. XD

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Starting College 4th Semester

2010 is over.. Everyone is probably ready for their degree after a one whole year of foundation-ing in HELP. But guess what? Im still staying in foundation! XD

Yeah, its not something that I should be proud of. DX

But yeah, im still staying at foundation for my 4th semester. Im staying back just to take another one more compulsory subject that i lefted out. Finite Maths. But to make myself not so free.. I took Malaysian Studies this 4th semester as well. XD Therefore, i dont have to take it in my degree! XP

Its gonna be alittle bit awkward around college now as most of my january intakes friend wont be around anymore. (Except a few of them which i dont wanna mention in my blog.) But i guess its shouldnt be that hard to cope around some march, april and august intakers. I mean, I have some friends who are in different intakes. XP

What is really gonna be interesting about this semester is that NEW january intakers are going to come in and see me as a REAL senior. Well i AM one year older than them after all. I wonder how issit going to be with a class of people who are one year younger than me. o.O

Dont worry, its not my first time sitting around with people younger than me and studying. I done that about a MILLION times during my mom's tuition classes. Not just younger, but older people around me too. XP

Well, we'll have to see how its goes tomorrow then? XP I hope to see some juniors that i known somewhere or somehow. XD

Excited about the college? I guess soo... Its better than staying at home playing video games i think. XP