Saturday, January 22, 2011

MPPJ Strikes!!

Waking up early in the morning or getting disturb by an afternoon nap just to go to the market, sometimes, it can feel like a pain in the neck.

Sometimes while your working, things can get very very bored..

BUT sometimes while your working, things can get really really interesting. XP

You can tell when is the most interesting part of the working is when the illegal sellers start packing their stuffs and started hesitating to run away. Then, the other hawkers stands will start shout "Come already! Come already!" (direct translate from hokkien)

Yeap, the one and only MPPJ strike! XD

It always amazes me that how my dad knows when the MPPJs are coming. While his cooking the carrot cake half way, he will suddenly shout and warn the others. Then the message will pass on to the next hawker stand and to the next all the way to the end of the market. 8D

Things can get interesting when the illegal sellers packed their stuffs and look around route to escape from being caught. Besides that, its also interesting when the illegal sellers have too many things to pack up and they all start hesitating.

Usually all the illegal workers will not get caught.. RARELY you get to see them getting caught. They must have been train to do some running before they start their illegal business. Probably some kind of qualification I guess. XD

What will make things more interesting is when the MPPJs spotted and caught the illegal sellers and confiscate their items. Illegal workers sometimes look or assists. They will hide their stuffs in another hawker's stall or they will practically hide in a restaurant's rest room. No kidding, well that what my dad told me la. XD

When the MPPJs spotted the illegal sellers, actions will happen. One will be running around with a huge bag of stuffs in his/her bag and another two more will be behide shouting "berhenti! berhenti!". Its like they are actually playing hide and seek! XD

There is sooo many action going on.. and you know whats the farked up part? People will actually just stand there and watch whats going on. XD Yeah, me and my dad are one of those people.

Then then then, whats the most interesting part is.. when the illegal sellers get angry and fight with the MPPJs. Now thats a scene to watch. XP

My dad call those people who fight back with the MPPJs brave but DUMB. XD If those illegal sellers try to bribe the MPPJs, my dad calls them DUMBASS! XD (direct translate from chinese)

Well, until today, i havent really see a fight between an illegal sellers and the MPPJs. But if one day that happen right infront of me.. then that will make my working time in the market very entertaining. XD

There are actually alot of things that can entertain me during my working time in the morning/night markets. MPPJ strikes is just one of them. XP