Monday, January 10, 2011

Facebook Status

Facebook has been on like GODLY these days. I remember last time when facebook just started, I thought facebook was crap. Coincidencely, when i stopped facebooking, everyone started facebooking. After a period of time, im back to facebook.. and im back with more crazy-ness on facebook. XD

I've actually counted how many status post that i made last year. I made about 328 facebook status post in the year 2010. So that means, i will at least make a facebook status once a day. DX Scary eh?

Facebook status post are always about how the person is feeling right now. I tend to do that ALL the time. Or should I say.. Most of the time. Lately/Recently, I started to post facebook status that sounds like im in trouble or emotional or something.

To tell you guys the truth. Im doing fine. No Shyts happening to me. XP

Then why do i most facebook status that are so emotional?

Simple explanation. Cause im KEPO. XD I've hearing alot of stories going on from my left and right ears. Sad, Emotional, Depressing stories. But i have no guts, or ball, or strength to help them out. Even if i do help them out, they most probably wont listen. (Lets all admit that we tend to do that most of the time.)

So what can i do? Im still a KEPO-chi after all. So, i post facebook status like a message to them. Well its like indirectly to them la. And hope they can understand or have a second thought about what they are about to do. People tend to think more when they are alone. Who knows they are sitting down alone at home reading the facebook status that i wrote on my wall? XP

At the same time, its also teaches me a thing or two. Its hard to explain what did i thought me, but what i can say is that, the inspirational quotes boost my knowledge about LIFE. Well, thats what i think la. X)

I just hope those inspirational quotes that i wrote will reach people around me la. X)

Yeah, some people tend to use facebook status for a wrong reason. Well, lets not judge them cause we are not in their shoes and we probably dont know how they feel. That is why i dont really like to make it as my blog topic. XP

Thinking of inspirational quotes now.. Maybe i shall just goggle it next time. XD