Friday, January 21, 2011

Performing for January Orientation

Sup guys. Hows everybody doing? XP

Let me get straight to the point then.

Since there are new intakes in my campus, that means there will be orientation night for the new takes. And in orientation night, there are games, food and performance.

I was asked by 3 person to perform for orientation night. it felt pretty damn amazing for some particular reason. XD I gladly agreed to perform.

Ms.Renee (the person incharge) said that i can bring a guests along to perform with me as well. So, i decided to bring Nicole along and join me on stage again. XP I wanted to bring more people up to the stage and sing along as well. People who i know can sing. So this time, i added another new friend to perform with us as well. Gabriel.

Some of you guys dont or wont know him cause he NEVER made a cover with me before. But both of us wanted to do a cover with each other la. XD So, i invited him along and sing with me on stage cause i know how skilled he is in harmonizing.

Another thing about this time performance. Its not like a band kind of thing. its like a group kind of thing. No drums, no piano, no base guitar. Just one acoustic guitar, tambourine and singers. Yeah, i added tambourine as a musical instrument to make things sounds interesting.

So, me, Nicole and Gabriel will be performing for the HMC January Intake students orientation night. The event is in HELP Damansara Heights on the 27th January 2011.

I will be performing with Melissa AKA SaSa-J that night. X)

I hope to see you guys there. X)