Monday, January 3, 2011

Funny Dad.

Did i tell you guys how awesome and funny my dad is? He can be very very cute as well. Not look in the looks kinda cute, his already handsome. XD Cute as in those stupid stupid kind of cute. No my dad is not stupid.

Yeah, funny and stupid. sounds alittle bit resemble to me right? Guess that where i got my jokes and stupid actions around. Sadly, I wasnt the one with gifted with his looks. My brother got it. DX

Heres what happened a few days ago...

My dad fell tremedously sick. Like 38.4 degrees. Tell me thats serious. My mom wanted to pull him to the hospital to stay there. (Not clinic, but hospital) My dad refuses due to some apparent reason. He choose to stay at home and chillax.

Its sad to see a father suffering from tremedous high fever. So, I wanted to make him happy. I crack my '1+1' joke to him one day. XP While he was walking up the stairs, I went..

Me: "Hey dad, whats 1+1 ? XP"

He then turn around, gave me some cock stares and then he said.

Dad: "What did you do this time.."

He actually suspects that i've done something bad or wrong and trying to make a joke just to cover it up. XD There goes my plan for making him happy..Yeap, thats my dad.

Thats story one, heres story two. This just happened yesterday.

I was in the shopping mall with my family. ('Giant', the one in Kelana Jaya.) My mom and sister went to do their groceries shopping around giant while me and dad are walking around with the trolley.

I was not really focus on the road cause I thought I saw someone that I know. So, I accidentally hit on one of the stands/racks/stall. It was not serious. It was just a small bang. Then heres what my daddy said to me.

Dad: "Wow, Your driving skills sucks.."

Dad, that is a trolley.. not a freaking car. They both are two DIFFERENT THING!! XD

My dad is not just funny.. his actually awesome. Remember the high fever that i told you guys? He cured within 3 days and it was RIGHT at 31th of December. Where did he went after that? He went all the way to Genting with my mom and had countdown there!! D8

Can you believe that!? If thats not awesome, I dont know what is that called anymore. XD