Sunday, January 23, 2011

WHY Animal Cruelty!?

Some people in the world are practically brain dead or should i say heart dead.

I dont get it. Why must people do animal cruelty!? And when i say animal i meant ALL THE ANIMALS that exist in this world. All zillions species of them! Yeah, even the fierce and harmful ones.

Why can those people just find something else to do, like go get a girl friend or learn how to play guitar or just something that doesnt involve violence! But WHY!? WHY put it on the Animals!?

If you think killing or hitting animal is fun why dont just go get kill a human!? Killing an animal doesnt make any difference from killing a human at all?

These animal abusers like to pick on small animals. For example dogs.. especially those little puppies. Puppies are cute. Right? But what do these people do to them?? They practically treat them like punching bags, fish hooks, ping pong bags and even chairs!!!


Karma.. please.. if your out here.. and i believe your out there.. HIT THESE PEOPLE WILL KARMA HARD!!!

Turn them into the animal that they killed in their previous life and let them suffer the same way that they did to the animals that they abuse. Make them die and reborn again to the exact same animal and get abuse over and over again!

Well, if thats really happen.. then animal abuse will not stop. The recycle will just go over and over again. X(

Justice, karma or whatever religions stuffs.. please STRIKE these people hard..

For the love of all human and animal kind..

If you dont feel how I feel now, then go Google 'Animal Abuse' or 'Animal Cruelty' and read up. There are pictures there which you can see it for your self.

Yeah, im pissed and sad and emotional now.. X(

I promise that i will love animals..