Friday, January 7, 2011

Another Dream about 'Her'

Guess what? Its new year and im already having dreams about 'her' AGAIN. DX For those of you who've been keeping track on my blog posts, you guys should know who.

Every single dream that i dreamt about 'her' is always amazing. Although in reality, we all know that what happens in the dream is not going to happen. But it still felt so real, its like 'shes' actually there beside me, talking to me, comforting me! D8

In my dreams, i dreamt about her being kinda sad and not very satisfy with her life. I try many ways to make her happy but its still not enough to make her happy. Its just not enough.

In the dream, shes has another side of hobby which totally surprises me. I dreamt that she LOVES to play video games. As in LOVES!!! Capital letters!! So in my dream, shes like gamer! As in a pro-gamer! Even better than me!! D8 Which i find it very very attractive.. XD

The dream ended in a very very movie like way.. The dream ended when i send her back home and then me driving myself home. (yeah, can you believe me driving a girl home?? XD) The next thing i know.. i heard a loud voice saying "GENOCIDE". When I woke up, i found my brother playing HON already.

The thing about these dreams is that.. everytime i woke up. Its always ends with disappointment.. Whatever that I was holding in the dreams all dont exist.. whatever that i've obtain in the dream, vanishes. Which i find extremely sad!! DX DX DX

Alrights, enough tension. I bet you guys are wondering and wanted to know who the hell is 'she'. XP Some of you might have known already and some of you might been taking a wild guess right now. XP Well, then let me break it to you guys.

'Her' = Taylor Swift.

Im starting to think im like a freak always having these dreams about her. DX Im worried.. No kidding.. Im scared..

Theory proven.. dreams never exist..

Okay maybe half of it is real.. who knows? XP