Sunday, January 2, 2011

Starting College 4th Semester

2010 is over.. Everyone is probably ready for their degree after a one whole year of foundation-ing in HELP. But guess what? Im still staying in foundation! XD

Yeah, its not something that I should be proud of. DX

But yeah, im still staying at foundation for my 4th semester. Im staying back just to take another one more compulsory subject that i lefted out. Finite Maths. But to make myself not so free.. I took Malaysian Studies this 4th semester as well. XD Therefore, i dont have to take it in my degree! XP

Its gonna be alittle bit awkward around college now as most of my january intakes friend wont be around anymore. (Except a few of them which i dont wanna mention in my blog.) But i guess its shouldnt be that hard to cope around some march, april and august intakers. I mean, I have some friends who are in different intakes. XP

What is really gonna be interesting about this semester is that NEW january intakers are going to come in and see me as a REAL senior. Well i AM one year older than them after all. I wonder how issit going to be with a class of people who are one year younger than me. o.O

Dont worry, its not my first time sitting around with people younger than me and studying. I done that about a MILLION times during my mom's tuition classes. Not just younger, but older people around me too. XP

Well, we'll have to see how its goes tomorrow then? XP I hope to see some juniors that i known somewhere or somehow. XD

Excited about the college? I guess soo... Its better than staying at home playing video games i think. XP