Friday, October 30, 2009

Whats New?

So, Whats new??

Yeah... for those of you who actually keep in touch in my blog, you guys will notice that i change some of the pictures in it a little bit.. XP You should at least notice the header gua.. its usually YUI's hand tunning the guitar *its was YUI's hand!? D8*

Okay newies are not just my blog.. i also have newies in me! XD Or should i say on me.. XP Yeah, i got a new specs.. but it looks exactly the same like the old one.. just that the crack on the side of my spec is now gone. XD Let see anyone can see that its a new specs or not..

Im in the mood for writing a song.. XP And the new song is going to be called "Stay Happy" sounds like weird but thats the name that my inspirations tells me. Exams?? Well, i can put a in a little time to write about it. Shouldnt harm much.. i think..

Taylor Swift has a new song too. XP Its all "Jump then Fall". Like always, another song about dudes and felling in love. Tarvin says that Taylor is emo.. i dont kinda agree with that.. hrm.. oh well, why bother? Thats what other people's comments says.

I got new ringtones in my phone!! first it was Taylor Swift's "You belong with Me" then i change to BigBang's "Haru-Haru".(all thanks to Megan for sharing the same ringtone like me so i have to change it) Now, its Cobra Starship's "Good Girls Go Bad". XP Trust, im going to change to WBX soon once i get the song from anyone i know. XD

I change my blog songs too. From "Haru-Haru Accoustic Version" as the first song to "Two is better than One". Its a good song thanks to Vania's obbession towards this song, im obbessed with it too. XD Add another few new songs in too.. XP

Oh, well thats all new about me. X) See ya~

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Stay Happy

You know.. i didnt know that some of my friends have sooo many sad story life.. this and that.. its kinda sad.. seriously.. i pitty them alot. Real alot~ But just because im not really close to them i cant really do anything to help them or comfert them. Oh well~ X)

School? hrm.. yes i do go to schools but it really sucks sometimes.. but today was kinda funny even know the periods sucks and also the amount of ppl in the class are like 8 only. XP Im surpise that Tarvin actually came!! But he says that his not coming anymore.. XD

We found a freaking DEAD cat in our class... its a faceless head!! YES!! faceless! only the body and the skin of the head. Me, Tarvin and ChianYoong have a hard time trying to put the body into a plastic bag.. Although its gross and yucky, but the incident was still kinda funny. XD What is very very weird and scary is.. there are no bloody stains on the floor, just the body. D8

Today we potong class almost half of the school days. Not all 8 of us, only me, tarvin and ChainYoong. XP We poteng to LenPing's class and play "The World Most _____" the game which we played during the mooncake festival night. Funny as hell~ XD

Im home and back on more facebook and youtubes!!

Finally there are progressions on KHBBS already!! Its been like 1 year ever since they post another new trailer.. BBS is getting me real confuse.. some say Xeharnort is a good guy some say he issint. But i believe Terra is going to become a bad guy. What surprise me the most is the appearence of Organization XIII ppls! XD and in BBS we get to play a mini multiplayer game! 8D Woaw!! its about time that KH got a multiplayer system. XD If you go watch the ending, it says january 2010 only the game come out. D8 Dammit!! Anothe one whole year!?

Of course i hunt down some FFXII news as well.

FF13 is really the best FF graphics i ever since in my whole life!! Nomura is really doing a great job. XP (Oh, i just know that the main girl character name is Lightning. XP) The gameplay is awesome, the graphics are awesome and so are the summons. Freaking cool..

I found another one. XP Its a longer version.

Finally FF has another kissing scene again.. fuh~ ever since FF10 tidus and yuna kissing scene, i never seen another in the late FF series. XD Like i said, the summon freaking rocks.. yeah!! XD The villain in the game looks cool and sexy as well. The game typically is PREFECT!! (worth Nomura's 2 years of creation. XD) Like all FF series, someone is going to dissappear or die in the game. XD Im starting to have interst in the game but too bad no PS3. Oh well~

BBS -Jan 2010, FF13- Winter 2009. Remember that. XP

I thinking of some songs to write.. hrm.. No inspiration all thanks to SPM. Pff~

gotta get study!! Chao people~ XP

WBX Music Video

Yesh!!! Finally, the song which im waiting for soooo freaking long (for like 8 weeks like that) finally arrives!! Yay!!! I still think the song is awesome... the full song rocks!! XD Take a look~

I think the MV is nice.. the cloths changing thing? Its kinda creative! XD I never knew they will put such an idea in it~ XD The short guitar solo was nice.. (Takuya was kinda show off that time.) The sudden come back chorus was nice as well. Basicly, the whole freaking song rocks! XD

Okay, i take back my words.. Aya Kamiki doesnt look like my friend. My friend is actually better looking. XD Aya Kamiki doesnt seem to be singing seriously in the music video.. But shes good~ XD Takuya's guitar skills kinda rocks. XD

Okay now i need you guys help.. Any kamen rider fans can help me download the whole song and PV for me!! (song as in excluded the long intro at the start of the pv and the long ending at the pv. Just the full song.) Can anyone help, please? XP

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Offically Missing You

The song "Offically Missing You" is still stuck in my head.. well not the orignal singer one la.. the twin's version. XD Good angelics voices...

And yeah im offically missing "you".. X) Wait.. im always missing you la! XD

I finally got some youtube fans send me some songs and to suggest me to play! 8D After sooo long i didnt go online and upload songs in it but someone fans got send me suggestions!! 8D Soooo freaking happy!! Okay i promise after spm im going update my youtube and post tons of suggested video for my fans~ XD Yay!!

I really got nothing else to post.. all i have to say is.. i feel like sniping people again!! XD

Friday, October 23, 2009

Facebooks and Youtubes.

People around the corner keep mention like "OMG!!! Yuming is freaking on facebook again!?" And the answer is yes!! XD Im back and im IN to facebook again. XD But im facebooking at the wrong time and at the wrong kind of dates. (dont make me mention wtf it is arh.. im sure all of u knows)

Currently im playing these facebook games:
-Cafe World (im currenly accidicted BIG time in this game)
-Kung-Fu Pets (im second accidicted to this one)
-Band Hero (this is game is kinda hard to play..)
-Mafia Wars (got tons of friends playing this, so i joined along)
-Dragon Wars (something like mafia wars but harder to play cause no friends)
-Ninja Tricks (the game is fun but it take CASH make this game better.)

Cafe World is nice but troublesome.. Kung-Fu Pets is just plain easy la.. i totally rock in that game. XD Band Hero is nice.. cause my character looks exactly like what i wanna be.. XP Mafia Wars is nice but its almost the same like Kung-Fu Pets la.. Dragon Wars, this game is kinda screw up la.. but if got ppl join my alliance then that might be different. XD Ninja Tricks, the best action game i play so far but still.. the game need REAL CASH to make your character stronger and cooler. So still.. its screw up as well.

Some ppl ask me to play games like "Friends for Sale", "Pet Society", "Texas Poker", "Bard Something.." well i did play those game but they just dont DIG me.. Some is i dun wanna play, some is i just get the game. XD

Back into Youtube..

My sister found these two amazing voice girls in some facebook videos. And i am attarcted to both of their voices. And they are very good.. u have to say that they are good cause they are really really good! XD Okay heres the song which i think they are the MOST top condition in.. take a look~

Never knew that their voice are soo angelic eh?? XD They both are twins btw.. XP So dun worry if u kinda get confuse with their looks. Thus, they are koreans!! but they are australlian koreans. XD Seriously.. they are good..

Heres something i want you guys to watch. Its about Taylor Swift~

yes, she need ppl to vote for her in 2009 American Music Awards. XP Well if your free and you have nothing to do.. please vote for her.. Cause i really really want her to win, especially for the song "You belong with me" XP

I played Dota ALOT with my friends these days.. and you know what?? i think Phantom Assasin freaking rocks!! Why?? Cause its freaking imba/gay!! XD I love that hero~ Pawn 3 games thanks to that hero. Thus, i use to think Ursa Warrior kinda sucks.. but its actually imba as well!! XD

COD 4 freaking rocks!! Yes, i played with my friends alot as well these days. XP (we play mod warfare) At first im using like Heavy Gunner only.. but thanks to Nat's recomandations, im killing more ppl with Sniper!! XD For the first time i killed 37 people in a game!! Thus, i got first placing in the game. Yay!! XD COD 4 rocks and so is COD 5. XP

I've been playing hard and playing smart as well!! I DO STUDY OKAY!!! I go schools as well okay!!! I do more exercise then i usually do.. so dont think that i dont study okay! XD

I talking to people who i dont usually talk these days.. also to people who im not friendly with. Why?? Cause come to think of it.. we only have like a few more weeks together in school and after that we might not meet or comtact each other anymore.. so i think its time to forgive and forget. As a matter of fact, its just some small matter we cant get along. XD

Im happy~ I really am happy~ XD Cheers!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Good Girls Go Bad

Hearing this song over and over again on both and After hearing this song i kinda go addicted to it.. dunno why!? =.= Anyways.. since im sooo freaking free i spend my time looking for the music video. And i found out something..

Do you know Gossip Girl? Do you know Blair Waldorf?? Do you know Leighton Meester?? If you do u have to watch the music video of [Good Girls Go Bad]. Seriously.. i was shocked after i watched the video..

Did u see it?? Did u hear it?? Blair Waldorf AKA Leighton Meester can sing!! D8 Its not like any average singer.. I have to say.. Shes GOOD!!! 8D Yeah i find her very attractive (all thanks to Gossip Girl) but i find her even more attarctive now after watching this video. God shes HOT!!!

Some of you will problally go like, "You now only know arh!?". Well call my stupid and yes i just know only.. all thanks to for mentioning about it.

Anyways heres another video of Taylor Swift again!! Its another old one.. but who cares!! Its nice and funny! XD

How nice to have bands/friends like hers. X) Go Go Taylor Swift!!!

Learning guitar songs again.. going to fill up the chord book man! XD

Friday, October 16, 2009

Fly Fm + Jennifer's Body

These days im IN to Fly Fm. Not to say Hitz Fm is out.. but fly fm digs me more.. XD I actually demand songs for people around me. XP So far i demand twice.. once sucess and one failed.. So listen to fly fm, who knws you can hear my voice in fly fm and who knows i might demand a song for u. XP

Fly fm keep telling me about this new movie called "Jennifer's Body". Guess whose the main actress guys?? Yeap, its the all time sexy hot Megan Fox acting as Jennifer in the movie. This is a hot, sexy, HORROR movie!! For the first time i find Megan Fox acting in a horror movie. And another character which is the main girl character in Mama Mia, Amanda Seyfried as anotehr main character in the movie.

The whole story is like that, Jennifer (Megan Fox) dunno how la she gets possessed by a demon. By day shes the sexy girl who every guy wanan go out with but night.. she kills only guys and EATS them!! Needy (Amanda Seyfried) also known as Jennifer's best friend is try to protect all guys from letting Jennifer to kill and eat them.

Thats all i know about the story.. take a look at the trailer.

Is Megan Fox hot or what!? Honestly im not the kind of guy who watch horror movies.. but this time im kinda intrested in this one. Mayb its cause of Megan Fox.. XD

Im back in Facebook.. thanks to this game called Ninja Tricks.. argh.. its a retarded game but dunno why am i intrested in it! D8 Well basic the main reason i go to facebook again is to use the chat system there.. more of my friends are using it! Dunno why.. o.O

Nothing really much happend these days.. Listening to radio.. chao!!

Monday, October 12, 2009

ByeBye Snakie

Yeap like what the title said.. Byebye Snakie..

My bro and dad decided to let it go. RELEASE!! Yeap, if we dont release it. it will die.. and we dont want snake spirits in our house! XD We release it somewhere near our house area.. (who unlucky then who kena our snakie. XD) It somewhere at the lake of KEN1. Well dun worry its not poisonous at all, it just some freaking longkang snake.

Have you even seen a movie with your family? As in, in a movie threater with you family watching a movie?? I did.. The last time i did it was when i was very very very when a popular movie called [Jingled all the Way] was out. This time, in year 2009, we did it again!! XD Thanks to my sister for belanja-ing all of us. Too bad my bro dun wanna join us cause he watched the movie already. The movie we watch is a singaporian show [Where got Ghost?] in chinese is [Xia Tao Xiao]

The movie is nice.. its not all in one story, its actually 3 different stories. Well the movie is using ghost stories to teach us moral values. Awesome kind of movie. I like the 2nd story. (just to not spoilt the story i wont tell u guys what issit. XD) and the ending has the best moral value all of. XD Great Movie..

Im bored.. real bored.. school is coming back again. Should i yay?? o.O

Happy Birthday Peiyin!!! X)
-no pictures cause i never taken one with her before i think-

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The End of the World!?

Rumors says that 2012 is the end of the world.. thats what they said.. something to do with the beijin ice melting and hitting the whole world and floode. FLUSH!!! D8 Thats what they said la but to tell you the truth, im scared...

I played with Snakie!! Well.. i still dun have the guts to hold it with my own hands.. but still its fun!! Day by day its getting skinnier, why?? Cause we dunno what to feel it. Seriously, clueless!! What to do? Smart elek like us dunno what baby snake eats. XD I think the snake is going to die.. sobs.. no snakie!!

I lost my favourite pick!! Yeap, guitar pick la.. XD I think i put in somewhere in my room... Nvm la.. Im playing new guitar songs again. Some of them are famous, latest and hottest song . All thanks to the radio application that i have in my new phone. (special thanks to for example, [I wanna], [Love Drunk], etc.. not to forget Taylor Swift songs like [Our Song] and [Im only Me when Im with You]. yay!! XD

Yes, Yes im studying dont worry.. I will try my best to study as i hard as i can. (I said "try" so i cannot comfirm all of you. XD)

I think that all la~ weeheee!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009


Whatssup guys!!? Im Back!!! Why didnt i update my blog for sooo long?? Cause my brother's com got busted... as in KABOOM!!! Something to do with the circuit interuption i think. XD

Its proven.. LenPing and YanLeng are my blog fans too! XD both of them keep calling me to update my blog. Especially LenPing cause he think its getting boring. XD Thanks for supporting my blog.

Mooncake festival party was a total sucess... i will post about it later or next time.. If you all really wanna know then remember to remind me.. cause i scared i will go lazy and forget. XD I will update it soon la.

Im playing Dissidia again.. Why?? Cause Nat called me a NOOB!!! And his going to get it from calling me that. I played a new game to challenge his CHEATED game. XD Im still going to claim the title of KOD!! (King of Dissidia.)

Heres the biggest and latest news. I got a new family member in my family. yeap, its another pet but this pet is just a little bit different from the others which i had before. Thus, we caught this pet!! It was hard catching it.. thus this pet is dangerous as well. We had a SNAKE as a pet! D8

My maid found it at the chicken loafing around, she was shock when she saw the thing. She quick find me and my brother and told us. We heard "Ulat! Ulat" (actually its Ular.) So, me and my brother thought is just some worm or something else. Then when my brother so the length of the body, he goes like "eh, this is not right wei.. thats not a farking worm!!!". After watching Steve Erwin for a long time, my brother know some skills for catching snake. Yeap, he caught it. XD

Videos Videos Videos~

Heres something for people who LOVE kittens.

Heres another cuter one. XD

Cute issint it? XD

I found another video its decicated to Taylor Swift. (Taylor if and only if your reading my blog. This video is posted just for you.) Btw, its offically done in Malaysians.

They are just soooo freaking cool!! Hope Taylor will like it. X)

Taylor Swift reading my blog? Thats kinda impossible, but its worth a shot, thus i got nothing to lose. XD This is to show how loyal im too Taylor Swift and how much i love her. XD

Another Video, a Singapore pianist joke. I recommand people who know hokkien and english. XD Its real god damm funny~

I just love to spaming videos in youtube.

Im going to update more next time.. this is all i got lately. Chao people~ Enjoy the last few days of holiday.

You wont believe im saying this.. but.. STUDY!!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Final Day in 5 Ixora

Yeap, like what i said.. the last day of my class IN 5Ixora.. after PMR we are all going to 3Ixora to study. I dun understand.. why do they have to change our class!? The class enviroment is nice.. but the bad part about our class is that we have to take a long walk reaching our class. XD So.. oh well!!

Since its our last day in 5 Ixora.. i decided to make a video vlog about this incident. 8D yeap, just like taylor swift. XP Im going to everyone, one by one and recording them with my all new nokia cacated phone. (yeap thats right, i got new phone. XP After 3 years..). At first, it was kinda hard cause no one wanna co-operate.. but later i finally get their attention. XD and i interviewed almost everyone in the class. XD

I took 3 videos about interviewing the class, and one video gossip about our teacher.. haha!! Its fun if you have a camera phone!! Okay, I got a camera phone, i got enough space to videos.. but i theres one problem.. how am i suppose to put it into the com?? o.O They didnt sponsor me like plug in to the com or something! D8 I have my ways.. X)

Mooncake Festival is coming and guess what? Tomorrow im throwing party at my house! Woohoo and Boohoo. The good thing is i get to orgainise a party for the first time!! But the boohoo thing is, its kinda stressing me out.. no enough participants coming.. no idea what to do during the party, and most importantly.. Will they have FUN?? o.O

I hope the party will turn pretty much well.. or should i say sucess!! Thou many people are not coming.. but i dun care.. if the party is fun, they rugi one. XD Yay!!!

Here another Video from Taylor Swift!! X)

Yeahh.. i still love Taylor~ X) She says she loves Katy Parry thats why she put her song as the cover for this video. I like the part where shes talking with her cat. Shes cute and so is the cat!! XD

Planning for party.. wish me luck!!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Videos to Share

Basicily, everytime i go on to the internet, first i will go my blog and then to everyoe else's links after that to youtube and check and see got any messages anot (im waiting a reply from Taylor. XP) then go check out videos!! Woohooo! Thats what i usually do everytime! XP

School?? Well.. school days are nothing la.. days are just getting better sometimes since holiday sucked out sooo much. Results are the only things which really pisses me off!! But but but.. so far i got 2Azzzz out of 6 subjects.. i believe my next A is English. fuh.. fuh.. fuh..

Chian Yoong is damm evil today!! Farking evil!! XD Heres what happend.. I was sitting beside ChainYoong today since Nat is not around to teman him. Okay, i was trying to do accounts that time and I told him loud and clear "Im going to do this ChainYoong!! You feel me!? Im going to do finish this whole damm paper of accounts!! Yeah". Suddenly an announcement came in and called all of us to go dewan and listen to some crap talk, Argh!!! I wanna study that time, they dont let me study!! Then the worst part is.. ChainYoong said this "Its fated la.. you cannot study. XD" WTF!? It was a prefect joke la.. I cant stop laughing that time.

Celine is my blog fan!? 8D Yeah, she is.. i mean.. sorta.. i dunno.. So, yeah! Shes my blog fan!! Shes basicily know whatever i said in my blog!! 8D I feel real good that someone always keep in touch with me through. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! X)

Time for videos!! Woohooo!!

Okay, its a very old song.. But now only i started to like it.. okay i like it recently only la.. like 3 months ago only. XD I find the song kinda nice.. thus the MV is beutiful as well. As in the girls inside are beutiful.

Heres another one.. This will just try to make u cry.. its touching..

This 4 mins video is extremely touching.. im going to be very honest.. I almost cried through the video. I cannot see people cry one.. if the actors are girls i will problally cry la! XD (dun call me wuss) So, yeah.. lets forgive..

Thats all for today.. fuh~ im going to do the accounts that i cant do in school today!! Finish it like BAH!!! Lets do it!!