Friday, October 23, 2009

Facebooks and Youtubes.

People around the corner keep mention like "OMG!!! Yuming is freaking on facebook again!?" And the answer is yes!! XD Im back and im IN to facebook again. XD But im facebooking at the wrong time and at the wrong kind of dates. (dont make me mention wtf it is arh.. im sure all of u knows)

Currently im playing these facebook games:
-Cafe World (im currenly accidicted BIG time in this game)
-Kung-Fu Pets (im second accidicted to this one)
-Band Hero (this is game is kinda hard to play..)
-Mafia Wars (got tons of friends playing this, so i joined along)
-Dragon Wars (something like mafia wars but harder to play cause no friends)
-Ninja Tricks (the game is fun but it take CASH make this game better.)

Cafe World is nice but troublesome.. Kung-Fu Pets is just plain easy la.. i totally rock in that game. XD Band Hero is nice.. cause my character looks exactly like what i wanna be.. XP Mafia Wars is nice but its almost the same like Kung-Fu Pets la.. Dragon Wars, this game is kinda screw up la.. but if got ppl join my alliance then that might be different. XD Ninja Tricks, the best action game i play so far but still.. the game need REAL CASH to make your character stronger and cooler. So still.. its screw up as well.

Some ppl ask me to play games like "Friends for Sale", "Pet Society", "Texas Poker", "Bard Something.." well i did play those game but they just dont DIG me.. Some is i dun wanna play, some is i just get the game. XD

Back into Youtube..

My sister found these two amazing voice girls in some facebook videos. And i am attarcted to both of their voices. And they are very good.. u have to say that they are good cause they are really really good! XD Okay heres the song which i think they are the MOST top condition in.. take a look~

Never knew that their voice are soo angelic eh?? XD They both are twins btw.. XP So dun worry if u kinda get confuse with their looks. Thus, they are koreans!! but they are australlian koreans. XD Seriously.. they are good..

Heres something i want you guys to watch. Its about Taylor Swift~

yes, she need ppl to vote for her in 2009 American Music Awards. XP Well if your free and you have nothing to do.. please vote for her.. Cause i really really want her to win, especially for the song "You belong with me" XP

I played Dota ALOT with my friends these days.. and you know what?? i think Phantom Assasin freaking rocks!! Why?? Cause its freaking imba/gay!! XD I love that hero~ Pawn 3 games thanks to that hero. Thus, i use to think Ursa Warrior kinda sucks.. but its actually imba as well!! XD

COD 4 freaking rocks!! Yes, i played with my friends alot as well these days. XP (we play mod warfare) At first im using like Heavy Gunner only.. but thanks to Nat's recomandations, im killing more ppl with Sniper!! XD For the first time i killed 37 people in a game!! Thus, i got first placing in the game. Yay!! XD COD 4 rocks and so is COD 5. XP

I've been playing hard and playing smart as well!! I DO STUDY OKAY!!! I go schools as well okay!!! I do more exercise then i usually do.. so dont think that i dont study okay! XD

I talking to people who i dont usually talk these days.. also to people who im not friendly with. Why?? Cause come to think of it.. we only have like a few more weeks together in school and after that we might not meet or comtact each other anymore.. so i think its time to forgive and forget. As a matter of fact, its just some small matter we cant get along. XD

Im happy~ I really am happy~ XD Cheers!