Saturday, October 10, 2009


Whatssup guys!!? Im Back!!! Why didnt i update my blog for sooo long?? Cause my brother's com got busted... as in KABOOM!!! Something to do with the circuit interuption i think. XD

Its proven.. LenPing and YanLeng are my blog fans too! XD both of them keep calling me to update my blog. Especially LenPing cause he think its getting boring. XD Thanks for supporting my blog.

Mooncake festival party was a total sucess... i will post about it later or next time.. If you all really wanna know then remember to remind me.. cause i scared i will go lazy and forget. XD I will update it soon la.

Im playing Dissidia again.. Why?? Cause Nat called me a NOOB!!! And his going to get it from calling me that. I played a new game to challenge his CHEATED game. XD Im still going to claim the title of KOD!! (King of Dissidia.)

Heres the biggest and latest news. I got a new family member in my family. yeap, its another pet but this pet is just a little bit different from the others which i had before. Thus, we caught this pet!! It was hard catching it.. thus this pet is dangerous as well. We had a SNAKE as a pet! D8

My maid found it at the chicken loafing around, she was shock when she saw the thing. She quick find me and my brother and told us. We heard "Ulat! Ulat" (actually its Ular.) So, me and my brother thought is just some worm or something else. Then when my brother so the length of the body, he goes like "eh, this is not right wei.. thats not a farking worm!!!". After watching Steve Erwin for a long time, my brother know some skills for catching snake. Yeap, he caught it. XD

Videos Videos Videos~

Heres something for people who LOVE kittens.

Heres another cuter one. XD

Cute issint it? XD

I found another video its decicated to Taylor Swift. (Taylor if and only if your reading my blog. This video is posted just for you.) Btw, its offically done in Malaysians.

They are just soooo freaking cool!! Hope Taylor will like it. X)

Taylor Swift reading my blog? Thats kinda impossible, but its worth a shot, thus i got nothing to lose. XD This is to show how loyal im too Taylor Swift and how much i love her. XD

Another Video, a Singapore pianist joke. I recommand people who know hokkien and english. XD Its real god damm funny~

I just love to spaming videos in youtube.

Im going to update more next time.. this is all i got lately. Chao people~ Enjoy the last few days of holiday.

You wont believe im saying this.. but.. STUDY!!!!