Sunday, October 11, 2009

The End of the World!?

Rumors says that 2012 is the end of the world.. thats what they said.. something to do with the beijin ice melting and hitting the whole world and floode. FLUSH!!! D8 Thats what they said la but to tell you the truth, im scared...

I played with Snakie!! Well.. i still dun have the guts to hold it with my own hands.. but still its fun!! Day by day its getting skinnier, why?? Cause we dunno what to feel it. Seriously, clueless!! What to do? Smart elek like us dunno what baby snake eats. XD I think the snake is going to die.. sobs.. no snakie!!

I lost my favourite pick!! Yeap, guitar pick la.. XD I think i put in somewhere in my room... Nvm la.. Im playing new guitar songs again. Some of them are famous, latest and hottest song . All thanks to the radio application that i have in my new phone. (special thanks to for example, [I wanna], [Love Drunk], etc.. not to forget Taylor Swift songs like [Our Song] and [Im only Me when Im with You]. yay!! XD

Yes, Yes im studying dont worry.. I will try my best to study as i hard as i can. (I said "try" so i cannot comfirm all of you. XD)

I think that all la~ weeheee!!