Friday, October 2, 2009

Final Day in 5 Ixora

Yeap, like what i said.. the last day of my class IN 5Ixora.. after PMR we are all going to 3Ixora to study. I dun understand.. why do they have to change our class!? The class enviroment is nice.. but the bad part about our class is that we have to take a long walk reaching our class. XD So.. oh well!!

Since its our last day in 5 Ixora.. i decided to make a video vlog about this incident. 8D yeap, just like taylor swift. XP Im going to everyone, one by one and recording them with my all new nokia cacated phone. (yeap thats right, i got new phone. XP After 3 years..). At first, it was kinda hard cause no one wanna co-operate.. but later i finally get their attention. XD and i interviewed almost everyone in the class. XD

I took 3 videos about interviewing the class, and one video gossip about our teacher.. haha!! Its fun if you have a camera phone!! Okay, I got a camera phone, i got enough space to videos.. but i theres one problem.. how am i suppose to put it into the com?? o.O They didnt sponsor me like plug in to the com or something! D8 I have my ways.. X)

Mooncake Festival is coming and guess what? Tomorrow im throwing party at my house! Woohoo and Boohoo. The good thing is i get to orgainise a party for the first time!! But the boohoo thing is, its kinda stressing me out.. no enough participants coming.. no idea what to do during the party, and most importantly.. Will they have FUN?? o.O

I hope the party will turn pretty much well.. or should i say sucess!! Thou many people are not coming.. but i dun care.. if the party is fun, they rugi one. XD Yay!!!

Here another Video from Taylor Swift!! X)

Yeahh.. i still love Taylor~ X) She says she loves Katy Parry thats why she put her song as the cover for this video. I like the part where shes talking with her cat. Shes cute and so is the cat!! XD

Planning for party.. wish me luck!!