Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Stay Happy

You know.. i didnt know that some of my friends have sooo many sad story life.. this and that.. its kinda sad.. seriously.. i pitty them alot. Real alot~ But just because im not really close to them i cant really do anything to help them or comfert them. Oh well~ X)

School? hrm.. yes i do go to schools but it really sucks sometimes.. but today was kinda funny even know the periods sucks and also the amount of ppl in the class are like 8 only. XP Im surpise that Tarvin actually came!! But he says that his not coming anymore.. XD

We found a freaking DEAD cat in our class... its a faceless head!! YES!! faceless! only the body and the skin of the head. Me, Tarvin and ChianYoong have a hard time trying to put the body into a plastic bag.. Although its gross and yucky, but the incident was still kinda funny. XD What is very very weird and scary is.. there are no bloody stains on the floor, just the body. D8

Today we potong class almost half of the school days. Not all 8 of us, only me, tarvin and ChainYoong. XP We poteng to LenPing's class and play "The World Most _____" the game which we played during the mooncake festival night. Funny as hell~ XD

Im home and back on more facebook and youtubes!!

Finally there are progressions on KHBBS already!! Its been like 1 year ever since they post another new trailer.. BBS is getting me real confuse.. some say Xeharnort is a good guy some say he issint. But i believe Terra is going to become a bad guy. What surprise me the most is the appearence of Organization XIII ppls! XD and in BBS we get to play a mini multiplayer game! 8D Woaw!! its about time that KH got a multiplayer system. XD If you go watch the ending, it says january 2010 only the game come out. D8 Dammit!! Anothe one whole year!?

Of course i hunt down some FFXII news as well.

FF13 is really the best FF graphics i ever since in my whole life!! Nomura is really doing a great job. XP (Oh, i just know that the main girl character name is Lightning. XP) The gameplay is awesome, the graphics are awesome and so are the summons. Freaking cool..

I found another one. XP Its a longer version.

Finally FF has another kissing scene again.. fuh~ ever since FF10 tidus and yuna kissing scene, i never seen another in the late FF series. XD Like i said, the summon freaking rocks.. yeah!! XD The villain in the game looks cool and sexy as well. The game typically is PREFECT!! (worth Nomura's 2 years of creation. XD) Like all FF series, someone is going to dissappear or die in the game. XD Im starting to have interst in the game but too bad no PS3. Oh well~

BBS -Jan 2010, FF13- Winter 2009. Remember that. XP

I thinking of some songs to write.. hrm.. No inspiration all thanks to SPM. Pff~

gotta get study!! Chao people~ XP