Thursday, October 1, 2009

Videos to Share

Basicily, everytime i go on to the internet, first i will go my blog and then to everyoe else's links after that to youtube and check and see got any messages anot (im waiting a reply from Taylor. XP) then go check out videos!! Woohooo! Thats what i usually do everytime! XP

School?? Well.. school days are nothing la.. days are just getting better sometimes since holiday sucked out sooo much. Results are the only things which really pisses me off!! But but but.. so far i got 2Azzzz out of 6 subjects.. i believe my next A is English. fuh.. fuh.. fuh..

Chian Yoong is damm evil today!! Farking evil!! XD Heres what happend.. I was sitting beside ChainYoong today since Nat is not around to teman him. Okay, i was trying to do accounts that time and I told him loud and clear "Im going to do this ChainYoong!! You feel me!? Im going to do finish this whole damm paper of accounts!! Yeah". Suddenly an announcement came in and called all of us to go dewan and listen to some crap talk, Argh!!! I wanna study that time, they dont let me study!! Then the worst part is.. ChainYoong said this "Its fated la.. you cannot study. XD" WTF!? It was a prefect joke la.. I cant stop laughing that time.

Celine is my blog fan!? 8D Yeah, she is.. i mean.. sorta.. i dunno.. So, yeah! Shes my blog fan!! Shes basicily know whatever i said in my blog!! 8D I feel real good that someone always keep in touch with me through. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!! X)

Time for videos!! Woohooo!!

Okay, its a very old song.. But now only i started to like it.. okay i like it recently only la.. like 3 months ago only. XD I find the song kinda nice.. thus the MV is beutiful as well. As in the girls inside are beutiful.

Heres another one.. This will just try to make u cry.. its touching..

This 4 mins video is extremely touching.. im going to be very honest.. I almost cried through the video. I cannot see people cry one.. if the actors are girls i will problally cry la! XD (dun call me wuss) So, yeah.. lets forgive..

Thats all for today.. fuh~ im going to do the accounts that i cant do in school today!! Finish it like BAH!!! Lets do it!!