Wednesday, October 28, 2009

WBX Music Video

Yesh!!! Finally, the song which im waiting for soooo freaking long (for like 8 weeks like that) finally arrives!! Yay!!! I still think the song is awesome... the full song rocks!! XD Take a look~

I think the MV is nice.. the cloths changing thing? Its kinda creative! XD I never knew they will put such an idea in it~ XD The short guitar solo was nice.. (Takuya was kinda show off that time.) The sudden come back chorus was nice as well. Basicly, the whole freaking song rocks! XD

Okay, i take back my words.. Aya Kamiki doesnt look like my friend. My friend is actually better looking. XD Aya Kamiki doesnt seem to be singing seriously in the music video.. But shes good~ XD Takuya's guitar skills kinda rocks. XD

Okay now i need you guys help.. Any kamen rider fans can help me download the whole song and PV for me!! (song as in excluded the long intro at the start of the pv and the long ending at the pv. Just the full song.) Can anyone help, please? XP