Sunday, January 31, 2010

Guitar Teacher, ME

Yeap, that the real HIT thing recently.. XP Im becoming a guitar teacher.. NOT an offical one.. and also not a very good one. I dun get paid doing that.. but I GET GOOD KARMA! XD

Aftering taking one special student as my guitar student. (she actually come and ask me all in a sudden) Suddenly, there are tons of people wanna learn guitar from me! And all are from sunday school temple. (high school no one sees my hidden guitar skills before and so it college friends. XD)

So far i already got 5 students. I guess thats waay more than enuf already.. especailly for a noob guitarist like me. So i guess these unlucky 5 are going to taste my wrath for a few months before they actually become good. XD Btw, im just going to teach them strumming nothing else.. XP

Nothing much happend.. oh wait..

Im back on youtube again! Hope you guys can support me and watch my video. I started posting my faces and very retarded voice inside already.. so have fun listening!


I'll upload my colloge pictures soo.. it really takes time. XP

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Won't Even Start

I found an original song made by the famous David Choi. And through watching the offical video that he made (which is freaking incredible) i got addicted to the song. The song is really really nice.. You all should see!

Its a nice song a very sad video.. Very touching for some reason. (mayb is cause im used to looking at girls crying.) XP

Yes, he does look very sleepy (everytime..) but for a guy he has a very very nice voice. Thus, there are more original song that he made but this one is the best and touching one i've heard so far. XP

Back to College Life..

Today, i brought YUI Tan to my college. Mr.Siva took a quick look at YUI Tan during computer principle class. XD I have my reasons bring guitar to college. Dex, Havin and Cai Hong wanted to play guitar along. So yeah..

Wow, someone actually like my guitar more than his prefect and original guitar. D8 he wants to trade YUI Tan for 5 days. (until tuesday) I have a hard time thinking.. but since he gave a very reasonable offer. So i think i shud just trade. (its just for 5 days anyways..)

So yeah, now im lying beside me is Tervis (i gave that guitar that name. XP) And YUI Tan is problally at Havin's house having fun with him. Honestly i miss YUI Tan already..

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

HELP Music Club

Wake up in the morning feeling like die-ing... XD

A little change lyrics from [Tik- Tok]. XP

SOOOO Yeah, hows everyone doing? Im doing real fine.. and i have a question to those of you who are in college life. What clubs do you people join?? o.O

Its seems that everyone is doing great in college.. I receive results through asking and blog reading. XP So enjoy people!!

Today was the first meeting of Help's music club and I am offically a member of the club. XD We had a little bit of ice breaking with the members and the committees. The committees are great and really really funny. I think they are more to a chinese educated people. O.o that shoudnt be a problem for me. XP

When i introduce myself i said that i think im a singer and im a half player guitarist. Then, they wanna know i can sing anot so they asked me to sing. (of all people sing) so, i sang my sure win song which is 'Gemilang' XP I dun really know the results but all i knw is i got appaulse. XP

After Music Club meeting, i meet with this girl called Nicole. Its not the first that we meet actually, we meet and talked with each other once at the wi-fi corridoors. And i can tell shes a huge fan of FF9 (of all ffs why ff9 la.) then we started talking. She was also part of the music club as well and shes also a new member. She was called to sing as well, and oh boy she can sing. XP

Nowadays, i find my english lecture (Ms.Annie) kinda hot.. well.. she has a very very sweet voice actually. I didnt really notice her voice last time.. but now.. she actually has a sexy voice. XP And her looks are actually not bad.. XP She can be really really friendly when you are active and friendly to her as well in class. X)

NO people im NOT falling in love with my lectures..

Tomorrow bringing YUI Tan to campus for fun.. Manggo (a new friend) promise to bring his as well. XD yay!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Thats the word that my calculus lecture tought us today.. I didnt really absorb the calculus that much but this word is a sure stay in my mind. XD

There was a really really tough questions on the board. We can answer but all of us have different answer and my lecture keep on asking..

'You Sure? You Sure? You Sure?'.

Those line just enough for us to change our mind from yes to no and no to yes. XD Then no one have the guts to answer any more. Then me and my friends keep saying 'Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!" My teacher got kinda annoyed that no one is giving him a second answer.. He sudden just said..


He didnt say it in a harsh way.. in face he said it in a very very funny way. XD Then all of us started laughing. He said that the word that he said is not swearing. (yeah right) he said we can go check the dictionary for prove. The words are sticking to each other.. If its not then its just some other people.

Lots of LOL.

After he said 'cocksure' all of us started using the word during his whole lesson! XD New word learned.. XP

Back to Persona 3 FES. The game is not as hard as it sounds actually..

Monday, January 25, 2010

David Choi

I very very in love with this song called [Hey Soul Sister] and yes i did mention before but im going to say it again.

There are tons of famous youtube singers and one of them is the freaking famous david choi. (an asian american. XD) and for a guy he has a very very amazing voice and he even got youtube's certificate. 8D yeah, that just proves how good his voice is..

Okay abt the [Hey Soul Sister], he too made a cover of that song and I find it waaay nicer than the original (although is shorter) here check it out..

I will never get bored of his videos. One is cause of his musics that makes u wanna nice sooo much and second, the many faces of him making different face reaction enterntaining u. XD

Go find him on youtube he has tons of extremely nice song covers. XP

I finish 'Mana Khemia' now im playing 'Person 3 Fes' on PSP but its japanese. X( Big deal im still going to play it. (im already start just right at the begining of the game. XD)

Assignments, homework and mama's nagging. Can i get any better?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

A 13 years of Friendship..

A great friend who I face many experience together for 13 years is going to Australia for his study. That very old and great friend is John. X)

I first meet John was in sunday school when i was 5 years old.. all i knew that i was very very bad at making friends but john came up to me and talk to me when i fliping through my pokemon cards. XD From then we started being friends.. XD

Seriously, we face tons of experience together.. Its so freaking many that its not even enuf to fit yur ten fingers. Got chase by sunday school teachers, Skipping Puja, Chase by sunday school guard dog, being cafeteria and last and the most confict one.. Like the same girl at the same time. XD The past was great the future will be greater.. X)

Heres some picture for his surprising farwell. X)

Surprise John!! XD (plan sucess!! XP)

Qi Wei buat macam yes like that.. (my driver of that night! XD)

Oh its was a pool party.. XP

See Toh's jump versus the Ball's jump. XD

Best Jump post ever! XD

Bryan ACTING like the next buddha.. XD

Seriously.. this look like some korean/japanese drama series cover page. XD

Charmaine got thrown into the pool. XP

Candided.. XP

Had a quick and hilarious game.. XD

My one and only duet picture with John. X)

Yesterday which is also sunday, was his last day with us in sunday school. After that, fly all the way to Australia and meet the kangaroos! There are lots of tears dropping, hugs and backslapping.. Everyone was crying.. even John himself..

Its not that i dun wanna cry, is just that i cant cry out.. I wanted to cry sooo badly.. but the tears just cant drop out.. I guess it means i have to stay strong..

Dear John, I wish u all the best in Australia and I will never forget a good friend you are. X)

13 years of friendship was the longest i ever get in the life so far.. X)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just some Updates..

Screw BBS la.. the complete patch is still not out yet and people around the world have already the game 3 time!! D8 Please.. I hope that i come out really soon.

Although BBS is not out but still im hang out with my psp alot. XP Well i've been playing a new game called 'Mana Khemia'. Actually its a freaking old game. (even the part 2 of the game is out) but i dun care, its still a good game to me. XP

Its says there PS2 but they have a convert version on psp as well. XP

Its basicly something like final fantasy game.. Its a taking turn game.. Your turn to whack me, My turn to whack those kind of game. The level system is exactly like FF10. Yeap, the chart of shits.. Tough lvling game.. sheesh.. But this game, during battle phrase u get to swtich partner and create combos and gangbang. Thus, the skills of this game is pretty neat. XP

Of all the characters.. My favourite character is Anna!! The samurai girl!!

Shes the youngest among all character and she is a real killer. Killers are usually fast and deadly. Her character skills are like the coolest among all. Thus, a samurai blade? Fuh~ that just shows how strong she is. And and her voice is kinda cute.. yet sound strong as well. XP Overall great character~ XP

Enough with games.. Move along~

Im getting the hang on college life.. just that.. the work in college sucks.. Although i can slack more than i was in high school. But the homeworks are still a killer. Especially calculus.. The question that my lecture give around 60+ questions.. and all of them are add-maths. Such a killer.. sheesh..

Oh, i just spotted with SienDee in my college! 8D To those of you who dunno, shes a long lost sunday school friend that has been MIA for like 3 years. And now shes in my college taking foudations!! 8D Its nice see-ing her again.. X)

Today, i spend most of my time with Elaine (rachel's cousin), Ben (not the SMKTS one, the Catholik one.. XP) and also SeungWook (aka Peter). Loafing around campus doing nothing but chatting..

*YuMing lame-ness mode on!*

Yeah, i put all my lame-ness on them. (i think i was just to release pre-stress. XD) and i made all of them laugh their asses out.. so yeah! See im getting use to college life already. Thus, people around started talking to me since im started voice out. Cool! 8D

Today, ChaiHong and Dex knew my original name. Yeap, the YuMing name.. All thanks to the lecture for saying it out loud in the class while marking the attendance. (he usually call me klex but dunno why today YuMing) And for some reason they keep laughing. Maybe they think that its a little bit awkward since i have such a cool nickname band it a little different from my original name. o.O oh well.. so what? I am YuMing. XP

Suddenly im all IN to this song all 'Hey Soul Sister' Check this out..

Heard it before? Its a new song by Train. (i never knew such band exist.. XP) So, what do u think of the song?? o.O

I have a song for you guys out there. I believe most of you have already heard this song.. still im gonna share it with you all.. Its remix of all the most popular United State songs on 2009. Check it out..

Sounds awesome issint it? XD I got the song in my phone already.. XP

Im still doing good.. dont worry. X)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Its Still YUI..

Did i tell you guys that i still love YUI?? XD Yeap, i didnt mention about her doesnt mean i dont love her anymore.. XD Anyways.. her [Gloria] song is so far the best i've heard this year.. XP
Some how her hair is starting to look great on her.. XP

Her new album cover which is [Gloria]

Okay.. Sorry for the whole love YUI crap.. its because..

Im at College..
Im bored..
Im out of ideas for my assignments..
Im going crazy.. (due to BBS late-ness)

Anyways.. 'Mana Khemia' rocks.. XD

I still <3 YUI. X)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Remembering Klex

To those of you who dont know this.. i will say it again.. I got my self a nickname AKA a glamour name which is 'Klex' but you all can still call me 'YuMing'. XP

I got new comments about my new glamour name. To tell u the truth, my lectures can remember my name easily. As in, they dont have a hard time remembering it. (or either way their memory powers are strong like fark.) Some of my lectures have hard time remembering most of the class student names. But guess what? All of my lectures remember my name. Yeap, nice a clear.. XP

Its easily to spell!!
Replace the A with K for Alex! XD
See? Issint that easy?

Some lectures find my name very funny. Especially Ms. Selena.(my ss lecture) She have no problem remember my name cause its a very very rare and odd name. Mr. Siva (my cp lecture) thinks that i made this name just to glamour myself in college. (actually thats quiet true.. XP) No other comments about other 2 lectures..

Still, people have hard time knowing it.. as in.. when i introduce myself to someone using the name 'Klex'. They will make some face impression that says 'What??'. Thats kinda true.. i never heard such name as Klex in my whole life.. XD But after explaining their face impression change into 'Ahhh.. I know now..'

Im starting to react like 'YuMing' these days.. Yeah, the noisy noisy piece of crap 'YuMing'. I start to voice out and make ppl laugh in the class. Sometimes.. I dunno.. Issit actually a good thing or a bad one? Do i give ppl a good impression of me? Or a bad one? Lets try to not go over board la..

Assignments are a real pain.. Im not saying this for me.. (i actually havent really have my REAL assignment yet. They are just proposals.) Im saying this for the ppl out there who have assignments. Really.. good luck to you guys.. XD

Clubs? Yeah, i have a few clubs that im really intrested. One, is the music club! (do i really need to explain why??) Next, is the RUSH club. Well its like a HELP Amazing Race activity. XD This year we might be going australia for the race! 8D Last is free running club. Honestly, i dun really have much intrests in this club cause i might injury myself badly.. real badly..

Anyways.. thats all for the updates..

Seriously.. BBS.. can u be any slower!?

Friday, January 15, 2010

College and Friends

I've been reading blog and catching news from other of my friends and they said that they have a hard time having FUN in college and I think the most obvious reason is that they can't really make friends.. Its hard for them to make friends.

Well i face the same thing for the first week and the 2nd half week as well.. I have hard time communicating with each other.. Especially when there are other people looks kinda mature and elder than us. But the truth is, they are so much of a difference!! Although they are like 1 or 2 years elder or mature than us but they are still nice and very friendly.

Heres what i think about making friends.. All you have to do is be brave and talk to anyone which you think that he/she is friendly. Once u begin to make friends it easy to do it again and again.. Just keep it the same technique and go go go!! Once u have friends.. you wont think that college is scary and that is where college life really starts. Just be brave and there should be no problem again. Okay thats just my way of getting friends..

Back to the day live diary..

Today college.. Calculus was nice!! Why? Cause there are no homework! XD Then i have to work on the assignment! Computer Principle assignment is very hectic.. (thats the pain being a college stundent and the most challenging thing being a college student. XD) Of course, its a gropu assignement. And I have my korean friend to be my partner, Peter as nickname and Seung Wook as real name. XD Spend 2 hours doing the proposal for this tuesday and we are done!! XD

After that I had lunch together with Seung Wook. I've been in malaysia for 17~18 years and Seung Wook has been in malaysia for 5 years. Okay thats not the point. His been in malaysia shorter than me but he brings me around and eat!! Yeah, he bring me around my campus area and find some nice food and eat. Thus, he really knows where good food is! 8D Seriously, for a korean his very independant and he can speak pretty good english. (although his vocabulary is limited) but seriously.. a very friendly guy. So i spend some time with him and with his (hot) female korean seniors. XD

Then, i took bus all the way to tropicana city mall. Guess who i spotted? I spotted WeiSoong!! XDAfter that i spend my time with WeiSoong in the mamak. (after spending with new good friend i spend time with old good friend. XD) I miss the good old days that we hang out but just that KCY wasnt with us that time.. XD Anyways.. chat alot and then go home.

Fark BBS!! Its just taking too damm long for it to upload the new patch ot the complete game!! Grrr.. Im sticking to another game which is called 'Mana Khemia' they all said that its a nice game.. So i mind as well take a quick try. XP Then the next game i wanna download is 'Tales of Destiny 2'. Wanted to play that game for a long time already. XD BBS faster come out la!!

So far soo good.. XP

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Its a Small World!!

Remember i told you guys abt my progression making friends.. well.. it turns out im doing pretty well right now! XD I finally start making friends and im starting to be the 'YuMing' again!! XD The joy!!

You know.. never knew that my mom is extremely famous.. i told them about my mom helping me to get the scholarship and everything and then when they ask whose my mom. I told them 'Madam Yong' and some of them are like 'OMG!! Shes your mom!?' and whats really really weird is that they are not from assunta and they knew my mom.. wow..

Rachel told me that her cousin was in HELP as well.. and i have a hard time finding for this mysterious cousin of hers.. then i have this another sunday school friend who is in HELP as well. Her name is Elaine.. I knew her for 5 years from sunday school already.. and guess what? She turns out being Rachel's cousin sister!? D8 i never knew.. swear.. not even one bit!! and she know my mom as well.. but she just that she doesnt know shes my mom. XP

I have this friend where i knew him through study skills. His name is Kaiboon and his from catholik and he knows Suilun and SuTeng. Thats not a big deal.. the big deal is that his a Rider fan too!! 8D Yay!! XD Now i have another rider kaki.

Seriously.. its a freaking small world here.. XD

Of course i know some new friends as well.. I have a guy korean friend now!! 8D Peter is his nick name but his korean name is hard to spell and to name. XD Then i have another few new friends like JaiHong, WanZhan, Dex, Chris, ChunWeng, CheongHvey, XiaoLing and JianDi. So many friends in just one day.. XD Im getting good at this..

Im not anti-social.. Im just shy!! But when i have a friend or two.. i shall begin to be not shy anymore.. I will start acting more like a YuMing already.. XD

I got some new comments about having the new name 'Klex' some say its very cool and some say its very weird. So even think its a game character name. XD My lecture thinks that its my glamour name. (so its a good thing or bad?) anyways.. overall. ppl think that the name is special. (as in the nice way not weird way..)

Im just getting started with college life.. and this amount of friend is not enough.. (yes im very greedy when it comes to friends..) My brother said that in i should know everyone in my class by 3 weeks. Sounds hard and tough but its not impossible as long im in 'YuMing' mode.. XP

Heres where the college life FUN really begins..

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Not doing Any Good..

Its day 4 that BBS came out and no one have results for the game download in the internet. Yes, i not only search PSPISO but basicly every other psp website. None of them have the BBS game which is actually complete!! Dammit!!

Okay college life is starting to bored me.. 2 reasons.. the class.. especially computer principle. Although its a new and intresting subject here but seriously.. it makes me wanna sleep. The lecture just wont stop talking. The second reason is im not really making progress in making friend.. i actually have very little friends here.. not good.. not good.. I really need to grow some balls and talk to strangers..

Next, i need a pendrive.. also 2 reason.. one is to put in information for my college life uses and everything.. two is that i need to put in NDS roms games inside so i can play!! XD So seriously, if all of my other friends are in other class and im having free time.. i will be freaking bored by just facebooking everyday!!

Okay, i take my words back about calculus.. I thought it was easy at first.. but actually its a royal pain. I thought calculus is more of mod-maths but actually its a mixture of mod-maths and add-maths.. Okay the questions of the maths are not a problem. (i got a mod+add maths teacher at home.) the number of questions is the problem. One day i have to do around 70+ questions of maths!! God.. driving me crazy..

Long story short, life would be much more intresting and FUN if BBS was in my PSP!!! XD (game freak hormones reacting..) On my free time i can just sit at a corner and play!! No big deal..

I pray that the game really faster come out.. and hope that i can make progess in college.

If i dont, all i have to do is survive here for just 1 year and im gone!! Going to other colleges for degree.. XP

Im gossiping about college when im in college. XP Feels kinda awkward..

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Birth By Sleep OUT but not Complete

Yes and Yes. BBS is out and i very excited about it. (i dont sound like one now..) why am i not so excited about it? Well.. heres the thing..

Birth By Sleep is done and the game is available for download.. but but but there is one thing. The game is entirely strong. They need a new patch to hack the psp only it can play that particular game. So all i have to do is just download the game and patch. That shouldnt be a problem but the problem is the patch is not even done!!

Thus, the second thing that bothers me is that my brother doesnt want the psp to get so freaking complicated.. So he wants to wait for Hako to deliver the complete download game. Which means i will have to wait again.. problally in another 1 or 2 days.. (i dont want to wait anymore longer than that!!)

I actually know the whole story of BBS already since i was damm tempted to watch the secret ending of BBS. Yes, someone actually finished the game already.. dammit!! (thats the good part of being japanese..) and i promise not to spoiled the whole story to those ppl who really really want to knw the ending and everything. (I can tell u guys if u wanna know.. XD)

I havent even play the game yet so i cant really comment abt the gameplay and the system and everything but.. since i know most of the story line and the ending i have to say.. NOMURA is a farking genius bastard.. the whole story is waaaaaay twisted and it wasnt what i expected it to be..

This just makes me want to play the whole game soooo badly!! Grrrr....

Anyways heres a video intro when you start playing BBS. Its a freaking nice video with freaking nice graphics.. And Utada Hikaru is singering 'Hikari' aka 'Simple and Clean' again but they said that 'Hikari' had change some lyrics.. Anyways.. just enjoy!!

I hope Hako and faster set up the game prefectly.. im freaking bored with a PSP with has no games in it!! argh!!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


You wanna know whats avoiding me?? Heres the story!

Pspiso is the place ppl put website to download psp games.. and the best one is the one and only Hako. He is the fastest to get the best games ever in PSP. (i actually got all the games in his website) but dammit!!! Of all games, he cannot get Birth By Sleep!! Argh!!!!! Im going crazy!!

Anyways.. out from game world and back to reality. Some of you have just heard my new nickname called 'Klex'. I received very different comments from different people..

some said 'Cool!'
some said 'it kinda weird'
some said 'its hard to remember'
some said 'not used to it'
and some said 'must i call u that from now on?'

Okay heres the thing, you dont really have to call me Klex all the time. Im not even used to the name myself! XD I just thought that since im in a new college life and i need a new name.. (like i said, i thought) You guys can still call me 'YuMing' cause thats my real name. I didnt force u guys to call me by that name anyways.. just call u guys to live with my name! XD

So, i guess thats all about me now..

Back to the subject avoid:

'She' avoid me.. never mind.. I know what i did and i should have know that this was coming.. so im already well prepared. It just that whether i can take the pain anot..

Friday, January 8, 2010


Early in the morning.. i woke up at 8am althought my class starts at 11am but im still waking up at 8am. I have my reason which is i wanna learn how to take the bus all the way there.. some of the seniors there said that there is a bus from tropicana city to Damasara High.

I was about to leave the room and go set up my hair then my brother just came back home. (god knws where he go last night..) Then, he asked me whether i wanna try to drive all the way to college or not. Like DUH!! Grab the keys and hop into the car!!

Havent been driving for like 2months and i still havent really lose my touch.. ahhh.. is hard to get praise in driving when its my brother teaching.. (ask my sister, she knws how he comments) And guess what? My brother said my driving skills are better than my sister!! 8D Ahhhh~ Love the praising..

It was raining cats and dogs today.. im all soaked when i reached campus.. (i cant really park the car inside the campus cause it will be hard for my broter) I reach to campus.. then the first thing i do was breakfast.. (nvr at breakfast at home so far..) McD was my first choice.. after eating off to the computer lab and try to login..

While trying.. I heard a girl calling me.. Not by Klex so means its a friend which i knew.. Then i turn around.. Ah!! Vania!! XD Kinda happy to see her.. XP Then we chat and tried to login to our coms.. turns out its not that hard at all! XD I meet some of her friends too.. and not to forget Benjamin..

I got 1hr of extra time.. so i spend my time facebook-ing and i was sooo bored.. I chatted with my brother at home!! XD And with LenPing as well.. Sooner.. i have to leave for classs.. Time really flies when yur having fun~ XD

My first calculus class.. i actually missed 2 lesson but still i catch on quick.. I always wonder.. Calculus is addmaths!? Fark ady la.. well guess what? Today.. i spend 1.30hr learning abt gradient.. yes gradient.. which is mod-maths!! Next chapter? Functions.. argh.. i hope its this easy forever! XD Basicly Calculus.. i have fun.. and the lecture was great.. nice guy!! X)

After the class.. while i was walking around the corridoors.. i heard someone one shouted "OMG, YuMing!?" and for that second i was thinking.. Wow.. 3rd day and im already that famous!? XD (no seriously.. thats what i was thinking..) But they are calling me YuMing so that means they have already knew me.. and they dont really sound like Vania.. then i turn around it was ChowErn and Erina.. god.. such a small world.. now i know more ppl in HELP!! Exciting..

Took bus all the way back to tropicana city.. then i just found out that YTL and HoeChong are working part time there! 8D Well different store of course.. then a little bit of para-para dance in the arcade room.. the run back home..

overall.. good day.. and im not going to sleep tonight!! why??

Birth By Sleeping is coming out!! 8D Yay!! XD

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Quick Message

Im actually in HELP Uni now.. and finally i get to use the computer there!! XD Actually its just very simple but im just not good in using.. XP

I need a pendrive to store stuffs like NDS games and notes.. of course NDS games are incase i dun have PSP with me like now, then i can use the com here and play! XD

Vania and Benjamin are just on the other side of my lab wall.. learning computer principles.. XP

BBS is coming to town tomorrow!! 8D Yay!! The joy in my soul!! XD

I think thats enuf.. blog more abt the whole day tonight..

Calculus is addmaths!? D8 I screwed.. although its just a half an hour class..

From MIngz to Klex

Today is offically my first day of class in HELP Uni!! Woohoo~ Early in the morning.. i got a class at 10am.. so i woke up at 8 and start washing up!! It tooo me like just 18mins to settle everything.. my brother was sooo nice, he fetch me to HELP although he didnt get enough sleep! XD

I was ready.. a little bit tooo ready.. I was 1 hour early for class.. Soooo~ I decided to go all the way to McD to take my breakfast!! The moment i step into the streets in Damasara Utama.. I found someone very familiar.. I spotted WeiGin!! XD She was very excited to see me as well. XP

I was still early.. So i get into my class which is the computer lab. I tried to log in into the com.. but it ask for username and password. No problem!! I put my student username and password in but it doesnt work!! everyone can but i cannot! I started to panic and run to the HELP desk to ask why. No wonder.. It takes 3 days to register the student card into the PC... cheh.. scared the crap out of me.

First class was Computer Principles. My teacher didnt really introduce himself.. Infact he called us to introduce ourselves! (but still his a nice lecture) Oh well.. One by one stand up and introduce themself.. While everyone was introducing themselves.. i was thinking..

"Should i go with just YuMing or find myself a nickname??"

Why was i thinking.. well it happened before. In INTI college, i did meet some friends there and i introduce myself. When said my name.. all of them are like "Huh?" or "Im sorry??" or "Repeat?" or "Yu what?" So yeah, basicly.. people having a hard time knowing my name.. Thus, the name is kinda hard to remember..

I remember my brother used to give me a K name.. Why a K name? (god this need lots of explaination) My brother and Sister both have nicknames. My brother's one is K' Tan (i cant tell full cause he doesnt want ppl to knw) and my sister's is Kelly Tan. Both also KT and KT. So he asked me to get a KT name as well.. In the end he gave me one called Klex Tan.

So when the lecture asked.. "And your name?" I go..

"Klex Tan."

Here what the reactions i get.. are.. "Oh.. Can you Spell?" and a little bit of "Oohhhhhh...". Mostly are the how to spell thingy.. Its easy!! Replace the A with the K!! XD Its a weird name.. but somehow cool.. a little bit like some dota hero name. XD Oh well.. have to live up with that name for my whole foundation year. XP

Worst come to worst.. if people still have a hard time remembering my name.. then im going to put just K' like my brother! But im going to the K' in HELP not Monash! XD

From now on.. Its Mingz Tan or YuMing or Klex Tan!! I have to get used to the name soo i better get starting..

In Computer Principles.. I basicly learn things about computer.. Like networks.. Software.. and even about hacking viruses.. The lecture even gave us the assignments for the semester already!! D8 Oh well.. Computer stuffs.. shouldnt be a problem i guess..

After computer princeples i got like a 4 hour break.. actually 4hr and 30mins break. (my leacture let us leave early) So i begin to roam around the campus.. Little did i know! I spotted some people i know!! Well they didnt really saw me but yeah! Peoples which are Benjamin, PeiNing, Nicole, HongChun and Ivory. This is just January Intake.. i hope there are more coming in.

Second class was Study Skills. Somehow a very intresting subjects.. the subject is all about giving u skills for your future life such as stress maintainence, critical thinking, presentation skills, etc.. Yeah, those are what we are actually learning. Some how intresting..

The lecture of this called introduced herself. Ms.Selena. I have to say.. she is one HOT lecture.. (dont worry.. i have no intentions to hit on her.. trust me..) and she seems very friendly too all of us.. That is the time which i can only act like myself.. Study Skills is one FUN class!!

Today.. i some how didnt really make friends much.. Okay just for today.. Tomorrow im going to try and act and make friends.. wish me luck!!

Calculus.. how issit like.. o.O

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1st Day at HELP

So i decided to go to HELP Uni at Damasara U. Why HELP? Why not other colleges/university? Well lets see.. just take my x-college for example. INTI, 20% scholarship and HELP, 100% scholarship. You tell me what to do? XD

I didnt knew that HELP was kinda near to my house.. its actually less than 20mins ride there but it turns out 20mins cause its SUPER JAM that area.. Good luck when i get my car.. XP So for now i will have to take some bus and mayb after 2months+, i might get to drive.. (just mayb..)

HELP's enviroment is nice.. i feel more comfortable being around that area.. (Seriously, in INTI i can almost pee in my pants) and the people around there are good.. A few uncles/lectures kinda like me. (mayb its cause of my mom.) Thus, they didnt really preassure me.. There actually boost my confident!! XD

Today this girl called Alice. Short but adorable lady bring around the campus. Its actually an orientation just that this one faster and more intresting. (orientations makes me sleep) She helped me out alot.. registering, explaining, making my card, timetables, HELP account and even teach me how to go home!! XD We had a great time talking.. and she knew that i was going to bring a PSP to the college!! D8 (for Wi-Fi system..)

Tomorrow is going to be my first class in college. Wow.. finally.. after switching here and there.. XD Is not that i like to study or something, i just dun wanna miss out too much and i wanna have a pre-run with the subjects that im taking. Enigeering is hard.. X(

Okay.. I really hope that i have 5 credits for my SPM results.. or im doom.. REAL DOOM!!! I dunno wanna get kick out at HELP.. sobs.. IM not going to back track again this time!! this is it!!

YuMing, tomorrow make sure you wake up at 8.00am for your college.. YAY!! Im starting class! XD

I just know.. Vania is going to the same campus like me!! 8D

Monday, January 4, 2010

I guess INTI is not the best Idea..

I guess.. INTI is not the best idea to go to.. well.. today was like sorta the day one of INTI college.. wait.. no.. Its orientation day.. Pretty much like a seminar kind of thing..

AUP Engineering standard is HIGH and very very hight.. thus its extremely expensive! Although i can get schoolarship fo 20% discount off but still.. overall.. including going to america it all cost around 240,000. thats alot of money.. which is a royal pain in the wallet.

Okay, every college fees will always be a royal pain.. the more expensive it is.. the more good it is.. the more good it is.. the more harder it is to study it. As u all knw that im not the kind of study person. Thus, INTI really really scares.. Especially the AUP course. I dun think i manage it well.. i will face tons of preassure.. I knw that engineering course are always preassuring but AUP is just waaay out of my league.

Okay.. wtv it is.. Im still going to take Engineering no matter what!! Thats like my aim and my future.. cause i wanna kick my brother's ass when i grown up and earn more money than him. Thus, i wanna be the most successful among 3 of us.. Last i wanna make my family proud.. XP

So.. INTI is out.. and im lazy to go around and find for colleges.. SO this time i let my mom to decided.. and this time.. i have to agree.. she did made my very very wise choice.

Im most problally going to HELP University in Damansara U. And yes.. i knw a few person studying there such as WeiGin. XP But thats not the main reason i go there.. My mom can help me to get scholarship and save up to 80,000+ if i go to HELP Uni. Thus, i think i will have lesser preassure there. XP

If you think that im going for HELP is to just look for friends.. well think again.. In INTI i can actually meet more friends.. Aaron, Angela and ZhenRong is going to AUP INTI too. Thus, Taylor is just right beside us, so i can meet ShuMei, ShuXian and mayb WeiSoong. Then, in Sunway i can meet Bryan and Yuenhee. In SEGI i can meet Suelyn. I can actually meet more friends in INTI subang.. So i go HELP is not for friends, but to save up more money to get same results.

I want to go to America .. i really want.. but if i go HELP is save more money and get same results... I can choose to stay local or study overseas.. But i really have to study very very hard.. thus, if i go there it wont be for long like 2years or something, it will be like 6~8months only. then graduate then walah!! XD

Oh well.. Im not pissed actually.. i actually feeled more relieve.. XP Saving up more money and everything.. and you knw what my mom said to convince me? Since she can save up to sooo much money, she can buy me a car! 8D HELP i go!! XD

INTI, byebye.. HELP, here i come! XD

I going to free for a few days again.. oh well.. lets just sit and wait.. XP

Saturday, January 2, 2010

INITI College Here I come!!

Guess what? College is starting sooon!! I dunno how to put it this way.. 'I cant wait to start college' or 'Im scared to start college'. Its either way.. Sometimes.. I just wanna slack.. But guess its time to move along!!

Some of you might have known that im taking computer games development.. Guess what? I change my mind!! I decided to take engineering instead. Why the sudden change? I had this family talk with my brother and my mom abt the college thing.. after discussing for like 2 hours, i think that engineering will suit me more.. XP

Well, im going to INTI at the 5th.. i knw i told u guess the 4th but 4th is actually orientation day.. XP 5th im going to step into college life.. i hope that i can cope around with people and everything..

AUP is the foundation course that im taking.. guess what? After studying 2 years.. im going to American for my university!! D8 Yes.. im going to be the first person in my family to go overseas.. its cool but kinda scary..

I going to meet OBAMA!! XD And who knws.. maybe Taylor Swift.. XP (dream on!!)

2 years later is going to Obama!! not some Tunku! XD

If im really really lucky.. Im going to see her!! XD (i love her straight hair style.. XP)

Heres a tip that i read it in some 'How to Survive in College' book. So i decided to share this one with to those of you who dont want to suffer..

Its either you be the farking smart one?? Or you leech the farking smart one!!

(no they say the f-word in it..)

Whose going INTI?? All i know is Aaron from Cempak is taking the same subjects like me.. XP I hope someone is going to the collge near me like Taylor's which is just beside me.. XP etc.. etc..

Good luck to everyone in college and hope to see you all again.. X)

INTI Subang Jaya College and Computer Engineering here I come!! XD

(The price of this subject im taking is a pain..)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Final Birth By Sleep News!!

I knw during the last post abt BbS news i said it was the last.. but SCREW it! Heres more news!! XD

Terra and His huge canonball keyblade..

Okay i dun really have much pictures.. cause im going to do talking more..

It is comfirm that due battling system is IN.. as in you get to enter a room with yur friends who have BBS throught Wi-fi (or anything else that connects) and fight with monster to get points.. which team has the most points win! What i told you before was co-op due mode.. Now you have versus mode!! As in you fight with your friends!! 8D Yay!! First Kingdom Hearts which have this system ever in history!!

You knw the guy in masked and black cloths? AKA Xehanort's appertice.. His name is Vanitas.. but who is he?? We have to play the game to find out..

In BBS, the have a final form.. the only final form i knw is for Ven. This final form is called WingBlade.. and its awesomely strong!!

I think this game is more of skills than wacking monsters here and there.. the skills in this game are like unlimited!! Different kinds of skills are available in this game!! In terms of magic or ability or skills.. there are just too many!! Yet cool..

The suck as part of this game.. is that you have to play mini-games to continue the story.. thats not the suck part if you knw japanese!! D8 Nvm.. i've been through that all the time but i still can pull it through. XD

In BBS.. all three.. Ven, Terra and Aqua will die.. This is what i think.. and the story doesnt end.. the only one which can stop this ending is.. Sora!! Yeah, the guy who wears big yellow shoes like mickey mouse! XD

Basicly this game rocks!! Its sooo connecting!! Man and it going to be out in another 6 more days.. i know i will be in college and everything.. so i guess i will spend lesser time playing with the game.. X(

remember the date is.. 9.1.10!! Remember that!! Download ASAP and send it to me! (unless i download it earlier than u all la.. XD)

Enuf talking and theres the lastest trailer!!!

The longest trailer so far in BbS.. so i guess this is it!! Its coming out!!

Before and After the Night of 2010

This year new year eve.. me and my family decided to make something special.. well just do something a little bit different. XP Theres what we did..

My parents are sleeping soundly at night cause the next day they still have work to do.. then me, my brother and my sister have decided to celebrate new year outside our house!! Yeah.. we have a picnic outside.. and with trpicana city mall not far away from us, we can see free fireworks!! Smarts.. my brother got the idea.. XP

Did you guys notice? It was full moon that night..

Heres our picnic stand.. XP

I was sitting right in the middle of the road and waiting impatiently.

Next me and my brother decided to do a jump shot.. it turns to be some jump shots! XD

*snap* my brother wasnt ready..

*snap* now both of us are not ready..

*snap* my brother jump wrong timing..

*snap* my sister said we jump too short..

*snap* PREFECT!! XD

*snap* never forget my sister.. XP

BOM BOM BOM!! Happy New Year!!

Bye Bye 2009!! and Hello 2010!!

The next day.. we BISDS have a little lunch time together in Midvalley, Gardens, Italians.. There are a few reasons to this lunch outing.. One, is cause its a new year for us choir OVOM. Two, some of us are leaving and wont be coming back for awhile.. (basicly, NS) and lastly.. we miss each other!! So yeah! XD

SweePie, Me and Bryan booked our place first! XD


Waiting for the food..

A snap shot with the family.. X)

Just a closer snap shot.. XP

Getting ready for group photo..

*snap* Walah!! Can you believe that 25 person went!!?

Its all thanks to the great organizing and surpise by Justin..

Last but not least..

The four tallies!! XD

Good bye to MunWai, KaiYuan, MunPing and PeiYin for NS.. seriously.. you will enjoy NS-ing!! (thats what all my friends who kena says) seriously.. Im not being sarcastic!!

Lets just hope 2010 is not as screwed up as 2009..