Saturday, January 9, 2010


You wanna know whats avoiding me?? Heres the story!

Pspiso is the place ppl put website to download psp games.. and the best one is the one and only Hako. He is the fastest to get the best games ever in PSP. (i actually got all the games in his website) but dammit!!! Of all games, he cannot get Birth By Sleep!! Argh!!!!! Im going crazy!!

Anyways.. out from game world and back to reality. Some of you have just heard my new nickname called 'Klex'. I received very different comments from different people..

some said 'Cool!'
some said 'it kinda weird'
some said 'its hard to remember'
some said 'not used to it'
and some said 'must i call u that from now on?'

Okay heres the thing, you dont really have to call me Klex all the time. Im not even used to the name myself! XD I just thought that since im in a new college life and i need a new name.. (like i said, i thought) You guys can still call me 'YuMing' cause thats my real name. I didnt force u guys to call me by that name anyways.. just call u guys to live with my name! XD

So, i guess thats all about me now..

Back to the subject avoid:

'She' avoid me.. never mind.. I know what i did and i should have know that this was coming.. so im already well prepared. It just that whether i can take the pain anot..