Saturday, January 16, 2010

Remembering Klex

To those of you who dont know this.. i will say it again.. I got my self a nickname AKA a glamour name which is 'Klex' but you all can still call me 'YuMing'. XP

I got new comments about my new glamour name. To tell u the truth, my lectures can remember my name easily. As in, they dont have a hard time remembering it. (or either way their memory powers are strong like fark.) Some of my lectures have hard time remembering most of the class student names. But guess what? All of my lectures remember my name. Yeap, nice a clear.. XP

Its easily to spell!!
Replace the A with K for Alex! XD
See? Issint that easy?

Some lectures find my name very funny. Especially Ms. Selena.(my ss lecture) She have no problem remember my name cause its a very very rare and odd name. Mr. Siva (my cp lecture) thinks that i made this name just to glamour myself in college. (actually thats quiet true.. XP) No other comments about other 2 lectures..

Still, people have hard time knowing it.. as in.. when i introduce myself to someone using the name 'Klex'. They will make some face impression that says 'What??'. Thats kinda true.. i never heard such name as Klex in my whole life.. XD But after explaining their face impression change into 'Ahhh.. I know now..'

Im starting to react like 'YuMing' these days.. Yeah, the noisy noisy piece of crap 'YuMing'. I start to voice out and make ppl laugh in the class. Sometimes.. I dunno.. Issit actually a good thing or a bad one? Do i give ppl a good impression of me? Or a bad one? Lets try to not go over board la..

Assignments are a real pain.. Im not saying this for me.. (i actually havent really have my REAL assignment yet. They are just proposals.) Im saying this for the ppl out there who have assignments. Really.. good luck to you guys.. XD

Clubs? Yeah, i have a few clubs that im really intrested. One, is the music club! (do i really need to explain why??) Next, is the RUSH club. Well its like a HELP Amazing Race activity. XD This year we might be going australia for the race! 8D Last is free running club. Honestly, i dun really have much intrests in this club cause i might injury myself badly.. real badly..

Anyways.. thats all for the updates..

Seriously.. BBS.. can u be any slower!?