Friday, January 15, 2010

College and Friends

I've been reading blog and catching news from other of my friends and they said that they have a hard time having FUN in college and I think the most obvious reason is that they can't really make friends.. Its hard for them to make friends.

Well i face the same thing for the first week and the 2nd half week as well.. I have hard time communicating with each other.. Especially when there are other people looks kinda mature and elder than us. But the truth is, they are so much of a difference!! Although they are like 1 or 2 years elder or mature than us but they are still nice and very friendly.

Heres what i think about making friends.. All you have to do is be brave and talk to anyone which you think that he/she is friendly. Once u begin to make friends it easy to do it again and again.. Just keep it the same technique and go go go!! Once u have friends.. you wont think that college is scary and that is where college life really starts. Just be brave and there should be no problem again. Okay thats just my way of getting friends..

Back to the day live diary..

Today college.. Calculus was nice!! Why? Cause there are no homework! XD Then i have to work on the assignment! Computer Principle assignment is very hectic.. (thats the pain being a college stundent and the most challenging thing being a college student. XD) Of course, its a gropu assignement. And I have my korean friend to be my partner, Peter as nickname and Seung Wook as real name. XD Spend 2 hours doing the proposal for this tuesday and we are done!! XD

After that I had lunch together with Seung Wook. I've been in malaysia for 17~18 years and Seung Wook has been in malaysia for 5 years. Okay thats not the point. His been in malaysia shorter than me but he brings me around and eat!! Yeah, he bring me around my campus area and find some nice food and eat. Thus, he really knows where good food is! 8D Seriously, for a korean his very independant and he can speak pretty good english. (although his vocabulary is limited) but seriously.. a very friendly guy. So i spend some time with him and with his (hot) female korean seniors. XD

Then, i took bus all the way to tropicana city mall. Guess who i spotted? I spotted WeiSoong!! XDAfter that i spend my time with WeiSoong in the mamak. (after spending with new good friend i spend time with old good friend. XD) I miss the good old days that we hang out but just that KCY wasnt with us that time.. XD Anyways.. chat alot and then go home.

Fark BBS!! Its just taking too damm long for it to upload the new patch ot the complete game!! Grrr.. Im sticking to another game which is called 'Mana Khemia' they all said that its a nice game.. So i mind as well take a quick try. XP Then the next game i wanna download is 'Tales of Destiny 2'. Wanted to play that game for a long time already. XD BBS faster come out la!!

So far soo good.. XP