Thursday, January 7, 2010

From MIngz to Klex

Today is offically my first day of class in HELP Uni!! Woohoo~ Early in the morning.. i got a class at 10am.. so i woke up at 8 and start washing up!! It tooo me like just 18mins to settle everything.. my brother was sooo nice, he fetch me to HELP although he didnt get enough sleep! XD

I was ready.. a little bit tooo ready.. I was 1 hour early for class.. Soooo~ I decided to go all the way to McD to take my breakfast!! The moment i step into the streets in Damasara Utama.. I found someone very familiar.. I spotted WeiGin!! XD She was very excited to see me as well. XP

I was still early.. So i get into my class which is the computer lab. I tried to log in into the com.. but it ask for username and password. No problem!! I put my student username and password in but it doesnt work!! everyone can but i cannot! I started to panic and run to the HELP desk to ask why. No wonder.. It takes 3 days to register the student card into the PC... cheh.. scared the crap out of me.

First class was Computer Principles. My teacher didnt really introduce himself.. Infact he called us to introduce ourselves! (but still his a nice lecture) Oh well.. One by one stand up and introduce themself.. While everyone was introducing themselves.. i was thinking..

"Should i go with just YuMing or find myself a nickname??"

Why was i thinking.. well it happened before. In INTI college, i did meet some friends there and i introduce myself. When said my name.. all of them are like "Huh?" or "Im sorry??" or "Repeat?" or "Yu what?" So yeah, basicly.. people having a hard time knowing my name.. Thus, the name is kinda hard to remember..

I remember my brother used to give me a K name.. Why a K name? (god this need lots of explaination) My brother and Sister both have nicknames. My brother's one is K' Tan (i cant tell full cause he doesnt want ppl to knw) and my sister's is Kelly Tan. Both also KT and KT. So he asked me to get a KT name as well.. In the end he gave me one called Klex Tan.

So when the lecture asked.. "And your name?" I go..

"Klex Tan."

Here what the reactions i get.. are.. "Oh.. Can you Spell?" and a little bit of "Oohhhhhh...". Mostly are the how to spell thingy.. Its easy!! Replace the A with the K!! XD Its a weird name.. but somehow cool.. a little bit like some dota hero name. XD Oh well.. have to live up with that name for my whole foundation year. XP

Worst come to worst.. if people still have a hard time remembering my name.. then im going to put just K' like my brother! But im going to the K' in HELP not Monash! XD

From now on.. Its Mingz Tan or YuMing or Klex Tan!! I have to get used to the name soo i better get starting..

In Computer Principles.. I basicly learn things about computer.. Like networks.. Software.. and even about hacking viruses.. The lecture even gave us the assignments for the semester already!! D8 Oh well.. Computer stuffs.. shouldnt be a problem i guess..

After computer princeples i got like a 4 hour break.. actually 4hr and 30mins break. (my leacture let us leave early) So i begin to roam around the campus.. Little did i know! I spotted some people i know!! Well they didnt really saw me but yeah! Peoples which are Benjamin, PeiNing, Nicole, HongChun and Ivory. This is just January Intake.. i hope there are more coming in.

Second class was Study Skills. Somehow a very intresting subjects.. the subject is all about giving u skills for your future life such as stress maintainence, critical thinking, presentation skills, etc.. Yeah, those are what we are actually learning. Some how intresting..

The lecture of this called introduced herself. Ms.Selena. I have to say.. she is one HOT lecture.. (dont worry.. i have no intentions to hit on her.. trust me..) and she seems very friendly too all of us.. That is the time which i can only act like myself.. Study Skills is one FUN class!!

Today.. i some how didnt really make friends much.. Okay just for today.. Tomorrow im going to try and act and make friends.. wish me luck!!

Calculus.. how issit like.. o.O