Wednesday, January 6, 2010

1st Day at HELP

So i decided to go to HELP Uni at Damasara U. Why HELP? Why not other colleges/university? Well lets see.. just take my x-college for example. INTI, 20% scholarship and HELP, 100% scholarship. You tell me what to do? XD

I didnt knew that HELP was kinda near to my house.. its actually less than 20mins ride there but it turns out 20mins cause its SUPER JAM that area.. Good luck when i get my car.. XP So for now i will have to take some bus and mayb after 2months+, i might get to drive.. (just mayb..)

HELP's enviroment is nice.. i feel more comfortable being around that area.. (Seriously, in INTI i can almost pee in my pants) and the people around there are good.. A few uncles/lectures kinda like me. (mayb its cause of my mom.) Thus, they didnt really preassure me.. There actually boost my confident!! XD

Today this girl called Alice. Short but adorable lady bring around the campus. Its actually an orientation just that this one faster and more intresting. (orientations makes me sleep) She helped me out alot.. registering, explaining, making my card, timetables, HELP account and even teach me how to go home!! XD We had a great time talking.. and she knew that i was going to bring a PSP to the college!! D8 (for Wi-Fi system..)

Tomorrow is going to be my first class in college. Wow.. finally.. after switching here and there.. XD Is not that i like to study or something, i just dun wanna miss out too much and i wanna have a pre-run with the subjects that im taking. Enigeering is hard.. X(

Okay.. I really hope that i have 5 credits for my SPM results.. or im doom.. REAL DOOM!!! I dunno wanna get kick out at HELP.. sobs.. IM not going to back track again this time!! this is it!!

YuMing, tomorrow make sure you wake up at 8.00am for your college.. YAY!! Im starting class! XD

I just know.. Vania is going to the same campus like me!! 8D