Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Not doing Any Good..

Its day 4 that BBS came out and no one have results for the game download in the internet. Yes, i not only search PSPISO but basicly every other psp website. None of them have the BBS game which is actually complete!! Dammit!!

Okay college life is starting to bored me.. 2 reasons.. the class.. especially computer principle. Although its a new and intresting subject here but seriously.. it makes me wanna sleep. The lecture just wont stop talking. The second reason is im not really making progress in making friend.. i actually have very little friends here.. not good.. not good.. I really need to grow some balls and talk to strangers..

Next, i need a pendrive.. also 2 reason.. one is to put in information for my college life uses and everything.. two is that i need to put in NDS roms games inside so i can play!! XD So seriously, if all of my other friends are in other class and im having free time.. i will be freaking bored by just facebooking everyday!!

Okay, i take my words back about calculus.. I thought it was easy at first.. but actually its a royal pain. I thought calculus is more of mod-maths but actually its a mixture of mod-maths and add-maths.. Okay the questions of the maths are not a problem. (i got a mod+add maths teacher at home.) the number of questions is the problem. One day i have to do around 70+ questions of maths!! God.. driving me crazy..

Long story short, life would be much more intresting and FUN if BBS was in my PSP!!! XD (game freak hormones reacting..) On my free time i can just sit at a corner and play!! No big deal..

I pray that the game really faster come out.. and hope that i can make progess in college.

If i dont, all i have to do is survive here for just 1 year and im gone!! Going to other colleges for degree.. XP

Im gossiping about college when im in college. XP Feels kinda awkward..