Friday, January 1, 2010

Before and After the Night of 2010

This year new year eve.. me and my family decided to make something special.. well just do something a little bit different. XP Theres what we did..

My parents are sleeping soundly at night cause the next day they still have work to do.. then me, my brother and my sister have decided to celebrate new year outside our house!! Yeah.. we have a picnic outside.. and with trpicana city mall not far away from us, we can see free fireworks!! Smarts.. my brother got the idea.. XP

Did you guys notice? It was full moon that night..

Heres our picnic stand.. XP

I was sitting right in the middle of the road and waiting impatiently.

Next me and my brother decided to do a jump shot.. it turns to be some jump shots! XD

*snap* my brother wasnt ready..

*snap* now both of us are not ready..

*snap* my brother jump wrong timing..

*snap* my sister said we jump too short..

*snap* PREFECT!! XD

*snap* never forget my sister.. XP

BOM BOM BOM!! Happy New Year!!

Bye Bye 2009!! and Hello 2010!!

The next day.. we BISDS have a little lunch time together in Midvalley, Gardens, Italians.. There are a few reasons to this lunch outing.. One, is cause its a new year for us choir OVOM. Two, some of us are leaving and wont be coming back for awhile.. (basicly, NS) and lastly.. we miss each other!! So yeah! XD

SweePie, Me and Bryan booked our place first! XD


Waiting for the food..

A snap shot with the family.. X)

Just a closer snap shot.. XP

Getting ready for group photo..

*snap* Walah!! Can you believe that 25 person went!!?

Its all thanks to the great organizing and surpise by Justin..

Last but not least..

The four tallies!! XD

Good bye to MunWai, KaiYuan, MunPing and PeiYin for NS.. seriously.. you will enjoy NS-ing!! (thats what all my friends who kena says) seriously.. Im not being sarcastic!!

Lets just hope 2010 is not as screwed up as 2009..