Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sayonara Youth Camp- Day 3+4

Like i said before.. im going to finish this no matter what!! Lets finish this!!

Continue from Day 3..

After announcing the winner for the sketch and the egg catcher, we went down for supper and had a little bit sing along session.. its SYC's tradition song which is called [Kalyana Mitra] and with a little bit of addition [Beutiful Friends]. Both song also i knw how to sing!! But.. i just found out some of us OVOM dunno how to sing [Kalyana Mitra]. XD Thanks to the singing along session.. i lost my voice. XD

After that the overall results comes out.. (i nvr except it to be so soon. XD). bro.Vincent give each of us a title/strength of our own.. so yeah.. i only remember my team's one but i dun remember the others.. XD paiseh ah..

Justin and Nigel's group -Excitement

WeiGin and Allen's group- Sexy Bald

ZhiYang and SaiKhong's group- Fellowship

Me and Shaun's group!! -Gorilla Enforces!!
We got the award for best Spirit Team! X)

After that we got our overall results.. and the winner for Sayonar Youth Camp 2009 is..

Team Fellowship!!

Then we have a second winner which is..

Team Sexy Balds!!!

So yeah.. Excitement and Gorilla Enforces didnt win.. BIG DEAL!! We still get snacks!! They just get some chips and drinks extra only mah! XD

After the prize giving session then we had a little sharing along session.. from a circle and start shaking hands to each other and saying some sweets (and gay) stuffs to each other.. After that we played a little bit of 'Cow Eat Grass Go Moo!' and the ppl who are punish have to say how they feel abt this camp. (i already did that at the 2nd night! Woohoo~)

After everything.. good nigth! XD

Sayonara Youth Camp- Day 4
I woke up and this is the first thing i saw..

Its bro.WeiChiang trying to be a worm.. but it looks like his humping the floor more to me.. overall a good early morning entertainment! XD

Morning Excersie.. Breakfast.. and then a short Memory Lane video.. Then time for photo session!! Woohooo!!!

This is all of US!!!

Candid shot!! (Justin and ZhenWhei blocked me..)

Another candid.. If you zoom you can actually see me jumping..

Last Candid.. and the BISDS traditon.. block ppl!! XD

Then we start to organize ourself for team photo..

Yay! Another picture of me with YanLeng! XD

The team Commitess!!

Team Gorilla Enforces!!

Team Fellowship

Team Excitement!!

and Team Sexy Bald.

Certificate time!!

Me and banana king Bryan (BKB) also knwn as the chairperson of the camp!

Clean up.. then time to go home.. Some of them went to IMO mall to have FUN and some of us stay and wait for our mama and papa. I teman BinQian talk for awhile the i slept until YanLeng woke me up.. Took a long trip to 1U and ate KFC with the commitees! XD

Reach home.. grab my phone.. put in the earplugs and *snore*

This is my first, last, best Sayonara Youth Camp ever! XD who knws! there will be another new TRYBS to host SYC again.. (hinting YanLeng)

The best part is.. I HAD FUN!!!