Monday, December 14, 2009

Nothing under Progression..

5 days has past since spm was over and STILL~~~ nothing is really on progression.. nothing.. no good things happening and none or them are interesting.. except a few.. just a few..

The first and so far the best thing that happend during the 5 days was Vania's b'day party. Yeah.. happy 17th b'day Vania. The party was lots and lots of fun just that i missed most of them. I spend most of my time shopping with Tarvin and ChowErn and arcade machines.. XP I missed the karaoke part and i dun wanna skate. (tall ppl are not meant to skate, why? Think physics.. XP) The party was nice.. and fun!! X) Thou, i missed most of the fun but overall i had a great time.

Hang out in tarvin's place yesterday.. we played dissida (here i go again.) We played the english version which is slightly better and finally knw the reason behide all the fight. Then got trash by Nat in HON. ish.. i never wanna play HON again!! X{ I played dissidia for like 5hours and my cloud is lvl100 with Finishing Touch and Omnislash ver5, but in the end guess what? My brother delete the game.. ish.. stupid guy..

Nothing much really happening.. really nothing much?? thou spm is over my mom still nags me about studies.. well if course its something to do abt college. XP Well.. i really dun knw which college to go.. i knw what i wanna study but just dunno where to go.. Im scared to be alone again.. (zzzz... lame excuse)

I havent really fix my guitar.. really really shortage of money after Vania's party.. lets just hope my father is nice and kind enought to gimme money again just to fix my guitar.. i hope..

Nothing really much happening.. its just maple, piano and pokemon cards.. ish.. how boring..

I need a job, work, outing, camp, ANYTHING!! As long as it keeps me occupied..