Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Going Off for Sayonara!

After today im going to be afk-ing for like 4 days.. 18th to 21th for SAYONARA Youth Camp.

Never been to this camp before.. Youth camp, Yes. Sayonara Youth, Nope. So lets just say its going to be a new experience.. the camp better be FUN!! XD

Lots of my sunday school friends are not going. As in.. LOTS of them!! (you knw who you are..) Problally busy with something else.. but if they go, i will have more semangat for camp ady..

I going to miss my basketball, , my maple, my cards, my guitar and my fellow friends.. Sobs.. 4 days.. its not very that long unless the camp is screwed up la then it will be pain in the ass..

Sayonara Youth!! Here i COME!!!