Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sayonara Youth Camp- Day 1

Remember that i said i want pictures cause i dont have any? Guess what? Now i have WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too many of them!! Which is good! XD But due to the tons of pictures.. im kinda lazy to like post all of them one shot in one post, well cause it just not quite tidy.. yeah.. i sound like my mom but oh well!! Here goes!! XD

Btw, im just going to like cut most of the things short, not going to go real specificly to what happened there.. why? cause im lazy. XD

Sayonara Youth Camp- Day 1
My mom fetch me to BMV and my sister came along.. meet up with old friends like MunPing, ZhenWhei, Justin, YanLeng, XinYi, WeiChiang, SweePie, HveyJci, Vanessa, Vincent and more.. (sorry if i left out anyone) seriously, its been awhile that we sit down and really talk to each other.. X) We meet up there and waited for our journey.

YanLeng was incharge of the registration counter.

This shows that i was happy that it was camp! XD

The Three tallies and HveyJci! Well actually there was the 4th tally which is Bryan..

Vanessa, XinYi and YanLeng. Btw, XinYi was NOT in the camp.

SweePie tooked some candid shots of us..

Thats me..

and me..



And Vincent.

There are actually alot more.. but i didnt post.. go to facebook to see if you guys are intrested. XD

Our journey begins to Lumbini Garden!! ZOOM!!! And when we reach there..

WeiGin was already there!!

Gather up and sit together listening to the rules and regulations..

I was lucky that i didnt bring my phone.. well cause they have to give it up to the committess.. yeah.. a very normal thing to do.. XD

Walk up stairs to put our stuffs and see our dorms..

After that~
We sat in the activity room.

Then we sat in circle to play some ice breaking game!

Erm, if your wondering why did WeiGin suddenly change place (according to the last picture she wasnt sitting with us) its because we have to sit in boy girl boy girl.. so yeah. XD We introduced ourself before the ice breaking game starts.

The game was conducted by Bro.Vincent.. Its a easy game.. Its just pass a ball to the person and that person has to shout the person who gave the ball to him/her. Dunno then kena punish. Simple? Yeah simple.. XP

Here what punish we have!!

MingYang have to sing Twinkle Twinkle little Star at the same time juming around with one leg and flap his arms around. XD

WeiGin and Allen have to put a ball behide their backs and walk around in circles.. Seriously, they both hugged pretty tight just so that the ball wont fall.. or there might another reason. XD

Adrian have to purpose to Amelia.. The picture says it all! XD

Lobarh have to make someone laugh..

The someone was Danzzel. XD He was trying very hard not to laugh!

Theres actually one more which is me but didnt have the picture of me.. so yeah. I wont mention what they punished me to do. XD

After breaking the ice.. spliting group time!!

My Group which is known as 'Gorilla Enforces'!! Hu-Hu-HAH!! XD

WeiGin's group known as Sexy Balds!! As you can see ZhenWhei is in the team and Vincent is NOT! XD

MunPing's team known as 'Fellowship'!! The picture doesnt contain the full team..

Justin's team ah.. erm.. they got some problems thinking the group cheer and group name so.. yeah.. NO pictures.. But in the end, their group name is called 'Excitement'! X)

Move Along~

The next activity is called 'Me in Us'. Its a game where we have to pose what we can do best or what things that we do that can make us feel like ourself, all into one picture and all must pose together.

Heres what we all came out..

Team Gorilla Enforces.

Team Excitement.

Team Fellowship.

and Team Sexy Balds. Also the winner of this activity.. X)

We then have our breifing about an activity called the Mis-Match Night. Its something like a talent night, like a sketch night but we have some conditions in this sketch. We were given 2 words that we are not suppose to say, 2 words that we are suppose to say, 2 disney or cartoon character that we have use and 3 items with special powers in the sketch.

I dont remember the others.. but I remember my team's one..

2 characters that we have to use is: Batman and Pinnochio
2 words that we are NOT suppose to use: Fly and Lie
2 words that we are suppose to use: Lumbini and Spider
3 items which are: A clip which will make ppl invisible when he/she wears it, A toothpick that can give one great strength when he/she got poke by it, and a scraf that a make things disappear and never exist again.

How was the drama? Well i wont tell u guys until part 3 which is also known as day 3 comes.. so wait okay~ XD (lets just hope that i wont be lazy..)

Then we have a game which i dunno whats the game called but its something like the 'Transformer' game but i think its called the 'Yoga Run'.

Heres what happened when my team was doing it. X)

This picture is when Excitement was doing.. The guy who is hand standing is XinYi's awesome brother BingQian.

After that we have another activity which is called 'Operation 1 and 2'. Simple as that.. is that we have to make out something to sell it to our customers which are our committees. We have to product, transfer, decorate, pass to the seller and sell! simple as that. Is more like a business kind of game.. so yeah..

Vincent was the customer for us and Sexy Balds.

and YanLeng was the other customer for Excitement and Fellowship.

My team decorating the balloons.

This is what we made at the end!! and also, we are the winner of this game! XD

After bath time and dinner then we continue on..

Next was a game called Lame-O-air. Simple game.. ever heard of Millionair? Same shit just that in millionair you have to answet TOUGH question and this one you must answer LAME questions. Seriously lame questions all thanks to bro.WeiChiang and sis.YanLeng. XD

Btw, we have to dash to the X-point and press it only we can answer. Thats the extra part of the game. XD and the winner of the game was Sexy Bald again~ X)

Then we have the last game for the day which is also known as 'Stage Interruption'. Very intresting game and also freaking hilarious.. If you have watch the stage interruption of Taylor Swift by Kanye West during her CMA awards then you will know how the game plays. XD

The game was conducted by SweePie, WeiChiang and Bryan. And really there are awards for this game!! XD

I got the award for Longest Armpit Hair. MunPing got the award for The Best Rape Experience.. Others i dont quite rememeber but..

WeiGin was awarded for the best G-string!! XD (that one i remember best!)

Time for bed time..

Heres the boys dorm door which was nicely decorated by Bryan. XD Look more like a girls dorm now eh? XD

And heres how the girls dorm look like.. (i think..)

For some reason i like this picture.. its like.. that pose is sooo me! XD

End of Day 1. Will continue with day 2 next time~

Im tired.. now is like almost 2am.. so yeah.. good night!! X)

Before I leave.. and brush my teeth..


Justin Lee Kin Hei

Zhen Whei AKA Ben10


Allen Tan.

Okay.. cant take it anymore.. good night..