Tuesday, December 29, 2009

YUI again!!

Sayonara Youth Camp part 4?? That can wait.. cause this is very important! XD

YUI has a song!!! No is not called [again] (althought that song is still nice..) but yeah YUI has another new song!! XD And guess what's her song called?


(yeap, thats yur name yuenhee)

Kinda cool issint it? The song is just like.. [Gloria].. XD Well they say is a song for some new anime.. XD So yeah.. i dunno whats anime is that called but i dun care all. XD Heres how the song is!! Listen!!

it kinda nice.. wait what am i saying.. this is one nice song!! (thats what i said for all YUI songs..) it better than [Never Said Die] la.. XP And what i see, YUI has her long hair back! Yay!! Woohoo~

Okay here we go again..

Can someone help me Download the song plsss!!! Before the song gets band!! (Japan ppl just love doing that dont they.. sheessh..)

All the Best YUI!! X) I still love her~