Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Birth By Sleep final news!!!

Guess what?? BBS is coming!! Yeahoooo!!! Here are the very very last infomation coming out (i think..) But yeah since its coming out sooo soon i guess there arent really much infomation about it again.. if there is i wont be wasting anymore time posting abt it. (Go look for it yourself!) XD

Heres the main picture of our very new coming soon heroes. Cool~

Okay, BBS is about the story way way before kingdom hearts starts.. (even before that Sora with his keys.) XD So means they will be meeting ppl who are way way way before.. so one of them are our very favourite final fantasy characters.. guess whose back?

Yeap, the only and only Zack Fair for Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core!! Zack will be working as a partner in the game (no surpise) Co-op ability are still available in BBS which means you can together gather skill with Zack. this just makes me wanna play this more and more..

Okay now, Armored System is comfirm inside the game already. How to become? They say it has something to do with the the D-link bar above your HP and Focus bar. (the blue one) what will happend when u transform? I dunno.. play the damm game!! Btw, keyblade transformation are also comfirmed available in the game. As in the keyblade can change shapes and form..

See what i mean and Armored Form and Keyblade Transformation?

Last and the most intresting part of the game is that.. BBS is SURE to have multiplayer game system!! SURE!! So can link up with your other friends and fight with each other.. i dunno how it exactly works but i seems to have something to do with getting points..

Get what i mean?? Its actually multiplayer system!!! YESH!!!

Lets not wait and chat.. lets just get into the movies!! XD Heres a short advertisment of BBS. It could be the last video.. Enjoy~~ X)

Remember the date KH fans.. its 9th JANUARY. Which is like 3~4 weeks to come.. Its in japanese but i dont really care.. Im still going to play the damm game!! (the same thing happend to dissidia) Lets all download and play together!! Kingdom Hearts ROCKS!!