Friday, February 29, 2008

Game that Im Playing Now

Okay.. i dun have a PS2, i dun have a PSP, i dun have a GBA but still i have a PSX (aka PS1) So there must be some games i've been playing right now right?? I not those kind of person that will sit down a look around de.. So here is the game that i have been playing lately.

Few days ago, my friend Elroy lended me this very cool game that im wishing to play for a long time already. This game is very old but still its battling systems is awesome. This game is what they called Megaman Legends. Another Megaman game but just that this one is a little bit diffrent compare to other megaman games.

Megaman Legends 2

This is the first 3D megaman game in PS1. Megaman Legends is a story thatt is almost as same as normal megaman. Saving the world from evil robotic machines. But all normal megaman only can hold one buster in their hands. This megaman can hold TWO!! Cool!! Megaman Legends is one of the most hardest game in PS1. You have to battle enemies in 3D version and you need to solving puzzles in the game. Upgrading your megaman status, discovering new special weapon and upgrading them to help you cross yours stage.

Now im playing Megaman Legends 2 cos Elroy only have that version of Megaman Legends. Im still looking for the first version of Megaman Legends. So if anyone of you found this game called "Megaman Legends" please lend it to me, or help me buy de game! XD

Spot this game for me please!!!

Megaman Legends is not only in PSX, capcom have decided to recreate megaman legends in PSP. So you can play your megaman anytime anywhere! But in PSP is not called Megaman Legends anymore. In PSP its called Rockman Dash. But the battling systems and the story line doesnt make a diffrence. Here are some pictures of the game.
Look its in 3D version!!
Buster shoots!! Just like normal Megaman
Boss battles.. RUN AWAY!! XD
Oh ya! There is a lock on system for this game.

You have to buy armors for you megaman.
There is a mission level is this game as well.

Look at the right side of his hand! Bazooka!! D8

Rockman Dash for PSP
Rockman Dash 2 for PSP also
Anyone spotted Megaman Legends 1 for PSX please help me buy okay!! Please..please..pleasee cos lately at home have nothing to do so have to play lame game. XD I'll be waiting for the resutls. Till then, Byebu!! XD

Happy Birthday Brother!!

Wait.. wait.. wait.. its not MY brother's birthday. Is my brother's birthday. Get it?? I dun think soo.. that brother that im talking abt now is younger than i am by 3 days. So means he is the same age as i am. Who is that brother?? SuiLun!!!

Yup its SuiLun's birthday!!! His birthday is 28th Feb. Always keep that in mind.. Well let me talk abt this person. SuiLun if your looking at this, be prepare.. You should knw how EVIL am i right?? XD Just joking..

SuiLun is..
-a person with a very confusing mind
-a person which is SUPER good in piano
-a person which will have great future
-a person which cares for each other
-a person which is afaird of something that i am as well
-a person that trust his friends
-a person which sleeps at lot!! XD
-a person that wishes for many things
-a friend which is now 16teen.

So im here to say..



Bad 29th Feb's Thursday

Thursday.. it always use to be a very great day.. but that day.. it was destroy by some old bastard with no sense of humor and some kind of boyfriend wannabee. Pui!!! Kiss my ass la!! I just dun wanna say names.. that person will knw who he is!! This is how the whole story goes..

Ahhh.. thursday.. Finally its after school! Fuh.. I finally can release my bored-ness in the library. But that day i just notice two of my beloved friends are not with me. Gloria and Khai Sern are not doing duty that week. But still JinHwei is there so the day could still brighten up.

At first Jin Hwei was in the canteen eating her lunch. She wasnt the only person there, YTL and HuiEe are also there as well. Yesss... more people to have fun with! All of us are LOL-ing in the canteen by just looking at HuiEe eating and JinHwei eating. XD What soo funny abt that?? I just dunno how to explain thus is a little humilating. Right JinHwei?? XD

Then off we go to the library. Pn.Zaini (the teacher incharge of the library) is not there so here comes the noise. But librarians of course must have duties to do in the library, so JinHwei and HuiEe needs to do finish their stuffs first. Me and YTL which are the odd one have to sit down and wait.

Here comes the bitch part, that "person" (lets just call him that name) comes in and then talked to JinHwei and HuiEe. FYI he was talking to them while they are doing their stuffs and thus "his" a librarian as well (pui!! my ass la!!). "He" was talking to JinHwei while im just sitting right at the side silencing and full of bored-ness.. mayb cos Gloria wasnt there. X)

Since the "person" can talked to JinHwei i mind as well talked to them as well. So i decided to play with JinHwei a little.. But my little turn out becoming a little bit tooo kacau-lish.. So i pissed Jin Hwei off.. (sorry..XP) But then that "person" was pissed as well! He said i was kacauing them while they are doing duty! WTF!! He was kacauing them as well!!

Some kind of librarian my foot!! Looking at his F**k face also pissed me off adi! Elder then me sooo what!! I'll kick his ass sooo hardly that he would fly to the otherside of the world! Look at him makes me feel like punching his face!! Thus, I never like that guy even before this incident happend. Luckily KRS kicked him out from the comitte list. Dai Sei!!! (FYI, WeiGin im angry right now.. XD) Back to the story.

Since he said that i very annoying i mind well leave the library! Even better i dun have to see his F**k face anymore. I leave the library and went and play basketball. That time it was raining but not very heavy. There are some form 6 playing there, so i played with them to unleash my anger. That time i was 101% serious and violence..

After the basketball i sit somewhere at a corner and try to chill myself up. Suddenly while i was chilling myself, JinHwei came out of no where. Like i said she is weird.. XD Then she start to chill me up, and said that "he" didnt do it on perpose. (yeah right!) It wasnt JinHwei fault or anything.. I just that verisan bastard's fault. I dun think ill ever be friends with that bastard. JinHwei's chilling plan was a little bit weak compare to MunWai's one. XD But still she did make me smile again.

So thats how my thursday turn out. if Gloria was there the whole thing would be a lot better i think. If would be even better if that bastard was not there! Well.. i have a bad day..

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A Memory to Remember

This happend last year, some where before december i think. It was a day that Me, Angela, Chao, Wayne, Michelle, WeiSoong and Nat have a great day of basketballing and eating. Well i dun really remember what happend that day cos it was soooo long time ago. Thus im kinda lazy to typ anything else here. XP But still there are some pictures that i steal from Angela! XD
Okay to those of you that never seen Chao before please prepare yurself. Cos you will be see-ing a form 6, retarded guy but still cool. Brace yurselfs people... Meet Chao my great basketball player buddy. X)

The Four Bikers!! Fuh..Fuh..Fuh..

We are on our way to the mamak stall which is sooooo freaking far away but just because we have bikes i dun have to worry. X) So since we have our bikes with us and Chao is also with us, we mind as well take some photo. XD

We are NOT retarded! Its just the pose is retarted!

What the heck happend to all of us?? I got to explain this part.. It all started at the mamak stall. All of us are talking abt anime.. anime.. anime... until we came into this anime called AirGear. Then we remember one pose that they make in the comic, so we decided to try to follow them but it end up becoming something else. XP And WeiSoong was doing some kind of weird X pose. But the pose issint soooo bad right? right?

We are still working on the pose, but its still retarded!

We are stilling having fun posing weird pose. But this time is just more retarded. XD Guess whats Wayne doing?? I dun even knw the answer myself. XD A chicken pose i think. XD

After everything we went home. Oh Oh i remember something happend on that day! It was the day where i lended Angela's PS2!!! XD I just wish that i have a PS2 again.. but still im having fun with my PS1 now!! Why?? I'll post a gaming results again. So till then, Byebu!! XD

Birthday Presents

Okay to those of you who want to gimme a belated b'day present, be my guest. XP Everybody will want a b'day present for their b'day right? XD But im the kinda of person which doesnt like to have the same present at a time. Sorry for be-ing so fussy. So here are some pictures of my present that i get in my b'day 2008. X)

Present 1:
MAX Basketball Shoes

A awesome and sorta expensive basketball shoes from my uncle. Well i got it before my birthday, but it still counts right? Finally a Basketball shoes! Just what i wish for! XD But i dun wear it always, my brother wear it more then i do! XD

Present 2:
Nike Basketball

Okay this is another freaking expensive one. And this one is from my brother and my father. They knw how much i LOVE basketball they bought me one! (FYI I dun have a basketball at home) The picture is kinda blur cos of my weak camera-ing skills. XP

Present 3:
FFVII Dirge of Cerburus KeyChain

If i didnt tell the same of this thing you would knw what the heck is this. Mayb is cos of the picture.. scratch that its is cos of the picture. XD It took my quite a long time to identify what the heck is this. Oh ya, this one is from Justin or John. X)

Oh, remember the blog post "24th Feb's Sunday"?? (go to the blog post for more infomation) I said that i have a new fluffy friend?? Is time to show you guys who HE is! XD Open your wide eyes and be prepare..

Present 4:
Plusie Kingdom Hearts II Axel

Say Hi to Axel!!!

Issint it cute! I knw its not! XD This one from Justin and John also. This plusie friend is like a puppet to me. You can put yur hands inside his head!! So, you can move it around as if its a puppet! I name it Axel/Achmed from the show Jeff Dunham. Since John's fluffy friend is Peanut, mind as well put mine Achmed. XD

Thats all my present are.. pretty little though. But i heard that of them are coming, dunno is a fake one or a real one. Wtv who care as long as they give me it would be good enough. Till then, Byebu!! XD

25th Feb's Monday

Do you knw!? Do you knw!? Do you knw!!!???? What day is that day!? Huh? Huh? Huh? Come on.. think again!! You really dont knw?? You sure?? really?? Okay then let me tell you guys what day issit.. Its Offically my Birthday!!! XD Come on! I need some applause here! *clap~clap~clap~* Much better..

Okay this year i want to stay my birthday low profile. Cos lately i have knw a bunch of crazy ass guys that will kick my ass cos its my birthday. Like usual the traditional Birthday Bash. So.. i try to keep my birthday low profile, unless they found out its my birthday that day.

The low profile plan went very smooth.. some of them knw that is my b'day but i called them to shut up. The thing still went very smooth until when LynKam found out its my b'day. When she greeded me KimNgiam overheard and he shout the damm crap outloud to the class. Everyone started singing happy birthday.. and i can see the looks from Kaarthik and Shekar, both of them have scary plans in their mind. Before i get wacked i smack KimNgiam with my 101% strength right into his chest. IN HIS FACE!!

Nothing else much happended that day. Just that amazingly i went for Arts Club!! OMG!! XD

I didnt got bashed up that day, Thank lord buddha! XD I didnt get present as well, is okay what's the same, stays the same. And also there are some ppl that I thougth will remember my birthday didnt remember. (hinting, JinHwei and HuiEe.) feel like crying.. sobs..

That night my brother brought me a basketball!! Expensive.. o.O Then my sister bought me a Blue Berry cake, my favourite!! XD But coincidencely the b'day cake that my sister bought was exactly the same like the one that my friends bought on sunday. XD

No Birthday Party this year guys. Sorry to make you guys dissapointed. XP But who knws?? In the next few years, birthday party is ON!! XD Till then, Byebu! XD

Sunday, February 24, 2008

6 Hours to Midnight..

Wait..wait..wait.. this is not the music of the month! I knw.. I knw.. there is a song called "5 minutes to midnight" but its a whole damn diffrent thing!!! There is another few days to the next month sooo WAIT!!! Dont be nervous!! Haiz... people now of these days.. (I know.. you must be feeling like punching me now..XP)

Okay i bet you call knw why am i wait for midnight right?? What you dun knw!? I'll sooo gonna kick your asss! X( Go see the post title called "24th Feb's Sunday" and you will knw why!! Ish.. do you even read my blog?? (feel like punching me again?? XP..)

Okay since you kwn adi den i dun wanna tell you why la. XP (Not LOA ma..) So time is still runing.. so then i will be the offical!! I wonder what will happend in the next morning?? I hope i will be a good and fine day.. or its better that it is a EXTREMLY WONDERFUL day! Like..erm.. a PSP right infront of me in the morning. XD

But still there is 6 more hours to go.. and today got no basketball training.. Haiz.. i thought there will be surpise for me.. hrm.. 6 more hours ohh.. have to wei la.. XD Till the, Byebu!! XD

Saturday, February 23, 2008

24th Feb's Sunday

Sunday Sunday Sunday.. I LOVE today's sunday!! (24 Feb) Why?? I dun wanna tell you why unless you read this.. XP I heard from my friends about my blog is a little bit TOO long. So i will skip and also cut it shorter.. Oh yeah there is still no pictures yet.. upload later ya! XD

Today there are 3 main characters. Me, SuiLun, and SzeMei. Why?? Keep looking on.. Justin call us to close our eys and he dragged us into the canteen. How did i knw?? Isint the obvious! XD Then out of no where.. SURPISE!!! Then the HappyBirthday song begins.. So you get the answer now?? Its Me, SuiLun, and SzeMei's birthday. Mine, 25 Feb (keep that in mind), SuiLun, 28 Feb (keep that in mind also), Sze Mei, 28 Feb oso (arh this on you can F**k it la. XD)

I got this super cool soft toy!! I'll upload the picture next for you guys to see. A hint abt the fluffy friend, it has red hair. XP SuiLun got this very large cardboard with everyone's signature in it and SzeMei got nothing. XD (Oh Oh i got this cool T-shirt from MunWai last week. XP) I gave all my brother and sister a huge for all the surpise and of course another one for my birthday brother and sister. X)

We were la dirty monster wei.. Me and SuiLun's face got trashed like hell. The best one is still mine SuiLun's one. XD And also Suelyn got the hole lame video from us!!! Thus another extra funny videos of me and my new soft friend. X) Wait till she puts it on Youtube. XD

Sooo I want to wish..




and of course..


Thats all abt what happend in sunday school only! I think something is going to happend at the basketball court as well. X) Till then tata!!! XD

Something Extra:
After the first day of sunday school, PeiYin finally came to sunday school!! XD Thank you PeiYin for coming to OUR birthday celebration. X)

Another Extra:
Thanks Justin and John for organizing the hole thing. Thanks man.. who knws what John said are real.. BEST FRIENDS OF EVER!! XD And also is the post short enough?? XD

Friday, February 22, 2008

Megaman Zero History

When i was small, i always love seeing my brother playing this action strategy game called Megaman X. Its been a while that megaman has been created.. First it was called Rockmanfrom normal Gameboy Colour. Pretty stupid name huh? XP Then after the whole generation of rockman ends, Capcom (the company of Megaman) has createdMegaman X. Megaman X is a hole lot of long history, it was from megaman X~megaman X8. Who knows they are still created Megaman X now?? Then Capcom decided to make another megaman since Megaman X is for PS and PS2. Then Megaman Zero was created..

Megaman Zero. -Darkness-

Red= Zero, Blue= X

Megaman Zero's story line is far more better than Megaman X. Megaman Zero's game play is like normal megaman game play. Jump around, dash, shoot and slash. In Megaman and Rockman, they only use ther buster guns. But in Megaman Zero, you can use a whole lot of weapons. Swords, Buster Gun, Chain Rods, Sheild Boomerang, and also Claw. Thus Megaman Zero is a GBA game so you can play anytime anywhere. You can modify Zero by upgrading the elfs that you obtain each level, some are hidden in some where secret.

-Megaman Zero-

The story begins with a hole bunch of army attacking two Arcadia (the name of their contry) soilders and a girl called Ciel, also known as the main female character. Ciel and her cyber elf are running away from the Soilders, then they reach to a dead end. But what they found at the dead end is a damaged repliod (also known as mechinical robot.) They found out that the damaged repliod was called the legendary repliod, Zero. The armies are still pushing in and the two soilders can hold on longer. Ciel's cyber elf scarfice her life to awaken the damaged repliod. And thats how the legendary repliod Zero was revied. The hole story of Megaman Zero is the attack of the other repliod called Master X orginally Arcadia's master. So in Megaman Zero, Zero is the good guy and X is the bad guy. The hole story ends after Master X was defeated and then Zero decided to leave Arcadia. In the mean time the underlings of Master X are still aiming for Zero since Zero had killed their master.

The damaged repliod..

Legendary Repliod Zero

Master X

-Megaman Zero 2-

The story continues when Zero lefted Arcadia for 2 years already. Master X's underlings are still chasing Zero for revenge. Zero is still damaged after the fight with Master X but still his fighthing spirits never fall. After fighthing with the hole bunch of crazy repliods, Zero fainted and was saved by one of the Arcadia's soilders. In Arcadia there is a new master after Master X's death, she was called Elipzo. In the mean time, Ciel have created two very strong elfs also known as the Dark Elfs. The dark elfs is soo stronger they controled Elipzo's mind. Elipzo was now the bad guy in Megaman Zero 2. In the end, the hole thing twisted and Elipzo turn out controling the Dark Elfs. Then Elipzo was fused with the two Dark Elfs and became a superduper strong repliods. But Zero was still the legendary repliod, the Dark Elipzo is still not a match for Zero. In the end Ciel became the new master of Arcadia. Still there is a new report after the celebration, two new young dark elfs has born. What would Zero and Ciel do next?

Im still alive..

Extras through out the game:
In Megaman Zero 2, you can use two extra weapon which is the chain rod and Sheild bomerang. Thus, in Megaman Zero 2 you can upgrade Zero by getting diffrent forms in each level. Its forms will not only change the colour of Zero's body but also increase or decrease your Zero's stats and also has special ability as well.

-Megaman Zero 3-

The story continues.. Zero and Ciel are off to search for the two young dark elfs. But what they found was another evil aura, even stronger than Master X and Elipzo. This boss called Omega. Omega was created by this fella called Dr.Weil. So, Zero have another new oppenent to fight with. Not only one new oppenent but two. Dr.Weil has recreated another copy of Master X. So Zero has to fight with Master X and Omega, at the same obtain the two young dark elfs. In the end, Master X was kill by it own master, Dr.Weil and the two young dark elfs fuse with Omega. After the battle with Omega, Zero found out another new thing. He found another repliod which look exactly like him. Omega was the true and original Zero, and the Zero that your using the a copy of Omega. In the Final battle its Zero versus Omega Zero. But still the strength of heart of the copy Zero is stronger. Zero win his true and original. But thats not all, Dr.Weil is still not finished yet..

On the left, Omega. Middle up, Dr.Weil

Omega Zero

Extras through out the game:
Chain Rod and Sheild Boomarang are still with you. But this time you get to learn boss abilities just like normal Megaman game! Thus you can to fuse your self with the cyber elfs that you obtain. Thus, you dun get to get forms for this game but you get head, body and legs armor parts for this version

-Megaman Zero 4-

A very short story. The hole thing is about Zero chasing after Dr.Weil. Thats All.. But Dr.Weil have recreated Omega (not Omega Zero) and fuse with him. Thus, Zero has to defeat Omega Weil within a limited time, because they are fighthing in space and a meteor is going to strike earth. In the end, Zero scarfice himself for the peaces of the world.. The End of the whole story..

Extras through out the game:
Like usual you get to equip armor parts and fuse with you cyber elfs. But this time your weapon changes. You get to use claw. Claw has the ability to steal people's weapon and use it. Thus you get obtain more bosses skills and fight them in the a diffrent kind of weather.

At first i was like, nah there is comfirm going to be a Megaman Zero 5, but i was wrong. Zero really is dead after the fight with Dr.Weil. Sobs.. means no more cool guy taking guns and swords slash people already! X( But then there is another new hero right after Megeman Zero! Megaman ZX!!

All i knw abt Megaman ZX is you get to obtain Bosses form and transform into their forms, which is what they called "Rock On!!". When you transfrom into the bosses form you get to use eversingle of their ability! Cool! Megaman ZX is a cool megaman game only for NDS. You can to upgrade or change your weapons, you can even upgrade into homing missles! Thus, you can either male or female, that doesnt make a diffrence. You can using finishing/limitbreaks of your forms! Megaman ZX is one of the game that im looking forward too.. There are two diffrent kinds of Megaman ZX, one is the original one, another one is called Megaman Zx Advent. Here are some pictures of Megaman ZX and Megaman ZX Advent.

Megaman ZX -Full House-

X!? No.. its the X form in megaman ZX. XD

Megaman ZX -Zero Form-

Megaman ZX (left Female, right Male)

Megaman ZX -Advent- (MZXA)
-Full House-
MZXA -Game Cover-

MZXA -Modal A-

MZXA -Modal B-
MZXA -Grey Form-
MZXA -Ash Form-

MZXA -Burst Form-

MZXA -Falcon Form-

MZXA -Assault Form-
One of the best looking pictures i ever found.. X)
Thats all for today.. Mani just wish i have a NDS and a PSP. Well looks like i gotta dream on.. XP/ Till then, Byebu!! XD

Thursday, February 21, 2008

21th Feb's Thursday.

Oww... YES!!! Its thursday again! Yieeepy!! I always love thursday cos i get to teman my librarians friend to the library and "keng gai". But today is a little bit diffrent. One is there is no duty for my librarian friends today. Two is, i comfirm wont be teman-ing them after 3pm. But this diffrence never chance my love towards thursday. Cos today.. was better than the usual thursday. Except when my librarian friends have duty time la. XP (FYI they will have duty once per two weeks.)

Finally the hole monthly exams is OVER!! Its only month but the exams are like SPM wei i tell you! English was like soooo freaking hard!! The english was like british english those kind you knw! Beat that la! Thus i screwed Accounts cos i dun knw how to do!!! Never really study it anyways.. XP But today i didnt screw anything up. Today's exams was EST and Mod-Maths. Two very very very EASY subject. EST was the easiest test i ever took in the hole monthly test. Mod-Maths was very easy as well but i dunno how to do the last question. Ahh.. What ever!! So its time to partay!!! XD

After school it went for basketball with my school friends. We have fun fun fun fun fun until around 2pm like that i decided to take a rest and also paid a visit to my scouts friends AKA my librarian friends. Even knw that they dun have duty that day, they still have to stay back cos they have some scouts thingy going on. Khai Sern, Gloria Chan and Jin Hwei are my librarians friends for every second thursday. XD

Jin Hwei was training with her tie-ing string thingy. At first she took Gloria's hand to tie for training. Then she took MY HANDS for training. My precious basketball hands has been use for Jin Hwei's tie-ing training. What if its tie together forever and she doesnt knw how to take it off!? OMG!! D8 Nvm.. this days they have what they called technology, we use scizzors! XD A little bit of infomation here. Jin Hwei is NOT suppose to use people's hand to do training, she MUST use wood or planks for her training. Keep that infomation in mind or else you wont understand the next part.

After the 5 minutes+ of hard work and tie-ing, Jin Hwei finally made her prefect tie. Fuh.. i was wondering does she knw how to take off?? Suddenly En.Zul (a fierce teacher) came out of no where. He ask the scouts what are they doing. Jin Hwei saw En. Zul and she goes like "Shit!". I was like "whaaaaat?" She say there is teacher there. I was like "What teacher??" I was still blur. Then when i looked around then i notice that En.Zul was around. Why is JinHwei sooo scared?? Remember the infomation above, is best that you read it out now. And why am I sooo scared?? Cos im not a scouts which cannot be involve in this activity. So when En.Zul was taking his time talking to the Scouts leader, Me and JinHwei took that opportunity to run away from that area. I dunno why but.. that time JinHwei was laughing very hardly. Cant blame, shes a weird girl.. XD

After that i teman Gloria and Khai Sern. Finally Khai Sern was in love with High Jumps already! Like ME!! XD He finally understanded the sensation of jump through the stupid rod. But Gloria was even better, she can GO through the rod! Get what i mean?? If you dont, go back home and train yur IQ. XD

Then i run back to the basketball court to play basketball again. But this time Khai Sern and Gloria was with me. So i have to show off a bit.. but i failed. XP In the mean time, Jin Hwei was having her volleyball training. They need to use the basketball court for the volleyball training. So its time for us basketball players to leave watch the girls play volleyball. That time Khai Sern and Gloria was still with me and we did something which is very very stupid. When the extra volleyballs are rolling to our direction, we go called the ball like "Come here boy.. come here.. come to papa." as if it is a doggie. How lame of us.. XD

Then its already 3pm. Time for rumah Biru! Today's rumah biru was a lot better than the usual one. Why?? Cos there is High Jump for today! Thats why i have to leave my librarian friends when is 3pm sharp!! Usually when rumah Biru have boring activities like running, lontar peluru, etc.. i usually will just mark the attendence and then go back to my librarian friends or go join the girls playing volleybal. But just because today have high Jump, i dun feel like ponteng-ing any more! XD

The pro-est people in high jump there are Tian Long and Me. Last year both of us exceed to the height 140cm. So this year we will try to exceed our limits. At first it was like a piece of cake.. I was too excited i jump over the limit! And it was only 100cm!! XD After time passes we reached 135cm. Things are getting a little bit harder.. That time Gloria and Khai Sern was back from there scouts thingy and paid a visit to us.

Jump.. Jump.. Jump.. And as time passed we both reached 150cm. Imagine how tall is that freaking tall! In the mean time, Pei Ning, Hui Ee and Sharon joined Gloria and Khai Sern amiring me and Tian long's jumps. Then you knw what they do there? I let Gloria help me to keep my wallet and you knw what they do to it? They think that my wallet is some kind of ball! Thay take it and start throwing here and there, up and down, left and right. Lucky nothing really happend to my wallet. Fuh...

In the end of the day i beat Tian Loong! I exceed 155cm! Wooohooo!! I can jump 15cm higher this time! XD Mayb cos i grew tall. After everything Gloria go home, Khai Sern go home, Sharon go home, Pei Ning go home everyone go home except me, Tian Loong and Jin hwei. So both of us teman Jin Hwei walk home since her house was so near. While guiding her back home, we found a friend of ours. Shu Ning!! XD She was waiting for her turtle to came out from the bucket. It took the turtle 10 minutes+ to come our from the bucket. We talk talk and talk through our hole journey.

Its another happy thursday. X)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

17th Feb's Sunday

That day in Sunday School. Our Backsitterz gangs have two things to do.. NO!! I mean THREE things to do! XP So its kinda like a busy sunday that day. So these are the things that we planned to do...
One is we have to sing for one puja session for that day. Sing.. AGAIN!! I was like Aiyo... cos yesterday (16th Feb) we went for our CNY caroling and then that day we have to sing the CNY caroling songs AGAIN!! But its okay.. i kinda enjoy sing those songs just that my soar troat is getting worst and worst. Second, it was one day before XinYi's b'day. So we mind as well celebrate her b'day in sunday school since we can only meet each other once in a week. X) We decided to gave her a nasty surpise. Third, is we have a "lou sang" which is brought by WeiGin. I dunno why we planned to have a lou sang but anyways is better than nothing! X)

Early in the morning our hole gang reached sunday and gathered infront of the Asoka Hall. Its almost the same people that went for the CNY caroling but this time we have some new people like WeiGin, Jusryn, SueSan, SienDee, YanLeng and SuiLun. Wait.. SuiLun is not a new people!! (look back to the CNY caroling to knw why) *Kicks SuiLun away* we begin our SUPER quick training in the playground guide by Vanessa AGAIN. After the hole training thingy we begin our puja singing. We sang very smoothly and according to what Vanessa, we are getting better and better. COOL!! A retarded like me can sing that well, that is something wei! XD

After that we are getting prepare for our nasty surpise for XinYi. Justin brought this XXL teddybear which is so freaking cute! Nvm.. i think my tiger is cutier! XD YanLEng brought the cupcakes which super expensive. There are 180 cupcakes in the box! Imagine how sweet well that be. D8 Then WeiGin go and called XinYi come into the room where we prepare the surpise. (which is only opposite of our class) When XinYi comes in. SURPISE!!!

We sang three diffrent language of Happy Birthday songs to XinYi. One is English (like usual), two is chinese, three is somekind of retarded malay version of Happy Birthday song. Oh ya. The three diffrent language song thingy was planned by YanLeng. XP Then out comes the Teddy Bear. She was soo happy but the weird thing is that she didnt cry! Well i mean most of the girls that i seen will cry when we gave them a surpise. Mayb is cos that she knws that we're planing for her adi gua..

The main character of the day!

Look at the cupcakes! There are sooo many of them!
"Happy Sweet 16 XinYi"

Look!! Is the XXL Bear bear!! XD

After a nasty surpise, a teacher which is incharge of the puja suddenly came into the room. I was wondering whats going to happend. She is going to join us?? She came in and asked what are we doing in that room. We told her everything.. Then she suddenly said that she dont care, she wants us to sing for the puja for another session. Accordint to Geetha (our boss) said, we are suppose to sing for one session only but shes forcing us to sing for another session. She screw the damm crap out of me cos i was the only incharge. But i was just following orders i dun knw nothing! She pissed me off from a good mood to horrifying mood. We called Vanessa and SuiYuan to cover me, but the teacher doesnt care at all. So to stop everything, i agreed to sing for another session. WTHeck is wrong with that teacher!

I was in a very bad mood already. When i called everything to gather around they didnt listen to me and that even pisses me off. I scream the damm voice even knw i have soar throat. When i was explaining the songs that we are suppose to sing for the next session, it was still noisy. WTHeck wei!! Can they just SHUT UP and listen to me!! After that i asked Justin what i said just now cos he was one of them that make noise. He cant answer.. So i scold the shit out of his face! (remember i was pissed) Then WeiGin was sooo scared wei.. She right infront of me and i saw her face. She was sooo freaking scared!! You should look at her face! Is sooooo FUNNY! XD In the end i still apologised to Justin.

After the second session of puja. We sang Better cos Vanessa was guiding us. After the hole thing. I was sooo freaking stress out.. All i need is a quiet situation. Thank Lord Buddha that day was bro.PoH's class. I finally can have a time to sit down and chill myself. That was something extra in the class. JoonMing that retarded bufoon brougth his girlfriend! (I hate that bastard.. seriously..) Well they both sure is a good couple cos both of them looked retard!! John and Suelyn is 100 times better then them i tell you!

Then we celebrate XinYi's b'day AGAIN in class. We sang the three diffrent language Happy Birthday song AGAIN! Suddenly SzeMei and YeeWan come in and told us we have to sing for another session of Puja again. WTHeck!! What is wrong with that teacher!! Damn she pisses me off! I have no choice but to accept it again.

After the third session, we begin our "lou sang" activity. Well the lou sang was a total mess i tell you. Me dirty the hole table which is using a WHITE cloth. But still we enjoyed lou-ing the foods and eat it! Oh Oh! Bro.Ronnie joined us in the lou sang! XD Thanks to WeiGin for the lou sang and the picture. (i still it from her blog. XP)

Yummy.. feel like eating it again..

Thats all happend on that day. Nothing else happend! Okay there is something else happend but im just lazy to type out right here. XP

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Birthday XinYi!!

Sunday School we have this nasty birthday surpise for XinYi. A friend of mine in sunday school. That day was her early birthday celebration. But today (18 Feb) Its her offically birthday!! So... im here to say..


Opps..this picture has me inside.. pardon me..
Aha!! Found a better looking picture of her. XD
I still cant believe that shes older than me!! D8 Is you looked at her atitude you will think that shes childish AKA cute. But.. aiya.. forget abt it.. Dun get too close to her or you will get perasan virus! XD Still, happy sweet 16 Xin Yi!!