Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Something New

Friday Night..

Brother: Hey YuMing what do u think? Selling our PSP??

YuMing: What!? Wait wait wait.. Are you kidding me??

Brother: If you sell of the PSP you might get a new phone which you always wanted to have one..

YuMing: But... i think it doesnt worth it la..

Brother: I suggest u sold it la.. cause yur SPM is around the corner. You should study more. Thus, the anolog of the PSP is sorta cacat..

YuMing: Okay.. but who are u going to sold it to? and how much are u selling it?

Brother: My friend wanted to buy for RM600. Worth right?

YuMing: Okay sold!!!

Last Night (Wednesday)

Brother: Hey YuMing check this out.

*Pulls out a 4GB memory stick*

YuMing: Big deal.. we dont even have the PSP anymore.. anyways why did u buy that for in the first place?

Brother: Who says that we dont have a PSP??

YuMing: I thought u sold it to your friend?

Brother: I did.

YuMing: Huh?? Then what do you mean?

*Brother pulls out a rectengulat shape box*

YuMing: SHIT SON!! SHIT!!!

Yeap, this is the whole story. I sold my first PSP which is bought for RM400 and sold it for RM600. Untung RM200 la.. and then my brother bought a new one which is PSP2000!! Means i got a better PSP, lighter PSP and a 4GB memory stick!! Which means.. i get to play Dissidia and Birth By Sleep!! Wooohoooo!!! Joy in my soul!!

YuMing: This is just great man!! How much did u bought it for?

Brother: Its not second handed so it cost RM950..

YuMing: What? RM950!? Which means..

Brother: Yeap you owe me another RM200.. *grims*

YuMing: =.=

Nvm.. i still love my brother. X) His the BEST.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sunday School Videos

I found some cool video abt my sunday school on Youtube!! Wooohoooo!! Okay to those of u who had never seen my sunday school friend, place, everything!! Now yur chance!!

CFC Homemade Camp 2008 (pt 1)

CFC Homemade Video 2008 (pt 2)

Appreciation Night 2008 Video (pt 1)

Appreciation Night 2008 Video (pt 2)

You have to watch Appreciation Night (pt 2) cause im inside!! XD (LOA-ness) And look at the credits and listen to what they say and everything.. its funny. XD

Latest News

Im still bored.. so here goes some shit stuffs for u guys out there.

1. Friday was the one of the best holiday day ever!! X)

2. Thanks you Suilun and SuiYuan for coming that friday. X)

3. I been to Tarvin's house lots of time this month. O.o

4. The amount of people feeling left out these days are increased by 30%

5. Im not at home 27~30 NOV. Sayonara Junior camp.

6. I watch Madagscar 2!! It ROCKS!!!

7. 25NOV 12.49am.. whats the best message i received. X)

8. 10~13 DEC not at home too. Going camp!

9. Anyone wanna join me for 10~13DEC camp?? Theres still space.

10. Para-para Paradise rocks.. X)

11. Empty Apartment is good song..

12. L change the world is not a waste of time!! ROCKS!!

13. WOK is still not fuctioning.. X(

14. "When You say Nothing at All" is a song to remember for Suilun. X)

15. Im going to sell PSP already.. serious.. X(

16. Im going to get a NEW PSP ady!! XD

17. Tarvin finally apperciate my musical talent! XD

18. "Roxas" AKA "The Other Promises" is a good piano song.

19. People go for YOUTH camp!! Im serious!!

20. Auditions.. here we come!!

21. Love singing.. X)

Wanna knw more news abt me?? Next time la.. XPXP

Tag Along

Okay someone didnt really tag me this.. infact i stole this tag due to boresome.. XP Okay Nat i did stole yur tag.. so what are u going to do!? XD

1. Who are you?
- Tan Yu Ming, yeap is YU MING not YUE ming or yu MENG, or U ming.. holy crap is that really hard to write my name?? Damm.. XD

2. Who is more important to you?
- Everyone around me.. X) ("she" is first in line.. XP)

3. How often do you think of committing suicide?
- Im still 16 and i still have a long way to go..

4. Do you think you have enough confidence?
- Sometimes i dun.. but now i think i build up more confidence ady. X)

5. How many babies you want?
- Depends on how many babies my wife wants.

6. Do you believe in seeing a rainbow after the rain?
- i always stare at the sky.. WHAT DO U EXPECT??

7. What is your goal for this year?
- I dunno.. Get a better love life??

8. Do you believe in eternity love?
- Hell Yeah!

9. What's a perfect boyfriend like to you?
- Caring.. Willing to Sacrifice.. All the things that girl like abt guys la!

10. What feeling do you love most?
- Happy.. Happy.. erm.. Happy?? (What?? You want me to say EMO??)

11. What are the requirements you wish from the other half?
- It sooo many that u cant even count with yur ten fingers!

12. Is there anything you wanna tell the people you hate ?
- I dont use my mouth to tell them.. i use my fist.. hehe..

13. Do you cherish every single friendship of yours?
- Of course.. unless that person is really a Biach!

14. What does flying means to you- In a plane?
- Holiday?? I dunno!!!

15. What do you crave for the most currently?
- Money.. Happiness.. and a 4BG memory stick. XD

16. Who's hotter? Chace Crawford or Kevin Peake?
- Who are they?? Do they even exist man!?

17. Describe the person who tagged you in 5 words.
- I wasnt tagged but oh well.. His(1) Mah(2) Good(2) Bitch(4) !!(5) XD

18. What have you done to yourself to make yourself happy?
- Calling "her" out?? listening to my fav musics.. and of course PSP!!! XD

19. If time were to rewind, when will you want it to be?
- Change every thing and make it a better day. X)

20. What are your fear(s)?
- Dolls.. Ghost.. Getting dump.. XD

Heres another one!!

Rules and Regulations:
1. Each player writes a little blog of 15 weird or little known facts about yourself.
2. People who gets tagged needs to state the rule clearly before hand.
3. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to tag and write their names down.
4. No Tags back!!!!

1. I never used a phone which cost more than 300 before. I think..
2. I will try my best to change the world!! (if i can..) XP
3. I hate people really easily.. Depends.. hehehe..
4. I prefer sunday school then school sometimes..
5. I not very smart.. i just act smart.. sometimes..
6. I snore.. real loud!! XP
7. Im a L wannabee.. SUE ME!! 8p8p
8. I dont really "drink" if u get what i mean..
9. Im a crybaby.. SOMETIMES!! =.=
10. Im a game freak! Not surpising.. XD
11. I take relationship kes seriously.. even if its not my relationship. X)
12. I think sometimes.. i talk too much.. XP
13. I a show off.. sometimes.. i think..
14. I hate being lefted out..
15. I have the greatest brother and sister in the world. X)

AHAH!!! Tag TIME!!! Fuh..Fuh..Fuh..
1. Suilun
2. Weigin
3. XinYi
4. Tarvin
5. Nathanael
6. Huiee
7. Izzaty
8. PeiYin
9. LenPing
10. Yuenhee

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Len Ping's party!!

Im pretty much lazy to type now.. (call me lazy but i dun care!!! XPXP) I stole some pictures from the people who've been there. I believe throug the pictures u guys should knw who much fun we had there.. XP

A little infomation.. Birthday boy: LenPing, Destination: Wong Kok in ss2, and the date: 19/11/08. Organizer: Len Ping himself.. XD

The birthday boy.. how should i put it.. his bimbo?? XD

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ,6... 10 candles!! LenPing is only TEN years old!? Theres has to be some mistake here.. WAITER!!!

But.. it seriously 10 candles only!! WAITER!!! Whose your manager!?

Len Ping: I wish i was really 16 years old.. LOL

Damm.. Tarvin, we should have pushed his head lar.. but the cake was just sooo beutiful.. i dun mind his face.. but the cake.. yummy...

To save money, we ordered this..

Tarvin: HOLY SHITT!!!!!

Nat: OMG... i gotta take a picture of it!!

Okay.. now lets take a look at our pathetic faces..

Pathetic face 1: Me...

Pathetic face 2: Nathaneal.. Not surprising.. XD

Pathetic face 3: erm.. okay BOTH of them!! XD

Pathetic face 4: Nat again... Not surprising again.. XDXD

Pathetic face 5: Me and Nat.. (I looked like i was going to kill Tarvin. XD)

Pathetic face 6: Audrey.. admit it Audrey!!!

Pathetic face 7: No far!!! Tarvin won me in BHTS5 thats why i do that weird looking face!! Not counted!!!

And the winner of the MOST PATHETIC looking person in that party goes too.... jeng jeng jeng..

The BROWN Macha!!! XD

Just look how pathetic his face is la... he deserves it.. XD

Me and Nat heard this cool techno song.. got the feel.. so we started dancing.. XPXP

Dei maccha.. i tell u what. Tonight we go Zoo la.. XD


Tarvin >> Audrey >> Kay Jun >>Nat
Michelle >> ME!!! >> Len Ping >> Wayne

Btw, on our way home..we have to past my JinHwei's house. So.. we pranked called JinHwei and acted like we're doing some kindnapping... and KayJun was our hostage of the kindnapping case.. this is what happend..

YuMing: Okay.. this is a kindnapping kes.. give us 10mil or yur good friend here is dead!!

Tarvin: We're on our way to yur house now!! So get ready the money in another.. erm.. 5mins

Nathaneal: Any last words for yur friend Kay Jun!?

JinHwei: Erm... Bye??


Great day.. Happy Be~Be~Belated Birthday Len Ping..

Hey his a nice guy okay?? His not bimbo.. XD

Dissidia TGS Trailer

This really sucks... WOK is still not fuctioning.. Dammit..

Okay heres some new trailer from Dissidia!! XD (I thought they said the last one was the last trailer.. hrm... XPXPXP) Thus the comfirming date is showed!! Yaaataaaaahhhhh!!!

Dissidia TGS Trailer

Take a look at this moments..
3.08- Enitz is holding Cloud's and Squall's Sword!! D8
3.41 - Sephiroth's Brave Point is 9999!! D8

Okay through the video i think i know a little infomation of this game already.. I think that the story of this game is a talking abt a war between this two legends. Cosmos (the lady) and Chaos (the devil looking guy) And of course Cosmos and Chaos have their own army.. then they fight lo!! XD

My brother said that this game might be a little bit boring.. cause its full time battling.. I say that his kinda stupid for saying. This game has a chess system as well!!! I dont think this game will be boring at all!! In fact, i think i wont get bored playing this game! XD

New characters are available this time.. and finally the showed CLOUD!!! Woooohoooo (Vania just love this guy..) Thus FF4,5,6 main characters and boss are inside there as well!! Okay so heres the final conclusion..

Cosmos VS Chaos
FF1- Warrior of Light VS Garland
FF2- Frienazel VS Emperor
FF3- Onion Knight VS Cloud of Darkness
FF4- Cecil Harvey VS Golbeza
FF5- Enitz Klausner VS ExDeath
FF6- Tina Branford VS Celca Palazeer
FF7- Cloud Strife VS Sephiroth
FF8- Squall Leonheart VS Ultimecia
FF9- Zidane Tribal VS Kuja
FF10- Tidus VS Jecht

Comments abt this game..
- Tina is the only girl in this game.. i mean in the good guys side la.
- Sephiroth might not be the most strong character in this game.
- Are Golbeza and ExDeath twins??
- Celca is crazy i tell u.. Clowns ARE nuts!!
- Cloud is emo as usual.. not surprising.
- Sephiroth, Jecht and Ultimecia are the most coolest bad guy boss i ever seen.
- I think Cecil Harvery is cool.. its has a dark form!!
- Enitz Klausner looks gay.. seriously..
- Chaos looks alot like Ifrit (FF summon)
- Onion Knight and Zidane.. whose younger? XD
- This game is dafinately going to cause more space then crisis core.

Tidus, Squall, Cecil, Ultimecia, Enitz, Sephiroth and Warrior of Light. these are the character that im intrested in using in this game.

Realeasing date is 18/12/08!!! This year people! Get a memory stick which is as big as 4GB!!! 8GB will do best.. i'll have to work hard to get that much of money..

Monday, November 17, 2008

One BIG Monday

Fark!! Dissidia was suppose to come out today.. but end up its not today.. Arrrhhhhhh!!! WOK server down.. PSP need bigger memory stick to play better games.. Getting sien of blogging.. Cant go out.. ARHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! But monday was pretty special! XD

Warning.. Warning.. Long Post ALERT!!!

Sunday night.. i finally get to reload my phone after erm.. 2 months?? XD Then i begin spaming smses around the corner as usual.. then Nat called me and asked me out to play badminton. I was in the room with my brother (playing PSP) and cousin (playing computer). After i shut the phone i was like shouting "YES!!" Lots of stares looking at me.. especially my brother.

Huiee wanted to invite JinHwei, but the problem is she doesnt have a transport. So its up to me to spersuade her and bring her to the badminton court. Why me? one is cause everybody cannot fetch her, two is cause i have to walk past her house to go the court, three cause im her brother and fourth, you got a problem with that!? XD After spending 3 bucks of smsing, she finally comfirm that shes going. (smsing 012/017 was a royal pain in the neck)

Monday, woke up and 7.40 and started trying WOK.. but its still not functioning.. (grrrrr...) Then my cousin was almost late for SPM. D8 Lucky he manage to reach school before the exam starts. Thank god.. 9.45 off i go to Jinhwei's house to pick her up. Processing walk and talk..

We reached the court at 10.30 and its was pretty early. Huiee, Tarvin and Nat said they will reach around 10 something.. both of us waited there and Tarvin and Nat reached at 10.50 and Huiee da ORGANIZER reached at 10.58. Surpisingly late..

(Lazy to put colours ady.. sorry then u all have to read it black and white.. XPXP)

Its been awhile ever since i played badminton, usually i'll stick to basketball.. Then i have a one on one match with Tarvin.. The winner gets one 1 dolar surply (the one in 7-eleven one la!! Dunno how to spell) Finally with the support of the other i beat him!! But not flat just beat him!! The game score was 21-19 not bad eh? XD

Everybody had a shock of the their life when they heard that Jinhwei said "Whats a surply??" Reaction like this happend..

Tarvin: "You're been knowing that 7-eleven exist for 16 years and you dont know whats a surply!?"

Nat: "Owwwwwww Maaaaaaaiii Gooodddddddd!!!'

Huiee: "Serious!?"

YuMing: D8

It was seriously surpising. Since i've won a surply i mind as well belanja her that surply.. Thus its only 1 dolar.. (=.=)

On our way to 7-eleven, we found 2 dogs fighthing with each other.. just right infront of us!!! Guess who are they.. Brown and Mantis la (those fellas who knows their nicknames should know who) It was hilarous watching them fighthing. Calling each other dogs and bitches! XD

Finally Jinhwei get to taste how surply is like. XD Nat and Tarvin are just showing her the ways to drink and showing her how she can get more surply. Nat's style was fill it up and continuosly hit the bottom. Tarvin's style was fill the thing by turning it round and round and round. Both also got different.. its just their ways to save money. XD

I brought JinHwei to the badminton court. As a repay she wanted to send me home. Its a free ride.. who doesnt want it? XD But still her sister was busy cause she just went back from a interview somewhere and she needs to go home early. So she dropped me at her house and i still have to walk back. Look at the bright side! I've save time. XD

I slept for 3 hours after that.. fuh.. you should see the way that i slept. XD

That night i have to help my dad in pasar malam. I spotted Nala. X) And she said i didnt choi her.. I was just busy.. in the end i send her some special message just to cheer her up. X)

Nala wasnt the only girl that i meet that night. I was packing up some pack of carrot cake.. then suddenly someone poked me on the back.. I got shocked and i turn around. I saw a chipmunk in pink!! XD Yuenhee was there.. XP

I went home and.. SLAM onto the bed.. serious.. no PSP no computer at all! Just.. SLAM!! XD

WOK seriously gonna get it went the server reopens!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Gaming Results

Dammit!! Its still on the patch mode!!! 2 days already!!! Bloody hellll!!! I think the maintainence is taking a little bit tooooo long already and im worry when open beta comes all our chracters are all deleted!! D8 Until that time then im screwed!! Start from lvl 1 again! D8

Lets see what new games are in PSP..

Bleach Soul Carnival

This is the game creation from japan studio right after Bleach Heat the Soul 5. And this bleach game is a little bit diffrent.. This time the bleach characters are all in CHIBI mode!!! XD Yeah that right, Chibi mode! You get to see all you fav characters in their chibi mode but still.. their skills are directlly the same as usual!

Bleach Soul Carnival is mostly abt story mode game.. is not like other kinds of bleach game with go like "round 1.. FIGHT!" no no no.. BSC is all abt jumping around the corner killing hollows.. erm.. something like Megaman! XP Lvl up playable character and fight with espardas again.. then u get to have the ultimate challenge.. Izan.. You can hardly even touch him..

My brother and I got addicted to this game... in fact my brother is more "pro-er" than i am! Some game freak he is... What character does he uses? No surpising.. Ichigo.. (Everybody just love Ichigo dont they) but i chose to use a diffrent character. Finally, i have found one of the most gay-est character in the game and the real story. Byakuya. X)

Okay next game...

Spiderman -Web of Shadows-

To all PSP player, do not download the Spiderman WOS PSP version!! Its a waste of time!! Its a fake spiderman WOS!! Trust me, you dont wanna play that game.. its worst than megaman! If you wanna play this game, get the PS3 version NOT the PSP.

Surpisingly i finished the spiderman WOS in PSP (even know it sucks badly) but still i wanna promote this game la cause its really really cool!! You might think this game must be chilidish or something but once you play it you might have a different view of it..

This game has a pretty cool story line.. Its abt the Venom virus has been spreading out through the whole city, and this virus has began creating small small venoms through a nest of venom. Only one man can save the city, Spiderman but how can one man save the city alone. In order to defeat the shadows, he has to be a shadow himself. And there it is, the black suit spiderman again..

Another special part of this game is, theres Wolverine from X-men inside this game. I think its a part of the story line.. i watched the trailer and i saw Wolverine it self turn into shadow.. Its soooo cool!!! XD

I just love Lou-Shan-Lung in Monster Hunter.. XP Wanna know why??

Cause Lou Shan Lung is the the largest monster in the whole monster hunter history!! (FYI its the one most behide.. the red dragon) Thus is the monster coolest looking dragon i ever seen in monster hunter!! XD

WOK is really pissing me off!! Why cant they just stick to close beta and make everybody's life sooo much beutiful?? Haiz..

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Death Note

The whole day and WOK is having a patch!!! Dammit!!! If no patch i should be lvl33 ady one!! Arh!!!!!!!! But is okay.. got PSP and death note what for worrying?? XD

Now i have watched Death Note until the season 2 already! But it was sad that L have to die... i was pretty sad.. L died in such a sad conditions..

L has no friends ever since he was young.. he lives in and orphange until Watari picked him up. People dont wanna hang out with him is because his too smart and he doesnt trust anyone. Until he meet Light (Kira) which is as smart as he is.. he admitted that he has found his very first friend. But on the other hand Kira wanted to kill L desperately.. Finally L didnt suspect that Light was Kira and he treated him more as a friend.

After they found out that Light and Misa is 100% not Kira anymore, he realised and he had a feeling that he will die anytime. So he told Light everything he felt.. his pain, his life, his parents. I think he knew that Light is Kira already because he said his to Light before.. "Im sad.." Light asked "Why??" and L only said "You will know soon.."

Suddenly right after L told Light everything, he suddenly have a heart attack and died. But his last sight was, Light smiling evilly on him. Then he realise, everything was planned prefectly by Light.. His one and only friend have killed him with his own hands.. but still L died through closing his eyes and smiling.. cause he know that his game is over..

Sobs... L actually died!! Sobs... everybody just love L dont they? Sobs...

Now season 2 has begun.. Before L died he had prepare all the reports that he had collect abt Kira in his computer.. and the report will be not be send unless Watari and he died.. Finally Watari died and he click onto the special button and all the data in the organization have been deleted.. but the last file was still kept in L's original computer.. then i was send to Watari's orphange..

Now there are 2 last L lefted in the human world.. which is L's student M (Melo) and N (Near) they have received the final report abt Kira and they will continue L's legacy. After 4 years of reseraching M and N are finally making the move.. M which is working with the dark organizationa and N work with FBI and Interpoll.. all of them catching Kira..

Melo.. and

Actually i know the ending of Death Note season 2 already one cause i watched the manga before. XP But watching the anime series will be much understanding. But for those who doesnt know and dun wanna know the ending (you guys might call me spoilers then) then i shall post the ending through the picture see all of u understand anot? X)

Figured it out?? Good luck.. X)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

World of Kungfu

Nothing much but some screen shots so share with u guys. X)
Hrm.... whats that?? I looks like a...

TIGER!!! D8 One really big one..

3 mins later...

Fuh.. Piece of Cake!!! XD

Meet my new looks!! Looks a little bit like Dante from DMC.. XP

Dante and Vergil from DMC.. actually its Me and Tarvin.. XP

Together casting kungfu spells!!! Actually we're just resting.. XP

Yeah.. i was helping Michelle to kill this damm thing. Not a problem! XD

I spended more that 1 hour+ refining my weapona and finally this is what i've got!!

Armor (refined) +8

Legguards (refined) +8

Boots (refined) +8

Cuffs (refined) +8

Weapon (refined) +8

Lvl 31.. hrm.. anyone know where to kill? X)